Do you want to know at least a high paying skills you will love to learn? You’re in the right place. Finished secondary school at eighteen (18) years, enter university at nineteen (19) years. Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) goes on an indefinite strike and you are forced to sit at home. You eat breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 1 pm, and dinner at 7 pm (as your parents strive to provide for you and your siblings). After two weeks, your mother goes to the market to purchase foodstuffs and every single item added two hundred nairas to the usual price. She comes back home with half of everything she wanted to buy as the expenditure passes the budget.

She cooks and you dish out the lion’s share as usual and of course, mom divides it into two; lunch and dinner. Hunger Dea with you and you wished you could buy the food yourself. However, as a student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, you have no money. The next week, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) announces that the strike continues. Your mother is a school teacher. She earns well but you have four siblings, that’s seven bellies to feed. You are the first child and son and she must have spent on you for a long time. Your schoolmates post their pictures on social media platforms and you admire how fresh and neat they look. You wish you have enough money to take care of your needs, buy clothes and pay other bills. Finally, the Academic Union of Universities (ASUU) calls off the strike and you request new clothes as school resumes.

However, mom said, “Till I receive my salary by next month’s end”. Of course, you need to look good in school, after all, you are not the only one Nigeria’s economy is affecting. A few days before resumption, you went to a quiet place with your mobile phone. You decided to search for ‘high paying skills in Nigeria’ because you want to earn while in school.


  1. AFFILIATE MARKETING: Every producer aims to make sales. Every consumer aims to be satisfied. Affiliate marketing is the skill of convincing a potential consumer to buy a product by acting as a middle man between the product owner and the consumer. After each sale, you get a percentage from the producer. The more sales you help the producer make, the more money you get. You are called an affiliate marketer. It’s a super high-paying skill in Nigeria.
  2. FREELANCING: Everyone must not depend on the government for work. Many websites like Fiverr, Upwork, SEEK, LinkedIn, etc. give people life-changing opportunities to render services to clients in Nigeria and across the globe and get highly paid. Services a freelancer can offer are many but I will explain a few.


  • COPYWRITING: The aim of a copywriter (a person whose skill is copywriting) is to convert sales through written words. He uses a body copy to call a reader to action. Action can be to click a link, and join a group but most times to buy a product. He uses a strong headline to catch the readers’ attention, then draws him along more with the subheadings. Then to the whole body copy, bit by bit, the reader continues reading. The sole aim of the copywriter is to convince the reader that the product he is advertising can satisfy his(readers) need. He pushes his reader to buy. Most producers don’t have this high-paying skill, so they hire a copywriter and pay him high.
  • CONTENT CREATING: Every article, blog, or post you read is content. Most contents attract more engagement (likes, comments, shares) because it is what most people love reading. A content creator is an idea bringer. He knows what to offer to get people’s attention. Content can also be a video. Contents keep people busy, entertained, informed, and happy. Hence, it’s a high-paying skill once you get hired to create content.
  • CONTENT WRITING: Well, content that isn’t a video is a write-up. Even most video contents were all written as a script (script writing, another high-paying skill) and then converted to action; probably to get more attention as the world likes entertainment. So a content creator can be a content writer and vice versa.
  • SCRIPT WRITING: This is another high-paying skill on its own. Ever watched a movie (film) to the end? To the extent you wait till the names of the cast (actors) are written out?. Then, have you waited even more to see the crew? That includes the Make-Up artists, the Light/Sound, Location Manager, then you must have seen the ‘script writer’. It’s a high-paying skill because 98.2% of Nigerians watch movies. Movies ranging from actions, comedy, or even romance; to Nollywood, Bollywood, or even Hollywood.Every film is a story. A script writer is a storyteller (though not always). He might not be the one who originally brought up the idea but he organizes it in writing and gives each character their task. He is not the director, he is the ‘script writer’. This simply means that all movies you have ever watched have a scriptwriter.Now, imagine watching a movie per day. That’s 7 scriptwriters in a week. Interesting right? It’s an awesome high paying skill.
  • 4. CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING: If there is anything good the Covid-19 pandemic brought to us Nigerians, it’s cryptocurrency. During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone was at home, stuck with their mobile phones, with no source of income. Most people need to get busy with their phones and possibly earn. Hence, cryptocurrency trading became viral in Nigeria; bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Forex trading, name them. Many people took advantage of it and are making good investments now. Learning how to trade with coins is a high-paying skill.
  • 5. GHOST WRITING: Don’t shiver at the sound of ‘ghost’, you are safe. We all know a ghost is a spirit, it can’t be seen. So that explains itself. Ghostwriting is writing without being known by the public. Most people have businesses that require writing but since those business entrepreneurs don’t have the high-paying skill of writing, they employ ghost writers. The ghost writer writes for them while hiding his(the original writer) identity and the client (entrepreneurs) claims to be the real writer. Amazing right? Yes, it’s everywhere and it pays highly.


Now knowing about all these skills, the University undergraduate chooses one which he feels he can do. He learns the skill and boom, he starts earning. He pays his bills, buys clothes, and even sends money to his family. He now lives fine. An independent undergraduate, this shows how important it is for anyone to learn high income skills, this skills will make life to be easier for you as a student or an undergraduate, you can train yourself through school if you learn and master this skills. Read more here