Want to know everything about social media marketers? More than 98.3% of the world’s population is on one if not all social media platforms; ranging from Facebook to Instagram, then Twitter and Whatsapp, name them…. You spend more than half of your day on the internet but have you ever wondered if you can make something profitable out of it. Social media is not only for fun, socializing, posting videos, memes, savages, and catching cruises. You can also advertise your business on the internet to reach potential customers across the globe. This process is called social media marketing. Someone who markets his product or services on any social media platform is called a social media marketer. Irrespective of the fact that everyone is on one or more of these social media platforms and you as a social media marketer can reach them; there are various difficulties social media marketers face.


1. Inability To Know And Reach
A Particular Target Audience

Not every product you sell satisfies everyone on the internet. Just as our faces are different, so are our wants, desires, and beliefs. You can not sell to people who are not your target audience. However, most social media marketers don’t know this. They advertise their products and services to just anyone and expect to make sales. I mean, how can you sell condoms to an eleven years old girl. Not that it’s impossible (because this generation gets corrupt day by day) but an eleven years old girl is not a target audience for a condom seller. Target Audience is just as the way it implies, ‘target’ means what you ‘aim’ at. Who needs your product, and who does your service satisfy. A book named, ‘Life of a Teenager’ sells well to people from thirteen to nineteen years of age. Yes, because they are teenagers and they want to know how their life can be described in a book. A thirty years old man has passed through the teenage stage of life, so he doesn’t need to go back to his past; except, of course, he buys the book for his teenage daughter or son. A social media marketer who understands what the target audience means and who his target audience is can sell well. This is because he knows whom to focus on while advertising. However, a social media marketer who doesn’t know this faces great difficulty.

2. Little Or No Knowledge Of How Each Social Media Platform Works

Every social media platform is unique. It’s known for the exclusive way it works. It’s a special way of operation. Before a social media marketer can sell well on the internet, he or she has to understand how each platform works. Facebook for instance gives one access to a variety of people from different countries. You don’t need to have someone’s mobile phone number to be able to see his posts, unlike Whatsapp. On Whatsapp, without two people saving each other’s contact, none of them can see the other’s status update. Hence, a business cannot take place. On Instagram, you follow someone to be able to see his pictures and video posts. Some hear of social media marketing and rush into it without understanding some basic rules guiding each platform.

3. Lack Of Desire To Take Risks

Mack Zuckerberg said, “With the way things are going, the only risky thing to do is not taking risks” We are in a country where 82.3% of people are normal (i.e they do what everyone is doing) No one wants to be different in a positive way. This low mentality of the masses affects social media marketers in getting buyers. As a social media marketer, selling a course like ‘Copywriting’ which is a high-paying skill in Nigeria; no one would want to take the risk of sending the sum of twenty thousand nairas to someone they met on the internet. So, as an affiliate marketer, it’s hard to convince a stranger to buy from you because they are scared. They are afraid to pay for a course they are not even sure of. However, as Bill Gate said, “To win big, sometimes one has to take big risks” Remember, it’s the internet and most people don’t know each other personally, hence they are scared of being duped of their hard-earned money for something that isn’t real or won’t work out.

4. Corruptions In The Country, Low Trust Issues

Sadly, Nigeria is the second most corrupt country. Many have heard and seen situations where someone gets frauded via the internet. On the same internet, a social media marketer comes to convince you to buy from him claiming to be legit. Looking at the corruption in your country and cases you have heard of, a potential buyer finds it difficult to trust the social media marketer even if he is true and most times you don’t blame him. Although you have tons of evidence to convince the buyer, you may end up never succeeding. Working as a social media marketer, you are reliable to face trust issues from people and that’s difficult to deal with.

5. Poor Internet Connection

Even when everything seems normal and you were able to convince someone to buy from you, the network providers (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO…) may disappoint you. There is a tendency that you will face network issues. If you have noticed, even monthly subscriptions don’t last up to three weeks anymore. The worst part is after spending all you’d money to prove your legality to a potential client, he might end up not buying from you. As a social media marketer, you need not only a smartphone but a strong internet connection to produce effective communication and gain people’s trust through consistency.


In conclusion, nothing is easy. More so, we are in the computer age and everything is going digital. You have to be formless like water to adapt to everything the internet offers. As a social media marketer, you can face some if not all of the above-mentioned difficulties but don’t settle for the less. Remember, in as much as you have to be honest in your online services, consistency is the key to building a strong connection with the people on the internet.