Have you ever wondered why someone is paid high and another low for the same amount of job? Do you wonder why two people will learn the same thing, and apply it to the same space but earn different amounts of money in return. If you don’t know about this you will be shadow boxing. Understand that it is one thing to be good in something and another thing to be paid well in that thing you are doing. What do you think makes a difference between a professional and an amateur, is it just the level of expertise or is there something else? Two people can start the same business at the same time but one will be seen as a professional while another as an amateur. The one thing that makes this difference is POSITIONING

What is Positioning?

Positioning is simply defined as the art of presenting yourself as a professional, a professional is not only good at what he does but looks good at what he does. Let’s bring this into a real-life example. For instance, in *freelancing* There are many skills one can learn but what differentiates two people who learned the same thing is the way they present themselves. For you to be paid well in any business you are doing, you must position yourself as an authority, when people perceive you as an authority they will treat you like one. An authority is someone who is good at what he does and looks good at what he does. You cannot be invited to a job interview and you dress anyhow, the way you dress for your interview determines how people will address you, and the way you look in your profile as a freelancer determines how people will see you. In every business and every venture in life, positioning is what makes the difference, people don’t pay you because you say you are a professional, remember this popular saying “first impression matters” the impression you make on people the first time of meeting them is very important. Positioning is being known for something. Jack of all trades, master of none is very true. For you to stand out in any given profession in the world you have to be known for it. No wonder people who engage in many different things are not known for one and it will be difficult to get a job from referrals because people don’t know what you are good at. Before you build multiple streams of income you must first build one stream of income, it is that one stream of income that will be able to fund other streams of income. You have to position yourself to be known for something, when people mention your name, what you do should come immediately to their mind. Putting it simply, positioning and branding are simply who you are when you are not there. Check anyone who built multiple streams of income, they were known first by one thing before they expanded their conglomerate. CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is known as the founder of Facebook but Facebook is not the only venture that gives him wealth, he has other streams, but whenever his name is mentioned what comes to the mind of people is Facebook, that man has become a household name and a brand. This is what branding and positioning can do

How do you position yourself for success in business and freelancing.

We’ve known how important positioning is, the next is how you can position yourself for success in business and any other venture you find yourself in. Let’s use freelancing for example. Assuming you are a freelancer and you write for clients or you design websites for clients, you and I know that it is a very profitable venture, but the question is how do I position or brand myself for success in this venture I have chosen. This is what we will cover here

1. Your display picture

For you to register on a site where you will offer your services for money, you have to add a display picture for easy identification. This display picture will go a long way to determine the type of clients you will attract to yourself. Your display picture should be very professional, if necessary you should go to a studio and take a very good picture of yourself, this picture is what and the first thing anyone will see when he or she clicks on your profile. When your display picture looks very professional you are already one step ahead of your competitors. The client will think you are a professional so he will raise his hopes and expectations of you. With this done, you can charge high and still retain the client, but be sure to deliver as you have promised

Introduction text

If you are working on an online platform like Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer.com you will know what I am talking about. If you are not working on any of these platforms I will explain to you what I mean.You see positioning and branding cut across a lot of things. For you to attract high-paying clients everything about you should look professional. Your introduction text is what you say about yourself, your experiences, and why you are the best choice in your business. That text is very important, the sentences you choose determine the clients you attract. You must be careful to choose the written words and make sure there are no mistakes in your sentences. When you do this well, your clients will perceive that you are a professional, when your clients perceive this, they will make up their mind to pay you well because he believes you will deliver as promised. Professionalism starts from looks and your profile before you as an individual, this is why branding and positioning are extremely important in business

Final Words

Positioning as we have seen is an important part of any business in life. For you to be paid well you have to position yourself well, for you to attract high-paid clients you have to position and brand yourself well. As we’ve seen from this article that positioning cuts across many things, branding is a type of positioning, when you position yourself well you will be paid well. This article is written to tell you how important positioning is in business or any venture in life. I believe this article has been of help to you, feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with friends