If you’ve ever thought of getting into the cheapest private universities in Nigeria, you’re reading the right article as we’ve helped you compile most of the cheapest and affordable universities you can gain admission into in Nigeria.

Why should you go to a private university?

cheapest private universities in nigeria

There are lots of advantages a private university has over public universities in Nigeria and the most popular advantage is that private universities do not go on the periodic ASUU strike. Private universities are not under the regulatory body of ASUU which means they are not affected by it.

It’s really frustrating and disappointing when you go to school and your graduation is delayed by months and even years because of the dreaded ASUU strike. A four year course might end up lasting for a period of 5 to 6 years, but if you’re in a private university you will be opportune to graduate in time with no unnecessary breaks between your academic sessions.

Another advantage of going to a private university is that they have better equipment and facility to teach the students better than what federal or public universities have to offer. Private universities provides better and top notch resources for is students.
The environment of a private university is much more conducive and safer compared to public universities.

Better classrooms and laboratories are of importance for anyone who wants to get into the university and private universities do not disappoint in this aspect.
Having said all of that, what are the cheapest private universities in Nigeria you can actually enroll into? Let’s dive in.

Cheapest private universities in Nigeria

Like promised, we are going to compile the cheapest private universities in Nigeria so far and it’s all up to you to make the choice and pick whichever one captures your interest or seems affordable too you.

1. Obong University:

This is a top private university located in the southern part of Nigeria, Akwa-Ibom state to be exact. One thing you may not know is that this university is among one of the oldest private universities in Nigeria. It was first established as a college in 1997 and it has since grown to become a full university.

The school boasts of an array of facilities like sporting centers, library and standard hostels. A breakdown of their school fees is between N170, 000 to about N200, 000. The only setback with this university is that they do not offer every course, before you think of registering into this school try to do some background check if they offer the course you are actually aiming for. They do offer marketing, mass communication, economics and political science to name a few.

2. Lead University:

This university was established in 2005, as usual it was given full accreditation by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC). They have stated clearly that their goal is to help and develop education in the tertiary level of the country. This university has definitely stuck to that goal as they provide good resources to its students and those who are aspiring to enroll into the university.

Their school fees ranges between N500, 000 to N550, 000. You can visit their site at www.lcu.edu.ng to find out more about the school and the list of courses they have to offer.

3. Oduduwa University:

You’ve probably heard of Oduduwa University but what you might not know is that it is actually not that expensive. The school is located in Osun state and it was established in 2009. Since then, it has grown to become among the top private universities in Nigeria.

Their school fees typically ranges between N180, 000 to N200, 000. They also offer a wide ranges of courses grouped into different faculties like: management and social sciences, natural and applied sciences, engineering and technology, Biological science and many more.

The university is highly recommended as it is clearly on its way to becoming among one of the best universities in Nigeria.

4. Adeleke University:

In case you didn’t know, this school was actually founded by one of the richest men in Africa named Chief Adeleke who is popularly known as the father to the superstar musician Davido.

The university boasts of a unique number of faculties which include the faculty of law, faculty of engineering, faculty of arts, faculty of basic medical sciences, faculty of science and the faculty of business and social sciences. Their school fees range from N270,000 to about N400,000.

The fees might seem high but it surely covers up for the resources you will get once you enroll.

5. Babcock University:

Almost everyone has heard of the famous Babcock University and it is definitely one of the oldest Nigerian universities. In fact, the university was established before the start of the Nigerian civil war. Like most private universities, it started out as a college until it developed into a university with a full list of programs to offer.

6. Caleb University:

This university is located at Imota, Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded in 2008 but it only started its academic programmes later in 2008.

The goal of the university is to provide quality and relevant education to its students. It also boasts of unique sports facilities, proper lecture venues and a conducive environment.
Their school fees is about N500,000 and you can visit their site at www.calebuniversity.edu.ng to find out more about the university.

7. Fountain University:

This university was established in 2007 in Osun state, Nigeria. One thing to put in mind though is that this university is strictly Islamic so you might not be given admission if you are from a different religion.

The university is divided into two colleges, the college of management and social sciences and the college of applied and natural science.
Their school fees lies between the range of N300,000 to about N350,000.

8. Renaissance University:

This is also among the list of cheapest universities in Nigeria. The university was established in Agbani, Enugu state, Nigeria.

Although it may not be popular, this school offers top tier facilities and resources to its studets. Their school fees range from N200,000 to about N720,000.

9. Benson Idahosa University:

This a famous Christian university that was founded by the Late Bishop Benson Idahosa. The Benson Idahosa University was founded in 2002 and it got its accreditation from the Nigerian University Commission (NUC).
Their school fees range from N290,000 to about N700,000. One thing to note about this school is that you can pay the school fees in installations.

10. Novena University:

This is another popular university found in Delta state. It’s among the first ever private universities established in Delta state and it was established in 2005 by Professor Chuks Ochonogor.

The school is recognized by the Nigerian University Council (NUC) and the school fees ranges from N500,000 to about N550,000. Like always, the price of the school fees makes up for the top notch facilities that you will find once you enroll in the school.
Before thinking of enrolling in this university, make sure you look at the list of courses they have to offer as they may not have the course you might be aiming for. They do offer courses like medicine and surgery, law and accounting. Be sure to check if your desired course is among what they have to offer.

11. Covenant University:

We have to end this article with one of the best Nigerian universities. Their school fees might be a little high but if you want to count the amount of benefits and resources the school provide, it is definitely worth the price.

Covenant University is a famous university that was founded by Bishop David Oyedepo. The school generally centers on discipline since it is linked to the living faith church also owned by Bishop David Oyedepo.

The school offer quality education and it aims to promote this type of education across the whole of Africa. Currently, covenant university is among the top universities in Nigeria and their school fees range between N430,000 to about N800,000. They also give the students the chance to pay the fees in installments.


It is actually highly recommended to go for a private university in Nigeria if you have the resources to do so. The admission process isn’t as tight and competitive as it is when you try to enroll into a public university. Before you make a decision to enroll in any private university, it is also advised that you do a background research on the school so you can get a list of the courses they have available for you to offer and the price of their school fees.

In private universities, the school fees increases depending on the type of course you are offering. For example, if you are going for a course like medicine you are definitely going to pay higher than someone who is going for a course like theatre arts.
What you should also put in mind that you might still have to pay some basic fees apart from your school fees. This is normal in every university so you just have to pick which you’ll be really comfortable with.

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