Have you ever seen a dude at a very young age? A guy that is very rich or has retired before 40? If you check the rate at which this happens is very low. Is it that people don’t know how to make money or what exactly? In this article, I will be taking you on a roadmap to financial freedom. Everyone wants to retire early, it’s the desire of people to retire early and have more than enough to take care of their families. Why do some people make it to financial freedom while many people retire late and depend on pensions for the rest of their lives, some even gave up work even in their old age. Why is this so? This is what we will explore in this article, the roadmap to financial freedom.Financial freedom is a state of being free from any form of financial hurdles, financial freedom is a state where money is no longer an issue, you can buy anything money can afford without feeling the impact of removing such money, this state is the state we call financial freedom. Not many people reach this stage in life, many people just live an average life and die average or poor. Financial independence is very possible at a very young age, I have had the privilege of meeting people young millionaires and asking them questions, I will be revealing to you there really and I have put them together to tell you what it takes to achieve financial freedom.

The hidden truth they don’t tell you about financial freedom

There are certain truths that the world doesn’t know about financial freedom, more than just getting rich the goal is to retire early. Driving a car is good but driving a car at a very old age is not something to be proud of, let’s explore some of the truths they don’t tell you about financial freedom

It is impossible

If you decide in life to chase your dream this is one of the first misconceptions you have the pass-through. People will tell you your dreams are not feasible, they will tell you that it is not possible to retire early and be rich throughout your life, worse you will start hearing things like ‘get a job’, go and get a job, find something doing. The problem is not about financial freedom, the problem is not working hard enough to make money and retire early, the problem is from within.

When a child is born, that child is like an empty paper, he or she doesn’t know anything about life, he or she is void, it is the society that shapes the thinking of that child. Whatever they teach the child will pick it up and it becomes part of the child. We are like the child here, we were told the best way to make it is to graduate from college, get a job and work for the rest of our lives, maybe just maybe, luck will smile on us then we achieve financial freedom. We were told this many times, we bought into the idea, it shaped us, and we became it. Do you remember while you were still in high school, you had so many dreams, to travel around the world, to live your dream, but as we grew we threw all those away, society thought us that are ur dreams aren’t possible, they taught us that our dream is a mere fantasy. We bought into the idea and we stopped talking about our dream, we conformed to getting a job and working for the rest of our lives, but those dreams were buried, because society taught us that it is not possible.

To revive such a dream, it doesn’t become a reality by getting a good job or starting a business. What started within must be cured within, remember it took you close to 20 years of constantly feeding on negative information to be where you are today, it will take you time to make a paradigm shift to a new level. One of the lies we’ve been told is that it is impossible, they told us it’s impossible that it can’t be done, that your dream sucks, we fought against it in our minds, and as kids, we kept asking ourselves why it’s not possible, but with time the society silenced put voice, for you to break free from this mental enslavement, you need superior wisdom, that is you’ve got to read book and rebirth your dreams and visions, then pursue it unapologetically.

It is easy

This is one of the greatest lies society has portrayed out there, whenever you see someone who seems to have made a fortune at a very young age, what we see is the glory, and we don’t care for the story. When we see them ride their exotic cars, we feel elated and we said to ourselves, they’re so Lucky. After much research, I found out that there’s no such thing as luck, when opportunity meets a prepared man people call it luck. When a man wins an Olympic medal or won a huge amount of money because of what he or she does, you need to understand that the event you are seeing at that time is called an event, and that which you did not see is the process, without a process, there will be no event, it is the process that adds up to make an event.

You see, when it comes to financial freedom, you must understand that it is not easy. When you see someone driving in his car, taking trips, and doing whatever he or she likes, it is the event you are looking at, looking at the event can be disturbing, with time you start comparing your life with theirs, the reason you are comparing is that you don’t know the full story. Those people have been through a lot to get to where they are, like many out there, the process you care not but the event thrills you, for you to achieve the financial freedom you must care about the process they don’t tell anyone, it is the process that makes the event possible, without a process there will be no event. This process encompasses years of failures, disappointment, depression, and some even attempted suicide, in those times no one knew their names, and they don’t even know they will someday live their dreams. I don’t know the level you are in now on your journey to financial independence, I don’t know where you are now on your journey to wealth, but I have come to remind you through this article that nothing is impossible, but it is difficult, you will have to pass through the process and be refined, you have to pass through the disappointment to be trained.

Those processes add up to who you become tomorrow, when I interview people who made it early and retired young, one of the questions they are almost asked by everyone is “how did you make it?* Whenever they ask him this question he will smile and remember asking similar question years ago when he was starting. Remember on your journey to financial freedom and independence, it is the process that brings the event, it is the process that will make the event worthwhile. Don’t think it will be easy, it won’t, don’t think it will be a walkover, it won’t, the society has made it look easy by what they show us, but truly speaking it is not easy.

How to achieve financial freedom at an early age

Start Early

There’s a saying that goes this way ‘if you start your journey on time you will reach your destination on time. When it comes to building wealth and retiring early in life you have to start early, everyone who retired in their 30s made use of this game plan. Start early, retire early, the question now is what did they start early doing? This is a very important question if you must achieve financial freedom, it’s not about starting early, the question is what should I start doing early? These people started early to read books, remember I told you that it took you long years of feeding on negativity to get to where you are today, it will equally take effort to renew your mind to a superior one who believes that everything is possible that he or she has all it takes to make it happen. In your teenage age, you should be reading books on businesses, the mind, psychology of association, and hosts of others. It is what you read that shapes your mind once again, it is what you read that changes the negativity in your mind, when you feed on positive information, it is like a filter that filters that dirt and changes you. So those that started early to chase after financial freedom started by reading books, different books on financial freedom, this book changed their lives, when they came out of college they’re ready to launch what’s on their mind all these years.

They have already put together a team that will make this dream a reality, they have made the necessary business research to avoid making these 8 mistakes in business, they are ready to launch and take what they have to the world, and they know that the safest route to financial freedom and independence is through entrepreneurship, so they just concentrate on it, to launch well and effectively. You see what happens when someone starts early, when you start early you navigate through life early, even if you make mistakes, you can easily bounce back because age is still on your side.

Launch Out

After making all the necessary plans, and building your power base, the next is to launch out, at this point, there will be so many setbacks around you, people will tell you hurtful words and how your dream will not work, and they will remind you thousands of other people that have tried the same thing but it didn’t work. At this point, if you can shut your ears to any and every negativity, this is where your breakthrough will starts first. When you can launch amidst the negativity it shows you have the stamina and determination that I’d require for success in anything you do. Launching out is one of the difficult things to do, you may have gotten your fact right, you may have done all the market and customers research, you may have known all you think you need to know before launching a business but you are still scared, do you know what causes this grave fear in the last minute? It’s the fear of the unknown, the question of what if? What if this and that happens, what if it fails, these are the voices of failure that come knocking to everyman when they’re almost on the verge of success, this voice will remind you how many times you have tried and failed, this voice will give you a thousand reasons why it is not possible. If you can shut down your ears to all these voices and launch out, you will be surprised by the outcome. As I’ve said before, financial freedom is not easy, and the desire and dream to travel around the world are not easy, at some point you will feel like giving up, just look at mum and find a reason to continue. If you keep holding on there’s a chance of success, if you give up there’s no hope of success, therefore keep going, it doesn’t matter where your life is right now, what matters is that courage to try again and keep going. Financial Independence is possible, I have seen it, and I can tell you certainly that it is possible


The dream to be financially independent is what everyone craves, everyone wished for it, to be able to travel around the world. From this article we have seen that mere wishing is not enough, you have to want it deeply, you have to want it sincerely, and you have to put in the work required to make it a reality. Like I said before for you to reach stardom early in life you have to start early, so get up and start planning out your life, say no to the mediocre thinking and negativity, if someone has done it, you too can do it. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with friends.