Do you want to build a start-up business? Do you want to start and scale a business? Do you want to start a business in the next few months and make tons of money from it within a short time? If you’re such a person you are in the right place, in this article I will take you through the step-by-step process of how to start a business from scratch and scale it fast, and we will equally cover some of the best platforms and places to get a quality prospect and boost your revenue, this article will so much answer your questions that you won’t mind reading it thrice, sit tight and let’s ride.

What is a start-up?

You may be asking yourself if building a start up business is the same as building a business? What is the difference between a startup and a business? In this article, we will review this and give a satisfactory answer to it. If you look around you will find out that the world has gone digital, every business is finding their way to the internet, and those who understand how the internet works are making and cashing out thousands of dollars from the internet daily before it was one to one but today it can be one to thousands or one to millions, this shows that the internet has so much advanced to the point people are printing money from it. A start-up business is a business you can start with a little amount of money and scale up very fast while making tons of money, there are so many start-up businesses you can start such as: selling information products, online courses, affiliate marketing, and many other businesses out there, the goal of this article is to teach you how to start your start up.

Start-up businesses are making tons of money on a daily and monthly basis, the reason is that the business is easy to start up, has fewer business mistakes, easy to scale up, and easy to deliver, those who understand how to do this make tons of money from it, start-up businesses are better than other businesses especially when you don’t have the money to push your main business forward, without huge capitals is can be difficult building a successful business, but in start-up, it’s not so, your news very little amount of money to set it up and get it running within few hours or days, but there is a step by step procedure to follow. In every business, to make it in that business you have to follow procedures, you have to learn from those who have notable results that you can attest to, they will make the journey easier for you and fewer failures On the way, this is why this article has been written for you, to give you direction on how to go about your start-up business and answer some of the burning questions you may have in mind.

What It Takes To Build A Startup Business

Every business venture has requirements, requirements that you must satisfy before you can guarantee the success of your business, in building a startup business I have listed the requirements that are needed to build a successful start-up

1. Know what you want

This sounds very easy but it is not, in building a startup the first requirement is for you to know what you want, you have to understand the market you want to venture into, and the product you are selling. You have to have in mind that in that industry there are many people in it already, meaning that for you to do well you must know and understand your product in-depth when you know what you want to venture into, you will believe in it and will know who this is made for. This procedure is the same if you are into digital marketing. This is the first requirement in any business you want to start. This is the first requirement that must be satisfied if the success of your business is to be guaranteed. This is one of the ways to build a startup business. Take it seriously.

2. Research the niche you have chosen

Without research, a start-up business is bound to fail. One of the ways to build a startup business is to do quality research. Research helps you to understand your market, your competition, and your customers. Research is a very vital aspect of business, if you don’t make quality research before starting a business, that business is bound to fail, when making research you must consider every factor, you must bring every factor into consideration, in the world of business there’s nothing like assumptions, assumptions do not exist, a good business owner someone who wants to know how to build a startup business must research, whether the niche you have chosen is in information selling or digital marketing you must research if you want to start a startup that will fetch you good money in a short time.

3. Look at your competitors

If you don’t take this part seriously, your competitors will eat you alive and throw you out of business, they will send you packing without mercy. If you want to learn how to build a successful start-up you must take this part seriously, remember that any business venture you have chosen to build a start-up in has competitors already, some people came into that market before you, for you to do well in that market you must learn to model after your competitors, no need to reinvent the wheel, just watch closely and see what they are doing, model it and start doing it in your own business, find ways to out-think them, remodel the model they’re using to suit your product or services, and when you do this well you will be surprised on how sales will skyrocket to a new whole level. In building a start this is one of the things you must learn, the ability to model after those that have the result you need already, it will make the journey easier for you and fewer mistakes will be made by you on the course of building your startup.

5 Platforms To Get Leads To Build Your Startup Business

There are many platforms to utilize and get quality leads or prospects, these platforms can work for you if you understand your market, your customer, and your client. You have to narrow your search to a specific type of audience, you must understand that everyone is not your customer, when it comes to learning how to build a startup, you must learn this too, everyone is not a perfect fit for your product or services, how do you know those that are good tots for you? You can only do that through research, below are the 5 best platforms to get leads and build your startup.

  1. Facebook :This is the biggest platform to get quality leads and prospects, you can utilize this platform to build your start-up. Before Facebook came into existence it was not easy to market your product, you have to spend thousands of dollars to market their goods and services, and you can only reach very few people at a time, but with the coming of social media especially Facebook, the business world experienced a boom, many people came into the knowledge of social media, many businesses came into social media, and with social media, you can reach thousands or millions of people depending on your marketing capabilities. Facebook is the biggest social media platform, with over 2 billion active Facebook users. If you’re looking for a platform to build your startup on and make good money, Facebook is the first that comes to mind, but you must learn how to create offers. The offer you create determines how many leads or prospects you can attract and in turn how many sales you can pull in and revenues you can generate in return.
  2. Instagram :This is the second-largest growing social media platform, it is similar to Facebook but has distinct properties, Instagram houses the most popular and influential people in the world, the president of nations, musicians, comedians, and so many public figures are on Instagram. To utilize Instagram well to build the start you need to be looking at the number of followers an individual has. You can run direct ads to Instagram from Facebook because they are linked together, but it is better to leverage others to market your start-up business. To leverage others for this you busy check the number of followers, what niche this person or your idea choice majors on, and the type of people that follows him, if they’re your choice or audience and your target customer, you can leverage them to promote your goods to their audience and followers, when done effectively this can significantly pull in sales and grow your revenues in a very short period. What to scale your start-up business using social media platforms? Instagram comes to mind.
  3. Email: This is great many start-up businesses and owners don’t know, only a few people know how effective email marketing is for the success and growth of your business, according to research, it is said that for every dollar put into email marketing you get 44 dollars in return, that’s a whole lot to get from a social media platform. Those who understand this start building their email list immediately after they start a business, over time the list accumulates and grows, and the higher the number in the list the better chance of making more sales. One of the good advantages of an email list is that it is yours, no one is taking it away from you, and it can only crash. Unlike another platform that is owned by someone, building an email list of your own is like taking control and hold of your business. For you to make sales using emails you must learn email marketing, the features of a good email copy, and what makes an email copy to be the best. The reason many business owners don’t learn email marketing is that it requires time, but if you are looking for how to build your startup, you have to learn to start ahead of your competition and keep making sales.
  4. YouTube: This is one of the best platforms for your start-up business, YouTube is a platform that houses millions of channels, each of these channels has majors, what they stand for, and who they address, for you to utilize this platform well you have to understand your target audience, the benefit of using youtube is that it is not as tiresome as Facebook, you don’t need to do in-depth research or write copies, you just have to know your audience, then go on youtube and find out the channel that has your target audience as subscribers, then leverage on this channel to promote your start-up business, you have to look at the number of subscribers, go for channels with over a 100 thousand subscribers, the larger the number of subscribers the higher the views and the more chances If making money from it. The goal of every business is to make sales.
  5. Google: Over 2 billion searches are made on Google every day, Google is a very large social media platform, for your start-up business, Google is the right choice. All you have to do is to make sure you see good in SEO or employ someone good at it, write an article that relates to your business, use your business as the sample, and put it up on google, and many will see it and be directed to you, then you prospect and close the sales. You can choose to run ads on google and make sales too, it is a vast social media platform and the right choice for a start-up business.


Having the desire to build a startup is one thing and learning how to build a startup is another thing. We have come to the end of this article, I started by explaining to you what a start-up is, and the difference between a start-up and a business. Then I went ahead to teach you the ways to build a successful startup business. We concluded the article with the best platforms to build a startup business. To get the most from this article you have to read it, again and again, to understand and apply everything I’ve written. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section, don’t forget to share with friends.