10 Negative Effects of Fast-food in Your Body

Health is man’s greatest wealth, among all the cravings of man, to remain healthy is one of our greatest desires. Food as we know is anything eaten by man to quench hunger and ultimately for growth and development. When you look back 20 to 50 years ago, you find out that our fathers lived longer, healthier and happier, even when they don’t have all the goodies of life as we do now, back in those days, there was no Facebook, no WhatsApp, no internet, and the world isn’t as interconnected as it is now, yet these people lived a healthy and happier life. While it is expected that we should live that way, we have all the goodies of life, we have all it takes to be genuinely happy, yet presently our lifespan as humans is not up to 85 years, what changed? What is responsible for this short life span? This life of illness? Where could we point to the main problem?. The answer is in industrialization, don’t get me wrong, with the advent of modern technology, human beings have tried to unravel many mysteries of life. Industrialization on its own isn’t bad, it has contributed significantly to the welfare of human nature, but humans took it too far, the natural freshness of foods our fathers enjoyed was gone, and we now eat processed food, food treated with chemicals for preservation. The natural habitat that made earth what it is, is being cut down daily to build industries and many other needs of life, though to me I won’t call them needs, our fathers enjoyed the fresh air, but in our age, industrialization and advent of cars that run on petroleum have made us enjoy polluted air, which has an adverse effect in our body. The US currently has one of the highest cancer rates in the world, they equally have one of the highest rates of obesity in the world, what is the cause of this? Why wasn’t it so 50 to 100 years ago? The answer lies in the minor things we eat that we don’t even know are killing us. Many foods in the western world are processed and nothing but flours, when we consume this in a large quantity, it damages our immune system and worse, it affects our heart rate, which is the center of life.

How does food affect our bodies?

The food we eat has the tendency of affecting our body either positively or negatively, food is a fuel that drives our body, and what we put into our body has a great effect on our body mechanisms as human beings. Food gives our body the necessary nutrients to function well. Eating good or bad food can be likened to a farmer who wants to plant orange fruit, if this farmer plants that orange fruit in good soil, it germinates to become a tree, but if this farmer plants this orange fruit in a cheap dirty soil, that seed will not germinate to become a tree and yield fruits. This is how our life is. Whatever we put into our mouth has a reflection on our body’s immune system, it can either make it strong or it can make it weak. What we eat daily determines how well and how long we will live on this planet earth. When we take in food, it passes through a digestive process that involves breaking down of the food, body assimilation of the food, and ultimately the excretion of the remnants of waste not needed in the body. The minerals from the food are absorbed and distributed to the bloodstream which leads to the blood vessels, coronary artery, heart, and the muscles. Some foods can make our heart pump faster and exert more energy on the heart thereby causing heart failure. 

Our sodium intake has a vital role to play in our immune system, it increases the rate of our heartbeat and blood pressure, just like taking too much salt increases iodine level and causes the body to retain more water to dilute the blood. This causes more blood to circulate through your body and causes your heart to pump harder. Quality food improves life expectancy, one of the food industries that has greatly reduced the life expectancy of an average human is the fast-food industry, many people don’t know the effect this food industry is causing on our bodies and the reason why they’re called fast food, in this article I will be listing effects of fast food in our body, stay tuned, sip your juice and read on.

Effects of fast food on your body.

1. Fast Food causes obesity

Fast Food contains a lot of fat, if you switch from healthy food to Fast-food you will increase your chances of obesity by 50%, fast-foods contains lots of calories and when you consume these calories for long in a large quantity, the rate of breaking down (catabolism) will not equal the rate of building up (anabolism) this causes a large accumulation of fats in the body, thereby causing obesity. Studies show that the United States’ rate of obesity increases by 5 percent every year.

2. You’re indirectly starving yourself

You’d probably be surprised, but it is true when you eat fast food you are indirectly starving your body of important nutrients, fast food contains lots of calories which has very little nutritional value, this simply means, the more calories you consume the fewer nutrients that go into your body and the more you are starving your body of important minerals needed for proper growth and development. Sadly many people who consume fast food junks are not aware of the damage they’re causing to themselves. Little foxes, they say, spoil the vine, little things we take in and think it doesn’t matter, have a great effect on our body. 

3. Increased inflammation

There’s a class of enzymes called phthalates that disrupts chemical toxins used to line plastic food and beverages packaging. Sadly these chemicals are not good for your health, studies conducted in 2018 by the department of environmental science show that 40% of people who eat fast food have a higher level of phthalate accumulation than normal people who don’t consume fast food. Inflammation can cause lots of health issues, from indigestion to constipation to obesity. It is vital to take one’s health seriously, health is man’s greatest wealth.

4. Declination in mental health

Have you ever noticed that whenever you’re hungry your brain seems to shut down? You don’t comprehend fast and you tend to be brain fatigued, our brain is one part of our body that needs to be given special consideration, the health of our brain equals the health of our lives, when your brain is starving and you eat fast food you are causing more harm to yourself, the calories and too many sugars build-up to affect your mental health. Studies show that people who eat fast food are 51 percent more likely to develop depression than those that don’t.

5. Increase in blood sugar level

There’s no doubt that fast food contains lots of sugars, and too much consumption of fast food increases the sugar level in the body, when these sugar levels accumulate it causes diabetes. Diabetes occurs when there are too many sugars in the body much more than the body can absorb, the body produces insulin which helps in the absorption of sugar in the blood, when the rate of accumulation exceeds that of absorption, diabetes occurs and to a large extent your urine starts tasting sugar in it, at this point you need urgent medical attention.

6. You will worry more

This is a shocker, the lack of omega 3 fatty acids in fast food causes this problem for consumers. A little of that good fat can cause a more anxious and enjoyable meal. This fatty acid is equally high in refined carbohydrates which can lead to changes in blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels go too low to the point of hypoglycemia level, you experience anxiety, trembling, fatigue, and confusion. 

7. Your cholesterol levels will rise

Cholesterol is one of the life-threatening substances, this can be found abundantly in flours, and these flours are used to make most fast food delicacies, from hamburgers to pizza to other things. When cholesterol accumulates in the body it doesn’t only cause obesity, but it blocks the heart valves leading to pressure in the heart and thereby causing heart failures. The rate of heart disease is alarming and this can be traced back to cholesterol accumulation. This heart failure has been linked to the death of so many people in recent years. No wonder our forefathers were able to live very long because there was nothing like cholesterol at their age. Everything they ate was fresh and new, this gives them the vigor and strength to live past 80 yet walk healthily and strong, but in today’s world, hardly would you find someone of 85 walking on his feet and looking healthy. If we must change the narrative, we must limit our intake of cholesterol, it is a deadly poison but many don’t know. 

8. Increased rate of Cancer

Phip is an acronym for 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylamine . This chemical appeared in over 100 samples of fast-food chicken that were tested in a study in a study in 2008. The organization that carried out this test says that the substance which forms when a slice of meat is heated to a certain temperature is associated with human breast, prostate cancer, and colon cancers which have claimed many lives in the western world. You will also find sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite in fast food meats. These chemicals are used to preserve the color of meat and to prevent bacterial growth. These chemicals can break down into nitrosamines, substances with the potential to cause cancer, according to an analysis published in the journal 2007.

9. Weakness of bones

As we stipulated, fast food contains mainly sodium. One Big Mac has 970mh of sodium, this is greater than one-third of the daily recommended allowance. A high intake of sodium can cause bones to weaken, to a large extent it can cause bones to change shapes leading to osteoporosis and lordosis. This is why it is very important to watch what we eat, we are killing ourselves daily by what we put into our system, daily the rate of obesity rises, the death toll rises and practically we’re reducing our average lifespan.

10. Your kidneys and stomach will suffer

Have you ever wondered what caused ulcers? Is it the lack of food as many people presume? Or is it intake of the wrong foods? Exactly, it’s the latter, ulcer occurs when the lining of the stomach gets torn which causes the acids in the food we eat to react with the stomach causing a burning sensation. Fast Food delicacies are made with lots of chemicals, for preservation, storage, and the maintenance of specific colors, these chemicals when taken into our body are very acidic and it affects the stomach causing ulcers. The liver too is affected, when too much cholesterol accumulates in the body, it overworks the kidney and liver, thereby causing kidney and liver problems. Fast Food delicacies should be avoided if you can or be taken into consideration, where our health matters, careful choice of food should be a priority.


There’s no doubt that food is a necessity for human growth and development, but the choices of food we eat regulate our immune system and consequently affect our lives either positively or negatively. Human beings have become accustomed to fast food because it’s ready-made and can be taken in a hurry, but it is vital to note that fast food has a very negative side effect that far outweighs the possible benefits one might hope to gain from it. This article is meant to teach and educate you on the dangers of fast food and what it can cause to your health. Take your health seriously, your body is truly the greatest asset you have, cherish it, love it, and eat only the things that are beneficial to it. If this article has been of value to you, please share it with friends and relatives, and feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment box.