There have been so many messages on how to be wealthy in life, and so many hacks have been given, but in this article, I will show you what works and how to make it work. The fasted route to genuine wealth is called the fast Lane wealth-building method

What is the fast Lane path to wealth?

Fastlane is a business and lifestyle strategy characterized by controllable unlimited leverage (CUL), hence creating a good environment for rapid wealth creation and extraordinary lifestyles. Pay attention to these four segment

  • 1) Controllable Unlimited Leverage (CUL) Whereas the Slowlane is defined by uncontrollable variables with no leverage,
  • The Fastlane exploits the opposite conditions: maximum control and leverage.
  • Business Your own business, self-employment, and entrepreneurship are centrist to the Fastlane, much like a job, is to the Slow lane.
  • Lifestyle: The Fastlane is a lifestyle choice: a commitment to blended beliefs, processes, and actions.
  • Rapid Wealth Creation: The Fastlane is about creating large sums of wealth rapidly and beyond the confines of “middle class.”

How To Identify If You Have The Fastlane Mind Posts

Like the other roadmaps, the Fastlane Roadmap contains the same mind posts or behavioral characteristics that drive the Fastlaner’s actions along the journey.They are:

  • Debt Perception:Debt is useful if it allows me to build and grow my system.
  • Time Perception: Time is the most important asset I have, far exceeding money.
  • Education Perception: The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing. Constant expansion of my knowledge and awareness is critical to my journey
  • Money Perception: Money is everywhere, and it’s extremely abundant. Money is a reflection of how many lives I’ve touched. Money reflects the value I’ve created.
  • Primary Income Source: I earn income via my business systems and investments.
  • Primary Wealth Accelerator: I make something from nothing. I give birth to assets and make them valuable to the marketplace. Other times, I take existing assets and add value to them.
  • Wealth Perception: Build business systems for cash flow and asset valuation.
  • Wealth Equation: Wealth = Net Profit + Asset
  • Value Strategy:The more I help, the richer I become in time, money, and personal fulfillment.
  • Destination: Lifetime passive income, either through business or investments.
  • Responsibility and Control:Life is what I make it. My financial plan is entirely my responsibility and I choose how I react to my circumstances.
  • Life Perception:My dreams are worth pursuing no matter how outlandish, and I understand that it will take money to make some of those dreams real. These mind posts are what formulate the Fastlaner’s lifestyle.

Successful Fastlaners “Get Rich Quick.”

Don’t let those three words scare you; I know when you hear them you’re inundated with a flurry of negative associations starting with “scam:” things like “one tiny classified ad” and seminars that cost $5,000, memories of infomercial gurus, foreign lotteries, the Interior Finance Minister from Nigeria who needs help to unload 9 million dollars (USD), and the phony “Bill Gates,” who needs you to “forward this email beta test to everyone” and be rewarded $50,000 in quick cash because, gosh golly, the attorney listed on the letter says so.“Get Rich Quick” is such an abused phrase that it has no credibility. Beaten and battered, we’re numbed to believe it doesn’t exist. Like Santa or a unicorn, we’re advised, “Getting rich quick is a scam!” I don’t blame you, but is it true? Can’t you make millions as they say on infomercials? The distinction is that “get rich schemes” aren’t endemic to “Get Rich Quick” but its evil twin, “Get Rich Easy.” “Get Rich Easy” shadows its innocent sibling, leaving a trail of victims to be blamed by its brother. “Get Rich Easy” parades in the limelight and on late-night television.

It lies, deceives, and casts a mirage of vanity that all desire. Just watch this quick-start video or buy this stock software program, and wham, you will be rich in 10 days! No! That’s not “Get Rich Quick” but “Get Rich Easy”-and that only leads to a lighter wallet.Fastlane success stories embody “Get Rich Quick.” For people to proclaim “It doesn’t exist” is another untruth advanced by ignorance. Don’t allow Slow lane losers to corrupt the truth. Don’t concede. Don’t make “That only happens to other people” your truth Many people have lived “Get Rich Quick” because it was preceded by a process

Tales From The Fastlane

Unless you live in a vacuum, you’re already familiar with the Fastlane. When anyone experiences a get-rich-quick event via business, you’re witnessing the Fastlane. Here are some Fastlane stories pulled from the headlines:

  • The inventor creates a gadget and sells millions of them to 15 wholesale distributors.
  • The guy who builds a cell phone application and sells it 50,000 times.
  • The guy who formulates an energy bar to help him stave off hunger and later is offered $192 million for his company.
  • The guy who builds a blog and three years later sell it for $4 million to a big pharmaceutical company.
  • The woman who invents a mop and sells 500,000 of them on QVC.
  • The teenager who builds a Web site that profits $70,000 a month and later sells it for millions.
  • The guy who patents a product process and then licenses it to a Fortune 500 company and goes on to make $14 million.
  • The guy who creates a Web site to help him listen to his favorite basketball team and later sells the company for $5.5 billion.
  • The guy who builds a software company and later becomes the richest man on the planet.
  • The doctor who researches anti-aging treatments and sells them to a drug company for $700 million.
  • The author who writes a book about a teenage wizard who goes on to become a billionaire.
  • The gal who manufactures and sells 20 million undergarments that help women fight body gravity.
  • The Internet marketer who earns $150,000/month selling ads.
  • The infomercial marketer who remakes an existing product and sells 4 million of the “new, improved” version.
  • The guy who creates an energy drink to help him stay hydrated and then sells the company for $530 million


Fastlane is entrepreneurship that I’d built a business that took time and energy to build but many people see only the event. When a man wins 5 million or sells his company for 5 million dollars, that is an event, processes create events. Many entrepreneurs fail and many people generally fail in life because they focus on events, if there is no process there will not be an event. Events are the by-product of a process, the disappointment is the process, and the other businesses that didn’t see the limelight are processes, they all sum up to make that glorious event that the world sees. The Fastlane to wealth is possible but you’ve got to devote time and energy to create what works.