What are financial management jobs? What does it take to be a financial manager? What are the jobs that are available for financial managers, what are the three categories of people in society in terms of wealth? These are some of the questions we will be answering in this article

Financial management is a very integral part of any business or any venture. There are many financial management jobs available around the world and thousands are available in America alone. A financial manager is capable, through years of practice, to be able to manage the finances of an individual or an organization. Financial management is required if any business venture must succeed past the 10 years benchmark, if you want to retire young and rich you must take this seriously. Financial managers are in charge of the financial account of an individual or a system, a financial manager keeps a record of how much came in or goes out of an organization or an individual. Every business that is growing or has grown needs the services of a financial manager.

Financial management as a course entails a lot of things, to be a financial manager you have to study it in the University, financial management can be taught as a skill that is needed in business, but for you to be able to work with people in the long term, you need more than a skill, you have to study financial management in the institution and come out with a degree, this certificate is what aid you in your search for a job. Every financial manager that is working for any organization or a firm is always a graduate with notable results. Some skills don’t require you to go to the university and get a certificate, but not a skill like financial management. In financial management there is competition, you have to be calculative to bring into account all the money that was spent by an individual or an organization that year, this means that the role of a financial manager is needed in an organization. BEFORE YOU START A BUSINESS, you must have a financial manager on standby or you have to study financial management, this will help you calculate where your industry is putting Money more and where they are not putting money. It tracks your system to ensure there is no loss in the business or organization due to fraud, this is the few important of a financial manager

You may be asking, where can I find a financial management job? There are ample job opportunities for a financial manager and in this article, I will be listing some of those job opportunities, but before then let’s look into the two categories of people when it comes to handling wealth and finances

  • The side walker
  • The Slow lane

The Sidewalker Roadmap

Most people are lifelong sidewalkers, followers of the sidewalk roadmap. That The sidewalk is the plan most followed, a contract for a pleasant day instead of a safe tomorrow. A Sidewalker exists in a state of one-something-from-broke: an album failure from bankruptcy. A bankrupt business. A gig broke. A dismissal from Broke. On the sidewalk, you’re always “something” of homelessness,bankruptcy, or living in your parents’ basement again. Yes, some sidewalks do earn large incomes, but none of them ever do get true wealth. Don’t let the contradiction fool you. The sidewalk doesn’t have an exit ramp to riches – just a “DEAD END” sign to warn of impending arrival demise. The sidewalker’s road trip is a financial treadmill with a goal that usually ends in bankruptcy or a billing crisis.

Who Is A Sidewalker

A sidewalker’s financial goal does not exist. The plan is not to have a plan.Excess money is immediately spent on the next great gadget, the next trip the next newer car, the next fashionable style, or the next hot fad. sidewalks are carelessly trapped in a “lifestyle bondage” fed by an urgent, insatiable need for sustenance Pleasure, image, and instant gratification. This continues a cascading cycle that turns faster every month, increasing the speed of the load and enslaving forever the sidewalk to their job or business.

The sidewalk is the busiest road because it’s the path of least resistance.Its siren song is instant gratification, and money is a hot potato that goes fast exchanged for the latest fix of the day. Would you like to witness how Sidewalkers live and think? Watch the TV show, Judge Judy, for a few hours. daughters complain Moms for $100, people who deny responsibility, ignorance of consequences, people who want to rent it for free. Seriously, the show should be renamed Life from the Sidewalk.

The sidewalker’s roadmap contains behavioral traits that control Sidewalker’s actions. These mindsets are signposts or “mind posts” that guide the sidewalker through life.Debt perception:Credit allows me to buy things now! Credit cards, consolidation loans, car Payments – these supplement my income and help me enjoy life today! if I want it Now, I’ll get it.

Time perception:Time is plentiful and I spend money like there’s no tomorrow. Damn, it could be me dead in two weeks and you can’t take it with you!

Educational Perception:I finished school when I graduated, hooray!money perception:If you have it, flaunt it! Why save for a rainy day? I spend every penny I earn and most of my bills are paid on time they are not taxable

The Standard Sidewalker: Income Poor”Low-income” sidewalks are the mainstream population and reflect those inferior to the middle class. These sidewalks work for modest salaries and own every toys to show but have little savings and no retirement plans. your future is fully bonded in favor of a lifestyle, with every buyer’s affordability, and extravagance determined by the monthly payment. For every cent is spoken: car payments, clothing, or sent to ward off the Credit Grim reaper. If you live like this, you are driving on a narrow road at the financial limit that borders a cliff.

There is little hope for Sidewalkers because their roadmap is corrupted by gratification, selfishness, and irresponsibility. This problematic disposition repels wealth and pushes codependency on overworked hosts:Taxpayers, employers, friends, parents, and loved ones. income poor streamline sidewalks: “Life is short. Get out of my way or get run over!”Sidewalk Symptoms: Are You In?You haven’t learned much since high school or college.”I’m done with school, hooray!”They often change jobs.”Come on MJ I left because this other job pays more.”They think people with money have it because they had rich parents, were lucky, or simpler circumstances than you are. These types of people are the poorest and make up the largest number of people in society today. Let’s go to the second type of people

The Slow Lane

While the sidewalk is a chronic lifestyle pawning the future for a pleasurable today, the Slowlane is the opposite: a victim of today in the hope for a brighter and freer future.As a slow lane traveler, you will be inundated with many teachings that make the case for discipline to compromise. Get a job and waste five days a week working in the office. Pack a lunch and stop drinking $10 coffee. Faithfully trust 10% of your paycheck to the stock market and your 401(k). Stop dreaming about this sports car in the shop window because you can’t buy it! Postpone gratification until you’re 65 years old. Save, save, save because compound interest is mighty: $10,000 invested today will be 10 gazillions in 50 years!

Surprisingly, the Slowlane is the first convenient exit from the sidewalk and develops with increasing maturity and responsibility as an adult. Most college Graduates start life after school on the sidewalk. I definitely have.The degree pardoned a license to buy things that brought instant pleasure: travel to Cancun, a flashy car with a blaring stereo, late-night binges, a huge CD collection. Life revolved only around the now, regardless of the future consequences.Sidewalkers (and people in general) instinctively look forward to a brighter future: “I will earn more money”, “I will win the lottery”, and “After my father dies I will inherit thousands.” Crutches of the future often justify comfortable now and beyond scenes, lifestyle bondage swells.However, increasing responsibility, perhaps a growing family, increases debt burdens and future expectations that do not correspond to reality, the sidewalker comes to terms with the uncertainty of the pavement and does what appears to be responsible

Lane change: He leaves the ramps and follows the slow lane roadmap, a strategy touted and praised by credible sources. While the pavement is typified by undisciplined behavior, the slow lanes financial plan introduces responsibility and accountability into the prosperity formula. That can’t be bad, can it? Unfortunately, slow lanes are like bad directions at a gas station, except these instructions are not given by strangers, but by people you trust: teachers, TV and radio personalities, financial advisors, and yes, even our parents. These purported sources reinforce the strategy’s fictional strength when its effectiveness is a sucker bet. The slow lane is a lifetime bet that a sacrifice today will yield a more prosperous tomorrow.The Promise of Wealth… The Price? Your life

The slow lane is rarely challenged. It’s a lie so deceptive that if the ruse is uncovered, decades of life have passed… now millions more, newly indoctrinated to deception. If you buy the lie, sell it today and hope for a glorious tomorrow. And when will this glorious tomorrow take place? When can you splurge, spend your millions and enjoy life? When?The driving force behind the wealth under “Get Rich Slow” is the time it takes to be financially free is very long. This lane requires you to take a job, work your ass off for years and your glorious tomorrow may come after 40 years if you live your last presidential administration and so on with your second hip replacement. Your glorious tomorrow could come when you are 73 years old and piss drenched and tied to a stinky bed because you have lost your mind to Alzheimer’s. Seriously, when does this slow lane plan end? When it comes to financial management these are the two types you will find in people around the world

Examples Of Financial Management Jobs

There are over 700,000 financial management jobs in Canada and the United States. Financial management as we know it is required in every industry, so financial managers likewise are an indispensable part of a company or a business. Job opportunities in financial management are expected to see average growth through 2022. Here are some job opportunities that are open to financial managers

Branch Managers

These are people who manage the financial account of an organization or business at a particular location, they do all functions of a branch office, from employing personnel to helping customers with accounts, getting loans approved and lines of credit, and they equally establish a rapport with the community to build business

Cash Managers

These set of financial managers supervise the flow of cash receipts to meet the different investment and business needs of a company

Financial Controllers

This set of people oversee the preparation, sometimes they prepare the financial reports that review the organization’s financial position. They also help to prepare special reports required by regulatory authorities.


As we’ve seen from these articles, so many jobs are open for financial managers, financial management is a very profitable career to embark on, as we’ve seen it’s among the few that require a certificate before venturing into. The importance of a financial manager cannot be overemphasized in an organization, they are highly needed and are paid well. There are many financial management jobs around the world, but you have to study, learn and graduate with good grades to be able to apply for and get a job. Financial management is a very good and profitable career to go into, in this article we have listed some of the financial management jobs available for anyone who wants to go into financial management proper. I believe this article has been of great help to you, feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with your friends.