3 Ways To Come Up With Content writing Ideas

Have you heard of content writing before? Do you wish to know what content writing is all about? Do you want to know how you can make money from content writing? This article is written to explicitly tell you everything you need to know about content writing, how to make money with content writing, and the role of content writers in the business. Let’s get startedContent writing is one type of writing that had been in existence for years, there are many types of writing, from content writing to copywriting to script writing and hosts of others, in this article our focus is on content writing. Content writing is the creative ability to put ideas into words that are reasonable and easy to understand. To further break this down, content writing is the ability to write meaningful content on any niche at all for the sole purpose of creating awareness and educating the masses.

The work of a content writer is not to make sales using words, when a business owner wants to make sales using words, he employs the services of a copywriter, a copywriter persuades people to buy particular goods or services using words. They are also called persuasive writers, please note that they are very different from content writers, content writers create awareness and educate the masses while copywriters make sales using words. The work of a content writer is to engage the audience to get information from them and give feedback to those who employed him which are the business owner, the business owners in turn use those feedback to develop their product or services to suit the audience.

From this, we can see how important content writing is in the world of business. Every business on earth needs visibility, this means that the services of content writers will always be required at any given time for the growth of a business. Recent studies show that content writing is among the highest-paid skill in 2022, those who know how to create engaging and entertaining content are highly needed for the growth of any business. In this article we will be looking into everything that has to do with content writing proper, how to benefit from it, the role content writers play in business, and so on. Sit tight and let’s ride.

How Do Content Writers Get Ideas?

you are new to this skill called content writing, you may be asking yourself how content writers get ideas, where they get ideas from, and how to formulate ideas. You see content writing is an easy skill to learn if you know how to pen down your ideas into words. Being a good content writer starts first with your imagination, every good writer out there is a good thinker and has a very vivid imagination.

When I started my content writing journey, I do sit down most time and imagined so many instances in my life, I may imagine myself in my house doing one or two things, then I try to write down my imagination into words. Writing down your imagination is one of the toughest things to do as a beginner in content writing, it is not always easy to articulate your words very well to suit a particular set of people.

The first place content writers get ideas is from the mind using the power of imagination, now after feeding your imagination through the books you’ve read, the next step is writing down your ideas into words on paper. To do this effectively you just have to start anywhere and start writing, the good thing is that after writing you can read it, again and again, to articulate your words effectively and give them a meaning.

From details given

This is the second-way content writers generate ideas, before a content writer is contacted to write on any field or niche, he or she is given the product details, the company name, and everything he or she will need to draft out good and engaging content.

Remember the sole purpose of a content writer is not to make sales using persuasive words but to be able to write engaging contents that will teach and educate the masses about a particular product or service. Content writers cannot do this effectively without the product details, company details, and a little research on the company in question.

One of the most important tasks of a content writer is the ability to know the tone he or she will communicate to an audience, the tone used for a particular audience will be different from the one used for another audience, and this is largely dependent on the type of product or services a content writer is promoting.

For you to be a good content writer you must know who your audience is, how old your audience is and the occupation your audience does for a living. Knowing these will help you write better, the tone you use for your audience to a large extent determines the engagement you will have on that particular write-up and in turn determine the feedback you will take back to your employers.

Content writing is not just any form of writing, it’s a type of writing that requires creativity, content writing requires focus and a little research, to speak in the tone of your audience is not easy and to get notable feedback to give your employers is another thing. Let’s head on to the next one on our list.

How to write a great content

Writing content is one thing but writing great and engaging content is another thing. You can be a content writer but if you don’t know how to create good and engaging content you will not be paid well. In this section of this article, we will look into how to write great content, and what makes content great.

Content is said to be great or good when the number of engagement is getting is much, a good content engages the audience into sharing their thoughts or performing a particular action. Every good content writer knows this if your content does not engage a good number of people that means your content is lame and you would not be paid well for it. Some content writers make thousands of dollars monthly and some don’t earn up to 300 dollars a month.

What makes this different? Why is it that two people will take the same job, and learn the same skill yet one is paid higher than the other? The main reason for this is in the positioning, positioning is how the public perceives you, how your client perceives you, how your clients see you determine how much you would be paid. Professionalism most times is determined by positioning, how you position yourself determines how people will see you and ultimately determines how much you will make in a month or year.

This is why it is very important to position yourself as a professional, the more professional you look the more likely it is that you would be paid well. Good content has to start with an engaging title followed by an engaging opening sentence. I’ve written extensively on how to craft good headlines for your business. As a content writer, you must know that the first thing your audience sees is your headline, your headline has to capture the attention that is needed, the attention determines how many people will respond to your content and in turn share their view on it.

After your headline the next is your opening line, your opening line has to be set as entertaining and engaging if you must retain the attention of your audience, the longer you retain their attention the better chance you have to get their thoughts on the product or services that is being rendered. You must understand that when it comes to writing content to get feedback on a particular product or service this is where you need to be very creative because the success of the business or product you are writing about depends on it.

The tone you used when writing to your audience determines how much engagement you will get in that article. As you write remember that your reputation as a content writer and your positioning is on the line, you have to deliver as you have promised to be able to retain your professionalism and get referred to other clients for a job by your previous ones.


Content writing is a very important skill to learn in today’s world. Every business needs the services of a content writer to create awareness. Content writing helps to educate the masses on how to use a particular product, good, or service. In this article, I have written extensively on how to get content writing ideas and strategies to be a good content writer. I believe you will find this article important, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with friends.