Do you believe there’s a skill that when learned can give you all the money you need? Do you believe that there is a skill that is difficult to learn but can pay you for the rest of your life? Yes, there’s such a skill as that and the name of that skill is copywriting. In this article, I will be writing extensively on how to create powerful intriguing copies, how to pull in sales using copywriting, and how to understand your customers and your audience. This article will be one of the best things you’ve read online this year, just sit tight and let’s ride.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is also known as salesmanship on print, copywriting is the art of using words to persuade people to buy a particular product. Those who know how to write persuasive content that forces buyers to keep their hands in their pockets and pay can never go hungry again. In every industry, in every business, the services of a copywriter are highly needed, and sales are the lifeblood of every business, the goal of every business is to make a profit and boost their revenue if there are people who can pull in traffic to your products and ultimately drives sales, they are copywriters. Have you ever seen an advert on the television or in the supermarket, you were forced to pay for it, because of the headline and you thought to yourself, this article will be great? Those people who wrote those articles are called copywriters, the goal of a copywriter is to drive sales and sales is the lifeblood of every business.As a business owner, copywriting will help you tremendously boost your business, we will come to this later. Copywriting has been in existence for many years, it is a skill that is known only by very few people, and those who know this skill very well can never go hungry again. There are thousands of businesses that are springing up by the day, these businesses have one sole aim, which is to make sales and boost their revenue. When you look around, you will discover that there are so many businesses around, offline and online. What is the guarantee that you as a business owner will be able to withstand the competition and push through? The only way you can easily scale up your business and drive sales is to apply the services of a copywriter. Your job is to pay him, give him all the information he needs and he will come up with something that can increase your sales exponentially. What happens if you are just starting up and probably don’t have enough money to pay copywriters? This is what this article is about, to teach you how to write a powerful copy, every business owner is supposed to be a copywriter irrespective of the type of business you doCopywriting is one job that requires passion, patience, and consistency. You need to pay the price to learn. Every business owner or everyone intending to start a business should read this first before we continue. Don’t start a business without reading this. It will guide you on the mistakes to avoid when starting a business, after reading through it then you should read this article very with concentration because it has the key you need to scale your business. Having known what copywriting is, let’s dive into our key points.

How to write a powerful copy that sales

In this section of this article, I will be taking you on a journey of how to write powerful copies that sell as a business owner. You have to bear in mind that the goal of any business or copy is not just to be admired, it is to be sold and bought, to make money. Having said this, let’s dive into it

There are three basic characteristics of a good copy

  • The headline
  • The body
  • The landing page

Every copy that has ever pulled in millions in sales has this characteristic in common, you can not think of writing a powerful copy that sales without having this in mind, the first is your headline, and it’s the first one we will discuss


What do you look at first when you pick up a newspaper? What do you read first when you are given a book? The first thing you read is the headline or the title, the content of the book can be perceived by the headline used, and what your business stands for can be perceived by the headlines it carries. The quality of your headline determines if people will stop and click on it or if people will pass it and move on. The first thing people see when they want to click on your ad is your headline. Let’s go over how to write a powerful copywriter headline that sells.

How to write a powerful headline

It’s no doubt that the headline of your article is very important, in this section of the article I will be taking you through the step-by-step process of how to write a good and intriguing headline.

  • Your headline must speak directly to your audience
  • Remember what I told you to read at the beginning of this article, mistakes to avoid when starting a business. If you read this article, you will understand the importance of customer research. Customer research is what makes it easy for you to come up with something intriguing. After your customer research, please you should spend time doing this, the next is to write your ad headline. We will do practical here, to write a good copywriting headline you must speak to the pains of your audience. For example, if you are selling ideas on how to make money or courses on how to make money online, you have to speak to your audience directly, e.g Make 1000 dollars a month or get your money back, 5 ways to make money while you sleep. In these two examples, we spoke to the pains and deep desires of our audience. When you use a headline such as this to promote your online make-money business, you will pull in thousands of leads and make sales. The best way to write a powerful headline is to know your audience’s pain and fears and use it to write something that stops them on their track and forces them to click on it.
  • Use numbers and power words in your headlines
  • Check the headline of this article, you can see some words like “powerful” and a number in the headline. We call these power words, these are words that induce curiosity in the human mind, it makes them want to click on them by all means. For you to be a good copywriter you must learn how to use these power words and numbers effectively. Let’s look at some of the examples of power words; shocking, powerful, strange, secrets, revealed, and so many others. Let’s apply some of this in real-life experience,
  • shocking facts reveal 5 things you should know before marriage
  • 5 shocking things my mother told me before she died
  • 7 secrets about affiliate marketing no one will tell you
  • The list goes on and on, when you see headlines such as this displayed on top of a newspaper or an ad copy online, you will be tempted to click on it, by all means, this is the power of a good headline. It causes curiosity and the human mind is naturally curious and will try to do everything possible to satisfy that curiosity, that’s how you get your audience to click on your ads.

The Ads body

After writing the headline, the next is the ad copy, now we have gotten people to click on our ads, the next is to get them to read our ad copy and take action. Please you have to be careful here, if you write a powerful copy but you don’t know how to write a good and entertaining Ads copy, your audience will regret clicking on your ad in the first place, and when this happens, you will find it difficult to make sales. In this section of this article, I will take you through the process of writing a good ad copy for your product or services. Every ad copy must be intriguing, the first paragraph must be strong enough to make your audience want to read your write-up to the end. When it comes to copywriting, after the headline, is the most critical part. In this section, you have to be creative because your first few sentences will determine if you will make the sales or not. The job or work of an ad is not to make the sales immediately, the work of an ad copy is to create the connection that is needed to make the sales. The sales are made on your landing pages. To write a good introduction after your headline you must use one of your audience’s fears and reframe it, or better still reframe your headline to suit your audience’s curiosity. For example, the headline of my ad copy is 5 powerful ways to make money online while you sleep. My introduction after my headline will be something like this. Do you want to learn how to make 2000$ a month? If yes then this article is for you. Now when your audience read this article or this introduction, his or her curiosity has been aroused further and she would love to read the articles completely to the very end. This is one way you can create a good introduction, if your instruction message is good enough then your audience will read to the end, when your audience reads to the end, chances are that they will take the necessary actions. But remember, you must sound engaging and entertaining.

The landing page

After the body of your ad, the next thing is your landing page, the two steps I outlined above are the first step to becoming a good copywriter. Have it in the back of your mind that the work of every ad copy is to drive sales to a business, if your ad copy is not driving sales then you have to reconsider changing something in it. Like I said before, the work of an ad is not to sell products or services right in front of the ad copy. Many business owners make this mistake, they put up an ad, and right on the front page of the ad they are begging people to buy, the truth is no one wants to be sold, everyone wants to feel like he or she is in charge. The actual selling is done on your landing page, a landing page is where a customer is taken to after clicking and reading your ad copy, it is where the real sales are made and goodwill is built, I will teach you how to write this section of copywriting. After you research who your customer is, make sure you read this article mistakes to avoid when starting a business, now on your landing page, your job as a business owner or a copywriter is to provide value to your customers using information, you have to pick each of their fears and disappointment turn it to information and give it to them. For instance, if you are selling a weight loss product, your audience’s goal is to fit into their dresses and look sexy for their spouse. Now having known this, on your landing page, you can give them information on the causes of obesity and foods to avoid and all that. When you do this, you lower the sales resistance in their mind, the more information you provide, quality information, the more you lower their sales resistance and the more likely they are to buy from you. This is the job of your landing page, it is where the real sales are made and where goodwill is built, trust and loyalty are established here


We have come to the end of this article, there is no doubt that by now you would have understood what copywriting is all about, how to go about copywriting and how to be a successful copywriter. We have seen the importance of copywriting and how it is needed in every profession and every field of endeavor. I went on to explain to you the step-by-step process of how to become a good copywriter. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. I believe this article will set you in the right direction to becoming a good copywriter either as a job or as a business owner. Practice makes perfect, the more you practice the more you become good at it. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with your friends.