3 Powerful Mistakes Email Marketers Make

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to scale a business, they are very powerful when it comes to making sales. Remember, the goal of every business is to pull in sales and revenue. There are many businesses online but only a few businesses have built an email list. There are many marketing platforms but there is none that pulls in more sales and revenues than email marketing. There are 5 characteristics of a good email copy. I’m this article we will look into it one by one

Why is email marketing a better way to promote your product, and why do professionals recommend it over other marketing platforms? The answer lies in its efficiency and conversion rate. There is so much competition in the business world, as it was offline many years ago that competition has become fierce online, every business venture out there is trying everything within its power to make sure they stay in business and make sales. This includes the ability to out-think and outsmart your competition, every intelligent business owner knows how saturated a market can be, he knows if he must stay in business then he must compete with his competition and has to beat them. In competing with those in the same business as you you have to be intelligent and creative, you have to do what they are not even thinking of doing, that way you will get a different result. Email marketing is an effective way to make money but sadly not many business people know its importance, this is why there are not many businesses that have built their email list. 

It is equally risky to build everything you have on another man’s platform, you see Facebook, Instagram, and other marketing platforms out there are not yours, what this simply means is that, if you build everything you have on these platforms which are not yours, you are not in control and anything can happen. Facebook can decide to shut down the platform and you will lose all your clients. But when you build your email list for thousands, it is yours, nobody is taking it away from you, you can easily automate emails to make money even while you sleep. Remember you can achieve great financial success by working round the clock. Every business owner, everyone who has ever reached the pinnacle of wealth did it using what I call Automation, automation is the ability to automate your sales process so that it can fetch you money even while you sleep.  When you can do this well, that is when you know you are on the right path to wealth

Email marketing is one type of marketing platform that only a few people know about, not many businesses have an email list, and the few that do, do not know how to utilize it well to make sales. For you to make money using email marketing, you have to know how to write a good email copy. If you don’t know how to write a good email copy, the email list you have will be useless to you. Email marketing is a great way to pull in money and make sales, this is possible if you know how to write a powerful intriguing email. In this article, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of email marketing and how you can use it to boost your sales to another level. First

How Effective Is Email Marketing?

We have known the definition of email marketing, the ability to use email to pull in sales, and the art of marketing your goods and services using emails. Email marketing is similar to social media marketing, in email marketing, you write a powerful email copy and send them out to your clients and those that subscribe to your email. While in social media marketing, you write a powerful copy and find a platform to put it up on which will help you gain visibility and ultimately bring in sales to your business. You may be asking “how effective is email marketing?” Email marketing is more effective than any other type of marketing you can think of out there. For every dollar you put into email marketing you make 44 dollars back, research shows that no other marketing platform can give you such a return on your investment. With a powerful email copy, you can make sales and boost your revenue. Every business that has built their email list very well is not scared of the competition in the market because they have a way of making sales from the comfort of their homes. Email can boost your sales to another level, it can help you scale your business faster and keep you ahead of your competition.

Characteristics Of A Good Email Copy

Some features make an email copy good, these features must be found in any email before it can be considered a good email copy. Remember if you don’t know how to write a good email copy, it will be difficult to make sales, and when your emails don’t get clicked on, with time they will enter into what we call a blind email list. What does this mean? It simply means that with time your customers will stop seeing your emails automatically, meaning that whenever your email pops in, it automatically enters into the blind list. There are a few reasons why most email copies don’t get opened and those that get opened don’t get customers to make sales.

The Email Is Lame

An email can be lame, an email being lame means that the email is not intriguing enough, it is not entertaining enough and it doesn’t push your customers to make sales. Remember, at the beginning of this article, I told you that the goal of every business is to drive sales, sales are the lifeblood of every business venture out there, and any business that does not sustain the ability to drive sales will be knocked out sooner or later. This is why before you start a business, you need to do market research on the niche you want to sell goods and services on. Every business that has ever stood the test of time took this seriously, market research is a crucial part of your business, when done well, every other thing takes a new turn. For your email to be intriguing you have to speak in the tone of your audience, your audience is your number one priority, for your email to sell, you have to speak in the language they understand, this is one of the ways to prevent your email from being lame.

Your Email Looks Very Professional

Many business owners do not understand this, this is why they keep complaining about low sales. Every business owner must know and understand that their customer is more intelligent than before, people are now making so much research before joining any business venture. People are wiser today than they were many years ago. Your customers have understood that every professional email has to come from a business, and your customers are very careful to avoid emails that look kike a business promotion. When your emails get ignored many times they stop showing up in their email list, causing what we call email blindness. If you want to use email marketing to make huge sales, you must be able to sound less professional and more friendly, for you to do this effectively, you must stop using capital letters all through your titles, so people can discern messages from friends and those from a business, an average person knows that It is difficult for his or her friend to message her using capital letter all through the title. Many business owners will not only use capital letters all through but some will even add their business logos when your clients or customer sees such a message they know automatically that this is from a business and they may not click on it.

The goal is to sound friendly, and approach with a friendly attitude so that your email can get clicked on and get opened, remember the goal is to pull in sales, and for you to pull in sales you have to use your creativity, creativity is very important when it comes to email marketing. You have to be creative enough to know how to write your copies so that they can speak directly to your audience or customers. Those who know how to write good email copies cannot go broke in life because their services are highly needed, and there are very few people who can do this effectively. Most people that parade themselves as professional email writers write lame emails that don’t even get opened, the first thing a client sees determines if he or she will open and read your email, this is why you mustn’t sound very professional, the more professional you sound, the less you get opened and clicked on and when your email doesn’t get clicked on you cannot make sales, so when writing your email please don’t be too professional.

You Write Out Of Tone

This is a very vital reason why you don’t make sales using emails. Many business owners don’t even know who their target audience is, when you don’t know who your audience is on a normal basis, how can you know how to talk to them, the tone that suits them. A good email writer can drive home his ideas in a way his customers will understand and relate with. A good email writer must know how to write and infuse words using emotions. There are many businesses out there who have built a great presence online and offline but when it comes to email marketing they suck. The reason is not having the best websites or something, the reason for these poor deliverability rates on email is because they don’t speak directly to their customers, every good email must relate with the customer to the point he or she feels this email is speaking to her directly. When writing emails that sell, you must use personalized words like, YOU, this word is very powerful. When you use it intelligently in your article, the customer or clients will feel that this was written explicitly for them. When he or she feels this way you are very close to closing the sale. But many so-called professional email writers always use WE, I, OUR, you see people don’t care who you are, they care about themselves, if you must make sales and drive home more revenue, you must be able to write in terms of what you can do for your clients, how you can help them and email marketing is a good way to do this. When your customers see that you are genuinely interested in helping them they become attached to you.

Every business owner Must avoid these mistakes. You must know that your customers have been through a lot, they have been lied to, they have bought products that didn’t satisfy them, they are more curious than before and the best way for you to sell to this type of people is to genuinely care for them, you see why a professional-looking email don’t get clicked on? You have to give them values and the more values you give them the more they are sold on you. When your customers or clients become sold on you the sales resistance reduces and they are more likely to buy from you. Treat your customers as important as you can and make them feel important, in your words make them know that for real you care for them, aside from the money you are looking for from them that you want to help them. When you make your customers feel this way, they will gladly buy your goods and services. If you must be a good email writer, please you have to read this again to understand and know how you can apply this and skyrocket your sales.


There’s no doubt that email marketing is the best platform and way to market your goods and services. The goal of every email as I’ve said before is to drive sales. If your email is not pulling in sales then there’s a mistake you are making which I have outlined in this article. The goal of this article is to correct the mistakes people make in business and to be able to help you pull in more sales. If you intend to be an email marketer you must read this article again for you to fully understand it and apply it to see results. Email marketing is a great way to make sales for those who understand and can write very good copy. I believe this article has been of value to you, feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with your friends.