Do you want to learn how to manage your time? How to stay productive throughout the day? If so, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss time management, the most effective thing you must learn if your business must thrive and survive. Sit tight and let’s ride. Just a simple question: What would you do if everyday dollars are deposited into your bank account? Whether you use it or not, at the end of each day, it’s taken back from you. I know you would live in luxuries.

Buy cars, take yourself out on a trip, eat both healthy and unhealthy foods; you will spend it judiciously or even extravagantly. This is to make sure you finish all the money and get ready for the next credit alert. Now hear this! Every day, seconds are deposited into your life’s account. Whether you use the time or not, at 11.59 pm, it leaves. How do you spend it? Would you spend it the way you would spend the money or would you leave it to be taken away? Time is one thing that waits for no one. No matter how rich you are, you can’t buy ‘time’. Time management is one of the secret the Rich won’t tell you

You cannot make time to wait for you. The way you spend your time determines how successful you will be as a person and as a businessman. A popular saying goes that “Time is money” It is wealth. The period you spend convincing a customer that your goods are the best is ‘time’. The period it takes you to learn a skill is ‘time’. Time is money, you know? Wait… If time is money and everyone has equal time per day, why do so few make use of time effectively to get money and others don’t? The problem is Poor Time Management, this is what has kept many people poor for years, we have the same 24 daily and 7 days a week, yet others excel more than others, the secret is in time management, how effective each one of us manages our time determines how successful we will be in life and in any venture we have undertaken.


  1. WAKE UP EARLY: If you start earning money immediately you wake up, am more than 100% sure 99.9% of the world population would wake up before midnight every day. It’s not only essential to wake up early, but it’s also healthy. As an entrepreneur or businessman, you know how valuable time is. So each one (1) you miss while in bed is a debit alert to you(not literally) There’s this saying that goes this way “early to bed early to rise” waking up early is very vital for time management and the success of your business. Every business owner out there, entrepreneur, and everyone out there who takes his or her life seriously always wakes up early. Waking up early will make you start the day focused and doing what matters, you will even have the time to read books or do exercise before going to work. Starting your day like this will lead to a very productive day, you will be focused and do a lot of productive work before going home to meet your family. Time management is very important and waking up early to think and restrategize for the day is a very great way to start your day and stay productive. When setting out a plan for the next day, learn to prioritize what is most important to you, the most difficult task to do is very important. Most people don’t prioritize their day, they go out doing unimportant tasks and in their minds, they are being productive. There’s nothing that kills a dream than lack of time management, time management is indeed life management
  2. Set plans for each day (prioritize and schedule your daily activities) Before today ends, ask yourself what you intend to accomplish the next day. What is that activity you need to complete, write them down. Scheduled the next day’s activities by writing the day’s plan and allocating a given time frame to each. Setting plans and goals for each day even before that day comes will keep you focused and will direct your day. Planning a day before it comes is one of the best ways to manage your time, time management is life management. If you can effectively manage your time, you will effectively manage your life. Before you sleep each day, plan ahead of tomorrow, write it down, then get to work with the plan you have set before you, you will find out that you will become more efficient and your day will be more fun, you will achieve a lot and when you’ve achieved all that has been set out for the day you feel happy and fulfilled. This is how important time management is for example July 10th, 2022: writing content for a U. S client 8 am-9 am. Then possibly set an alarm for it as a reminder (I. E if you don’t a personal assistant or secretary to do That for you)
  3. Don’t do any work outside your schedule: Most people do this a lot, if you are working online or you’re selling any online courses or exchanging your skills for money, you should know when you have taken enough, don’t accept a job offer if you know your schedule cannot accommodate for it, if you already have so many jobs you are handling, it is advisable to tell your employer that you are all caught up, this will save your credibility. Many people who accept jobs they know they can’t meet up to the deadline end up regretting it. To manage your time effectively you must not work outside your schedule, learn to stay focused, and not be distracted by other mouthwatering job offers when you know you are all caught up.


Learning how to manage your time is one of the best skills you will ever learn. Time management is life management and finance management. If you can take hold of your time you can take hold of your life. We have come to the end of this article, this article is written specifically to teach you how to manage your time effectively, if you follow these tips you will learn how to manage your time and stay productive throughout the day. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and share with friends too.