In today’s article, I will be taking us down the journey of where to get quality prospects and how to talk to them to make a sale. But before we go into that, it is important to understand the dynamics of business and the art of prospecting.

Business owners Must be careful when creating a business, many business owners that weren’t in business before joined businesses because they want to be a boss of their own, they don’t want to be haggled or controlled around. In building and scaling a business, this isn’t enough reason to own or start a business, if you are starting a business because of the above reason, then you need to have a rethink, many people that started businesses with this mindset ended up becoming slaves to their businesses. Unconsciously, they didn’t build a business, the business became their boss, any day they don’t go to work, they won’t eat that day, this they continued till they died. Now for you to build a successful business with multiple conglomerates, you have to first, have a new mindset, the mind is the birthplace of anything worthwhile. If you hope to start a business and your mind is not ready, practically you are not ready. If you go ahead and start the business with the wrong mindset, you will never do well in it. Grow to the level where you believe deep down in your heart that it is possible when you believe that yes you are great enough to build a conglomerate. Understanding this will give you the vision to pursue.

When starting a business, please don’t think small, don’t play small, think big, and win big. Don’t see it as an escape from a hostile boss, if not you will work forever in your life, rather see it as a lifetime something, see it as something that must work and go global. Understanding the dynamics and workings of business before starting will give you the edge over those that don’t understand. The difference between a rich man and a poor man is knowledge, knowledge is the predisposition that separates the rich and the poor, to transcend to that level of wealth, you have to buy knowledge and apply knowledge.

The second dynamic of business you have to understand is your buyers or prospects. No matter what you are selling, be it a physical product or a digital product, if you don’t understand your buyers or customers, you cannot make money from it. In all the acumen needed to start a business, understanding customers’ decisions is very vital to make it in business. Your buyers are your tickets to a better life, you have to treat them as such, and maintain a strict policy that your customers are always right. If it’s a big organization, you may not always be there to correct or enforce that law, but create a system where everyone participates in this even when you’re away. The way you or your organization treats a customer determines if that customer will ever come back to patronize you, again. For you to understand your customers deeply, you have to go out of your way as a business owner, you have to do research, it will cost you money but it will be worth it. When you do your research by asking yourself questions, questions such as what are my customers’ fears? What is their deepest pain? What are their disappointments, and where do my customers gather to search for information? When you ask yourself these questions and answer them sincerely, then you are ready to start a business. 

As a business owner, understand that your prospects or customers have been disappointed in the past, they have bought products and wish they didn’t buy them. In today’s world, people promise but don’t deliver, people say a lot of things and do so little, for you to stand out as a business owner you have to deliver completely on your words. Make your customers feel at home, through the information you acquired, make them feel like you love them and want to help them, and let them know it’s not all about the money. This will make your customers love you and trust you, in turn, it will promote goodwill in the marketplace. Customers are your license to a better life, treat them as such

Finally, as a business owner, use a lot of bonuses and free things to entice your customers. Make sure whatever you want to use is in line with what you are selling, if you are selling a car, a free car mat will work, don’t make the mistake of using unrelated gifts or items. Understand the psychology of selling, no one hates free things, you can call on your customers and tell them congratulations they just worn this and that, it may be very little, but it has gone a long way to communicate to them that you love and care for them, to them it made them feel they can win things as well. If you understand the psychology of selling you will understand how to relate with customers. No one wants to be sold on, rather everyone wants to buy..for you to make sales, understand this simple fact, no one wants to be sold, but everyone wants to buy, make your customers feel he or she is in charge, suggest don’t command and watch sales skyrocket. Having said this, I believe you are ready to enter into the next main thing, which is getting prospects and keeping them.

4 platforms to get quality leads

1. Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the best places to get quality leads and buyers. Facebook has over 2 billion active users worldwide and over a 25million active users in Nigeria alone. Facebook sells customers’ information for a price, Facebook allows you to reach out to your customers and prospects to make sales and grow your business. Facebook was founded not too long ago, but it has become the face of social media. To make Facebook effective for you, you have to learn how to run adverts on Facebook, and how to run quality adverts to get quality leads. There are two things you have to consider as a business owner when using Facebook, one is that it is still an online platform, so you need to do a lot of clarification to give your customers reason to believe you are legitimate. There are lots of fake business ventures out there, you have to give your customers a reason to feel that yes this one is real. Secondly, you have to understand that, it is the quality of the headline in your ads that makes customers stop and buy your services. The headline is the first thing a customer sees when he’s searching for something online. You have to make the headline as captivating as you can, the headline has to be brief and have the ability to jerk customers off their feet and get them to say wow, let me check that out. I’ve said it before, an ad with a powerful headline but weak content will sell more than one with powerful content and weak headlines, to craft a good headline I suggest you seek the services of a good copywriter

The second thing you have to consider when using Facebook ads is the landing page, after the ad, this is the most important place, this is where the fears of your customers or prospects are wiped out, this is where you build credibility and close the sale psychologically. The landing page is the place prospects are taken to when they click on your ads, when you have done your market research very well, the landing page is an avenue to answer the deep innermost questions your prospect has asked anyone. Understand that the landing page is the soul of your business, treat it as such, because when done well it can bring you an influx of many buyers, but when done wrongly, it can make you not make any sales.

2. Instagram

After Facebook, this is the largest social media platform and the number of users keeps increasing as the years go by. Instagram has become home to many celebrities, people of influence as well as individuals. If you’re looking for a great place to promote your business and get an influx of leads, Instagram is a good place to start with. It has lots of mature features that make almost every celebrity on the app. It houses presidents of nations and movie stars. If you utilize the power of Instagram very well, you will never run out of sales. In using Instagram to sell, you can employ the use of influence, that is getting others to promote your products for pay. The best people to use are celebrities and influencers, these people have a lot of people connected to them, and some of them have over 3 to 10 million followers, imagine when someone promotes your products in front of 10 million people, your sales will skyrocket and you will have more leads than you can handle. Instagram has become a household name just like Facebook, millions of people are in this app, and many business owners that understand how Instagram works are using the platform to make a lot of money. To leverage this platform well, you should use the presence of an influencer, the only problem is that these people charge high, but you will equally get the value of what you paid for. If you’re a small business owner that is just starting up, you may consider running an ad on Instagram, the difference is you don’t write long copies, you have to make it as brief as possible for it to convert. Understand too like Facebook ads, the most important part of your Instagram ads is your headline, the world is full of distractions your headline has to be as striking as ever so that it can jerk off your customers and get them to click on that link, if your headline can’t do this, it cannot pull in sales for you.

3. YouTube

This is a very powerful platform to get as many leads as one needs. To get leads and prospects from YouTube, you need to have your own YouTube channel or leverage others. Many people have built their YouTube channel to the point of having millions of subscribers, to leverage their channel, you pay them a sum of money to use their channel as a display of your product or services. It is easier to get leads and prospects on YouTube than on many other channels out there, the reason is that you can easily spot your target audience just by seeing the type of video a particular channel uploads, you then leverage it to reach out to more people. YouTube is exceptional, like every other social media platform, the headline of your ad copy is what does the work well. You have to write a quality headline, as captivating as possible, to make it interesting so that people won’t have to overlook it without clicking to find what is hidden beneath it. The best way to write a good headline is to use one of your customers’ deepest pains and change them to a goal and a promise, this will spring them up to action.

4. Twitter

Last but not the least is Twitter, Twitter has become one of the most prominent online social media platforms, it’s mostly concerned with happenings around the world. Twitter houses one of the most influential people on earth, the presidents of nations are on Twitter and many celebrities are there, both local celebrities and foreign ones. To leverage Twitter, first, you need a good ad copy with powerful headlines, just like on Facebook you can do the campaign yourself or you employ the services of a professional to help you do it. You can leverage other people to promote your ad content for you, just like Instagram, you pay these influencers and they help you promote your products or services to their platforms, when this is done well it can boost sales to a whole new level.


We have come to the end of this article. I started this article by explaining to you the dynamics of business, and what every business owner Must have in mind before starting a business. I went ahead to list the best platforms to get an influx of leads, such as you cannot handle. I went ahead to explain to you why the headline of your ad copy is the most important thing you have to write. To write a captivating headline, you have to use one of your prospects’ pains and turn them into a testimony. I explained this completely. To understand and apply this to your business, I suggest you read it again thoroughly and follow through with all the instructions. I believe when you do, sales will surely boost and you will start making more money. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with friends.

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