Are you looking for great freelancing jobs online? Where you can work from home at your convenience and make good money from it? If you want to know everything about freelancing and how it works, you are in the right place. First, we will have to discuss what freelancing is and how you can make money from freelancing, then we will go ahead to discuss the 10 great freelancing jobs online. Sit tight lets ride

What is freelancing?

You must have heard of the term freelancing, if you’re new to this online space you may not understand what freelancing is and how to leverage it to make good money. There are many freelancing jobs out there, there are many business owners who require skills to make their business work, and these business owners need competent people who will help grow their businesses using the skills that are needed. No doubt, there are many freelancing jobs online but there are few that pay more than the rest, the goal is not only to get a freelancing job but to get a high-paying one. What is freelancing? Freelancing can be defined as the act of working for someone on your s and conditions, this is the process of submitting a job proposal but in contrast to the employer and employee relationship, you get to work on your terms, you state how much you would love to be paid, how you would love to be paid and your preferred time for working. Freelancing like every other business should be treated as a business, if you take freelancing serious and explore many platforms which we will be listing in this article, you will get access to great freelancing jobs online, and when you build relationships well over time you, you will be able to land bigger jobs and advance well in ranks. There are many freelancing jobs online and we are going to explore a few of them, stay tuned.

5 Great Freelancing Jobs Online

There are many freelancing jobs, but freelancing is not limited to only working on a site or for someone, you can work for yourself as a freelancer and make good money from it. Let’s go on to list the great freelancing jobs available. These jobs were chosen after research and it is the most profitable skill a freelancer can learn to make tons of money a month.

1. Copywriting

If you are looking for some great freelancing jobs online, copywriting is the first that comes to mind. Some people call it the mother of many skills, the reasons are because copywriting is one of the most important types of writing, copywriting is salesmanship in print, it is the act of persuading people to buy your goods and services. Copywriting is one of the most profitable skills to learn and there are ample job opportunities for a copywriter, the goal of every business is to pull in does, grow revenues, and make a profit, this is why copywriters are highly needed, there are many freelancing jobs and the position of a copywriter is sought-after. To be a successful copywriter you need to learn the art of persuasion, the ability to persuade people to buy goods or services using words, copywriters know how to sell without selling, they understand the psychology of association, and they know that humans don’t like being sold to, so they make you buy without you knowing that you’re being sold to. When learned well, you will be sought after by different businesses from small scale to multi-million companies, the reason is that all these companies and businesses exist to make a profit, and the most important people required to make this a reality are called copywriters. When it comes to freelancing jobs online, copywriters are highly needed, but you must be competent enough to take on the job and to bring up results.

2. Content writers

When it comes to freelancing jobs online content writers are highly needed. Aside from copywriting, all other forms of writing came out from content writing. As we already know, the job of a copywriter is to persuade people to buy particular goods and make sales. What is the job of a content writer? Content writers create awareness using words, they create engagement. When a business owner wants to get feedback about his goods or services, he employs the services of a content writer to create engaging content that will engage the customers to share their thoughts about the product or services. The goal of a content writer when hired is not to make sales, making sales using words is the work of a copywriter, a content writer creates awareness, educates, and enlightens the public about the existence and usage of a particular product. You may be asking what freestanding jobs online are available for me, there are many dreaming jobs online for you, look around you, businesses are springing up, many businesses are going digital, and these businesses need the services of a content writer, to write contents around their product to educate the masses and customer on the arrival of these products online. Content writing comes to mind if you’re looking for great freelancing jobs online.

3. Graphics Designers

If you’re looking for freelancing jobs online, graphics designing will readily come to mind. There are many freelancing jobs online that are open to graphics designers, graphics designers are highly sought after, but for you to be able to make it as a graphic designer you must be competent. Another factor that is necessary for you to get freelancing jobs online is the way you POSITION YOURSELF, if you position yourself as a professional, you will be perceived as a professional and people will see you as such. When people see you as a professional they will pay you as one. The reason many graphics designers in different freelancing job online offers are not getting jobs is because they have not positioned themselves well to be perceived as an authority in that field. When you position yourself well as a graphics designer and share tips with other graphic designers, you will be seen as an authority and you will be paid as one. When it comes to freelancing jobs online, graphics designers come to mind, they are well dough after, and many business owners need their services, to build your business in this online sound you will need a flier for your business, you will need a logo, you will need a card, all this are done by a graphics designer, this is why they’re highly sought after.

4. Website Designers

This is another set of people when it comes to freelancing jobs online that are highly sought after. For you to be a successful website designer you must be able to learn it well. Before you start a business in this online space you need a website, a very good one at that, a website is a visiting point of your customer, your customer cannot see you physically, and every business transaction is done online, for your customer to trust you with their money, you need three important thing and skills that are in high demand, in freelancing jobs online they are highly sought after, you need the services of a copywriter, whose sole aim is to persuade people to buy your goods or services, you need a content writer, whose job is to put up content to create awareness about the arrival of your product and most importantly, you need a website designer to design a very good and powerful website where all this will be posted. Think about the thousands of businesses out there that need a professional website designer. Your services as a website designer are highly needed, but for you to stand out and make good money from it, you have to position yourself as a professional and as an authority. When it comes to freelancing jobs online, website designers certainly come to mind.

5. Product Managers

There are many freelancing jobs online, remember at the beginning of this article we defined freelancing as the art of the process of working for someone independently, on your terms and condition, you dictate how much you would be paid on a job. We will look into different freelancing sites to get jobs online. If you are a product manager, there’s a job opportunity for you. A product manager is in charge of the day-to-day activities from the creation of a business idea to its actualization, a product manager is very creative, he or she comes out with product ideas, ideas that will be tested and validated, and if these ideas turn out to be workable and efficient, they are applied to the business and sales are made. Product managers are highly needed, they help in the creation of products from zero to completion level, they monitor the growth of a product to the maturity stage, and they make the necessary adjustment to the products when necessary to make sure it keeps meeting the customer’s requirements. When it comes to freelancing jobs online, product managers are well paid and there are ample opportunities for product managers.

Online Platforms For Getting Freelancing Jobs

There are many online platforms you can leverage to make money using the skills above, in this platform you offer your services and you get paid in dollars, you bid for a job, and when accepted you start work, and upon completion or according to the agreement between you and your clients you get paid. In this section of the article, we will look into some of the best platforms for freelancing jobs online, stay tuned.


When it comes to the best freelancing jobs on online platforms, Upwork comes to mind. Upwork is the biggest freelancing site in the world, it is very professional and topnotch. You get to state how much you work per hour, you can work as high as 200 dollars an hour or as low as 10 dollars an hour. Like every other freelancing site, Upwork is not easy to navigate especially in creating an account. You need to go through a lot of processes to get your account approved, when your account gets approved you can now bid for jobs and submit your proposal, there are many different ranks one can attain when writing on Upwork, from beginners rank to professional ranks, this rank comes to you as you rise in the industry, as you write and keep to the agreement of your customers, you get noticed and you get a review, you should look out well on satisfying your customers when you meet the demands of your customers, they will rate you on the scale of 5 stars, the higher the rating the higher you get recommended for a job. When it comes to the best online platform for freelancing jobs online, Upwork is the first that comes to mind.


This is the second biggest platform for getting freelancing jobs online. As the name implies, Fiverr means that the least you can set your payment is 5$, and the highest can be any amount. But as a beginner, there are levels you cannot set your payment above because you are still starting. As it is with Upwork it is almost the same on Fiverr, except that on Upwork, the least is 10 dollars while on Fiverr the least is 5 dollars. Upwork is a more professional platform than Fiverr, the reason many people run to Fiverr is that Fiverr is easier to set up, you can easily set up your Fiverr account and start bidding for jobs, but in Upwork, you have to wait for 24 to 72h for your account to be approved, if not approved you cannot bid for jobs. These are the two most popular and best platforms when it comes to getting freelancing jobs online, when you position yourself well on these platforms you are more likely to build a strong portfolio and attract more clients.


We have come to the end of this article, we have seen how important freelancing jobs are, and the freedom it gives you to work on your terms, when it comes to freelancing jobs online, there are many jobs out there, but in this article, I have taken my time to list out the best jobs out there and the two most popular and biggest online platform for your freelancing jobs. This article is written explicitly to explain to you all you need to know about freelancing, I believe it has satisfactorily answered some of your questions. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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