Do you have a business online or offline? Are you looking for how to write a powerful ad copy for your product? What are the 3 powerful ways to write powerful offers? If you are having these types of questions in your mind, it’s time for liberation. 

Every business is finding its way to the online space, we are in the seasons where our presence is not much needed. Every business owner’s job is to ensure the survival and continuity of feed, and take care of me. Everyone wants it to be done for them, some will register for courses, and some don’t even know what courses are. Check out more on courses here. There seems to be a sudden boom of businesses in the online space, even some businesses that are based solely offline are finding ways to join their online counterpart. We’re in the age where if you don’t know anything about marketing you are in big trouble, sadly many people don’t know and seem not to be bothered. 

For every business to stand and survive the business owner must learn one of the most important skills of all time and make sure he or she applies that skill. The name of the skill is “selling”, the number one thing this thing taught me when I tried cold calling was a disappointment and how to make sales, I blame the people I called just as many people blame different persons for their failures, but things started changing when I started speaking in their terms and how I can help them achieve their goals, they started paying attention to me 

One of the most important things every online seller must know is ” the psychology of behavior”. He should be able to know what is on the mind of the buyer he’s talking to, and he has to know the best way to talk to a buyer. Understanding the psychology behind human relationships will help explain your businesses to another whole new level. For a business to thrive in this online space, you need to know how to market your product goods and services. In this online space, you are in a brutal competition with your competitor, there are no neutral grounds, you either eat or be eaten. This is why there are so many businesses that don’t last up to a few years after inception, this is because of the brutal competition and the business owner is venturing out there into the world of business with little or no knowledge.

Before you start up a business you must read this. There are tips every business owner must know, starting a business is not like going out on a date, to start a business that works you have to sit down and make research, understand the market you are going into, and find out about it is saturated, unsaturated and supersaturated, this will help you to know if it is what you want to do and how much profitable it will be for you. When a business is saturated, the rate of sellers of that product is near equilibrium. But when a particular business niche is supersaturated please do not join that market, a market that is already saturated and supersaturated in a market that is on its way to failure. Every online business owner both offline should come to terms for your business to flourish and prosper, you need to do strong and deep market research about your customers, your product, and which marketing platforms will be essential for whey you want to promote.

What are Offers

For you to be able to understand the 3 powerful ways to create and offer you must first understand what an offer is. For your business to thrive and survive in this real world you have to learn how to create a compelling message about our existence. An offer is anything that is written or given to build goodwill or get something in return or something that is written or given to make an audience rake actions. If your business must thrive and survive you must learn how to create powerful offers or your competitors will eat you alive. Offers serve as a bait to know what works and what doesn’t, what your competitors are doing and the best way to get that same result is by creating a compelling offer, an offer that will make someone shout in his mind “for real? All that for me? Yes, it’s possible to create that type of offer, one offer when created well has the potential to change your entire business landscape and bring in more and more customers for you than you can handle. The secret to creating this type of offer lies in what I have touched on earlier which is “, understanding consumers’ behavior, please read this again. There are some conditions every good offer must satisfy before it can be able to pull in leads for you like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. Yes, of course, this works more and better with digital marketing, if your business is yet to venture into this online space I think you need to bring it in as soon as possible, there’s a whole lot to learn and a whole lot to benefit from. Sit tight as I take you through this journey.

What makes an offer effective?

Anything that is put across to an audience in other to get them to take action on a particular cause is an offer, irrespective of whether its a video, an ad copy, a campaign objective, or whatever it is that its ultimate goal is to get a prospect or a customer to take action is called an offer. Few things make an offer compelling, these are:

  • It must speak to the right audience:This is very important, for your offer to be compelling it has to speak to the right audience, your offer must address the right audience, if your offer does not satisfy this need, then it is no longer called an effective offer because the end goal of the matter is not earned. This is where powerful research done at the start of the business becomes very important, with a well-defined audience that has been carefully synchronized by you the business owner, there’s no limit to what you can do with such an army of loyal prospects. you must know the temperature of your audience at any point in time, this will help you to know which type of content you have to put up out there, and why this is a good offer to make. A good business owner makes an offer based on the temperature of his or her audience.
  • It must be compelling :For an offer to be able to serve its purpose, it must be compelling from the headlines to the text to the body of the ad copy. The more compelling it is, the more leads it will pull in and the more sales you make. This is why copywriters are paid huge amounts of money to do something that would not take him or her y to finish? It is the power of copywriting, copywriting simply means salesmanship in print. Every business owner that wants to start a business must either learn this copywriting from or learn from someone else. Social media is full of distractions. Your customer is one click away from your ad copy, the only way to make them click on the ad is to make your offer as compelling as she can. The more compelling an offer is, the more likely that many of your target audience will click on it, the more the click the better chances of sales. These two points are what makes an effective, take them seriously and watch your business explode with sales.

3 Ways To Create A Compelling offer

In this part of the article, I will be listing the 3 ways to create a compelling offer that will pull in leads and drive sales in your business to a whole new level. Before we start make sure you read this article; on how to sell like crazy. Having done that, let’s proceed, sit tight, let’s ride.

  • Use your audience’s fears and disappointment: This is a very effective way to create a compelling offer, your audience is the lifeblood of any business niche, without an audience there are no sales, and where there are no sales, there’s no revenue, and business crashes. For you to create a compelling offer you must change your audience’s fears and disappointment to hope, this works best for the headline of the offer you are creating. Let’s say you are selling a weight loss product for instance, after much customer research, you found out that your audience has been disappointed before, that your audience has been lied to, and the deep desire of your target audience is not only to lose weight but to look sexy in their bikini and shots. For you to change this into a compelling headline you can say something like ” Lose 10 pounds in 5 days without stopping your meal routine” this type of headline will stop your audience on their track, they will take themselves how possible is this, how can I lose 10 pounds without stopping my normal eating routine, and 95℅ of them will click on that link to find out if this works. This is the first step in creating a powerful offer for your audience.
  • Rephrase the question:This is the second way to create a compelling offer. For you to create an irresistible and powerful offer, you must rephrase your question using the deepest disappointment of your audience. You see, as a business owner or someone looking to start a business, there are some things every business owner must know. This most important part of business planning is your customer and product research, it is where all the difference is made. If you get this place wrongly your business is bound to fail, get it right you will never have to worry about money again. For you to create a compelling offer you must rephrase the question, for instance, if you are selling a product that helps people break out from financial difficulties, you can rephrase the question by asking “Do you want to break out from your financial difficulties and stop your 7 to 5 pm job? Then this article is for you. When you present this type of offer in front of the right audience, sales will boost to a new level.
  • Start with a powerful opening lines:This is the third way to create a compelling offer for your business and services. Opening lines are what you say or write immediately after the headlines, these opening lines determine if your offer is interesting or not. The work of your headline is to draw in customers and the audience like the honey draws a bee, it’s meant to be a bit to pull in people into clicking your offer. A headline or an offer is not meant to sell to your audience on the go, many business owners make this mistake, the work of your offer is to get people interested, and the sales and closing part is done on your landing page.
  • For you to create a powerful opening line you have to use your audience’s fears or pain once again. For example, you can say something like, you would love to look sexy right? Look beautiful to your spouse and be able to fit into that beautiful dress right? If this is you then you have to read this to the end to discover how you can achieve this result. When you open your offer with something as good as this, you have created intrigue in the mind of your customer, they can’t wait to read everything and find the solution to their problem. With the application of this template accordingly, there’s no way you won’t make sales and suck in leads like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. A powerful offer creates powerful results.


We have come to the end of this article. I started by telling us how much the business world has changed. Now every business is going digital, and if you don’t know how to do and apply digital marketing skills, you will find it difficult to survive in the online space. I went further to teach you how to create a powerful offer for your business, these steps I have listed down for your work are like magic, they can boost your sales to a whole new level. For this to work effectively for you, you have to follow through step by step as I have written them to get the desired results. I believe this article has been of help to you, feel free to comment with thoughts, and don’t forget to share with friends.