5 businesses to start in Nigeria with less than 100k

The world has greatly advanced in the last 20 years, there has been a wave of money-making. It has never been this easy to make money both online and offline as it is today. Many years ago it was difficult to see a guy of 20 years making 100 to 1m monthly in the world, but today there have been thousands of guys who have crushed this milestone from different countries of the world. In this article, I will be listing the top 5 businesses you can start with less than 100k in Nigeria, but before you start, I want you to read what it takes to start and scale a business.

A business, especially a physical one, if it must stand the test of time, must be built. Statistically speaking, it is said that out of every business that started at the same time, in the next 10 years, over 90% of it has folded, and only a handful makes it to the top and become a global success. What is responsible for this? Why do many businesses fail in their infancy? These are the questions we will be looking at in this article.

Businesses fail in their infancy because of wrong market research. Researching before involving in any business will greatly determine the success rate of that business. Market research is a great way to know what your desired audience is thinking about the business ventures and models. There are so many people for instance, who think just because food is necessary and everyone eats food daily they will do well in the food business. Only for them to be shocked within one month of starting. This is why market research is important, you have to know as a business owner that 80% of the time the business you have in mind will fail. In your mind, you’re thinking since everyone eats the food you’d make sales, but in reality, it’s not so. Many people have their favorite place of eating, what system have you put in place that will make these people leave their current place of eating to come to yours? It’s difficult to convince a man who has made something his brand, you have to put up a system and structures that let them know you are different. If not, you won’t do well in the food business.

Take, for instance, a man who wants to manufacture soap, he wants to go into the soap-making business, when asked why he thinks he will do well in the soap business, he said “because everyone baths daily” he’s right, everyone baths daily, but everyone have their loyal brand, you are entering the market to compete with soaps that have existed for over 20 years, they have millions to spend on ads, they have millions more to spend to improve their business, but you, you just started with almost nothing, to compete with these giants will be suicidal. The only way to beat them is through innovation, by doing something that no one else is doing, let me give you an instance

When Milo came out in Nigeria, the top milk brands were loyal and peak, peak milk has been in existence for over 50 years, so to compete with these two is like pouring water into an ocean, Milo company knows this, so they gathered together their employees and asked, “how can we improve our products? How do we invent something our competition doesn’t know about yet? After the meeting, milk and Milo sarchetization was born, Milo decided to produce theirs in a small Quantity and sell for 20# where it will reach the poor masses. When Milo made this decision, sales skyrocketed, and their competition was forced to join in the race. This is how small sachets of milk and tea were born because someone did research and thought of something new and something unique.

You see sir, when you do your market research very well before opening a business, you will do exceptionally well in it. When you go deep down and know who your target audience is and what they need, you will do exceptionally well in that business. Do not make the mistake of creating a product before looking for a buyer

Rather you create an Audience before you create a product. In the food example we used before, if you serve bad food to a hungry audience, you will sell tremendously, but if you serve good tasty food to the wrong audience, as long as the food is sweet, you will not make many sales. This boils down to having the right audience for your business

It’s better to have the right audience for your business than have the wrong ones. The right audience buys faster than the wrong ones. Many people have good businesses but the problem is that they are serving those businesses to the wrong audience. If you sell food to someone who just finished eating you will be wasting your time, but if you carry that same food to someone hungry, whether it is sweet or not, that food will sell out

Another thing you have to have in mind is the passion to remain at the beginning stage, every business has a starting stage, at this point you are just starting, so things may not be working out fine immediately as you have thought. If you have the staying power to endure through that process you will break even. This is where you have to apply common sense. If you’re in the wrong business, if you endure from now till forever you will not make any money because you are in the wrong business. But when you have done your research and you know for sure you’re in the right business, have the patience to stay through the process, it might be tough at first but with time things will turn around. Endurance during your first 2 to 3 years in business is what will determine its survival in the next 10 to 20 years. Now you are ready to start your own business if you have read through this. Below, I will be listing the top businesses you can start with less than 100k and scale-up within a year. Sit tight and let’s roll.

5 Businesses You Can Start With 100k Or Less In Nigeria

1. Door shipping/ mini importation

If you’re in Nigeria looking for a good profitable business to start up, even as a student, this business will make you mega money when done well. Mini importation is simply the art of importing products from different countries and selling them at a higher rate here. When we mention different countries, the first country that comes to mind is China. 

China is the best place to import from because you are at liberty to buy with their national currency which is far less than the value rate of a dollar. That it is called mini importation doesn’t mean you cannot import goods of over a million naira, it is called mini importation because it requires very little capital to start up with. When you order goods, from the China site which is 9866.com or Alibaba express.com it will take about 14 to 15 days for the goods to reach the country, then you can start distributing them to people.

 Mini importation will make you mega money if you do your market research well and have an already made audience you want to sell to. Don’t leave your business at the mercy of fate, don’t import just anything and wish that when it lands in Nigeria, people will start buying, research well and create a starving market, then import goods from china to satisfy that market, that’s how to build a business. It takes 60k or less to start a mini importation business, this is why it came up in our top list of the businesses you can start in Nigeria with 100k or less.

2. Affiliate marketing

This business first started offline before venturing into the online space. Affiliate marketing is simply the art of selling people’s products to make money. Each product one sells there’s an affiliate commission attached to that product that you earn whenever you sell each of the products.

 If you go to some of the famous markets in Nigeria you will see people that don’t have shops, don’t have goods, but are all dragging you to come and buy from them, when you consent, they will take you to people’s shops and when you buy they make their commission. This business has been in existence for a very long time before it was introduced into the online marketplace. 

Affiliate marketing has changed lots of lives in Nigeria, offline it requires no capital to start with, but online it requires less than 60k to start with and when you apply the skills of selling, it’s one of the few businesses that will make you mega-money in a few months. This is why it was included in this article as one of the businesses you can start with 100k or less.

3. Food business

This one comes to mind when you’re thinking of a business you can start in Nigeria with 100k or less. But like I said before at the beginning of this article, you have to do your market research well, find a starving audience and make money from it. 

You don’t sell food because everyone eats food or everyone will buy from you because they eat food, you sell food to a targeted set of people and watch your sales skyrocket. It is important to take the market research aspect very seriously, it’s your analysis in that aspect that will determine how far the business will go. The food market is one of the businesses you can start with 100k or less in Nigeria.

4. Online business

What if you have a skill but you don’t know what to do to make money from it? What if you can write very well but don’t know how to monetize your skill to make money? The best way to do this is through online platforms. As a writer who can write exceptionally well, the best way to turn your skill into money is through online platforms like upwork.com, fiverr.com, and freelancer.com. These platforms allow you to showcase your skills as a writer and bid for jobs, in Upwork you get a job as high as 1000 dollars a month, same with Fiverr. To do well on these platforms you have to follow after someone, you have to model someone when you model someone the work becomes lots easier for you, they have set the pace already all you have to do is to walk with them. This business requires very little or no capital to start with, this is why it made it to our top list of businesses to start with 100k or less in Nigeria and make good money from it.

5. Football viewing centers

People that understand the psychology of selling have already pulled in mega-money from this business. The beauty of this business model is that many Nigerians don’t know about it. People love watching football in groups, this is why a man will leave his house and go to a friend’s house to watch football, this is why people will leave their homes and go to the stadium, pay for ticket and watch football, we all this passion, it’s what drives people and attaches them to the spirit of football. It will not cost you much to open a football viewing center and charge people 100 to 200# before getting into the place, if done well that place will contain over 200 people, and you will make mega-money from it daily. Football viewing center is a good business to start with especially if you don’t have much, you can start it with 100k or less, this is why it made it to our top list and is one of the best businesses to start with 100k or less in Nigeria.


Owning a business is the dream of almost every entrepreneur, but there are dynamics of business, and there are rules that guide businesses. If you want to own a business just because you want to be the boss of your own, you may be disappointed because many people motivated by this have gone ahead and created a business that employs them and makes them a worker for the rest of their lives. Read this article again, especially the beginning to understand some of the requirements before starting and scaling a successful business, then choose from among those I’ve listed the best for you and dedicate your time and attention to it till it works. If you find this article useful, feel free to comment in the comment section, and don’t forget to share it  with your friends.

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