Most people ask this question often, what is the importance of copywriting in business? What is copywriting? How do copywriters make their money? What makes copywriting unique. These are some of the questions people are balling with about copywriting and in this article, we will look at every one of them one by one to know more about this venture called copywriting. First, let,’s discuss in-depth what copywriting is and how it came into existence, sit tight let’s ride

What Is Copywriting?

Before you join any venture or learn any skill the most important question you will ask yourself is what is that skill? Copywriting is a skill, it is also seen as a business venture, people are using copywriting to feed themselves and family, to some it’s a full-time job opportunity. Copywriting is defined as salesmanship in print, copy wring is defined as the art of using words to persuade people to buy a particular product or service, every copywriter has one end goal in mind and that is to make sales, if you are a copywriter and you don’t know how to use words and persuade people to buy a particular product or services you are not a professional copywriter.

You must note that copywriting is different from content writing, many people have interchanged this thing and it has caused a lot of problems for many people, for you to understand deeply what copywriting is you must first define content writing, content writing is the mother of all form of writing, it is the foundation of writing, from content writing all other writing was formed. Content writing is defined as a form of writing which is aimed at educating, enlightening, and instructing a set of individuals about a particular product or service, this writing’s sole aim is to educate, it can equally be used to create engagement to find out a unique type of information from specific people. The medium in which a content writer formulated ideas to come up with content is different from that of a copywriter. A copywriter’s sole aim is to make a sale but for a content writer, it is to educate and engage an audience. When goods or a product is launched, content writing is used to educate the audience on the importance of such a product and what it is used for, copywriting, on the other hand, is used to advertise this product to make sales.

Copywriting has been in existence for so long, that the importance of copywriting can’t be over-emphasized, copywriting is very important to the point that no business venture that serves the masses can survive without it. This means that the presence of a copywriter is highly needed in every field of endeavor when it comes to business. Copywriting as I said before is the act of using words to persuade people to buy something, if your copy is very good but no one buys from you, you have failed as a copywriter. You must make sales, this is why you were employed or hired as a copywriter. Long before the advancement of the internet copywriting has been in existence but more traditionally, when you go to a physical market and you see someone convincing you to buy from him or her, telling you why his product or service is the best, that person is trying to persuade you using words to buy from him, that too is called copywriting but in a spoken format. This makes copywriting one of the oldest skills in human civilization because it is here from the foundation of business,s and those who understand the art of it are using it to make thousands of dollars monthly. The importance of copywriting cannot be over emphasis.

Importance Of Copywriting In Business

Before any business is launched advertising is first made, this advertising is to create awareness and ultimately to make people buy particular goods or products. Every advertisement that is made on a product is made with the sole aim of making a profit, business owners go as far as hiring influential people to be the brand ambassador of their company, they pay a whopping sum of money to these people to represent their company. I turn these people pull in massive sales for them using their influence, think of a public figure with 10 million followers on Instagram and you pay him 5 million dollars to promote your product, this influential figure uses the copy you gave him and posts it together with your product which is sold for a 100 dollars for instance and in that 100 dollars your profit is 20 dollars, then 10 million people saw this and 8 million of them buys your product if you do the math you will find out that the profit is far bigger than what was paid to the figure. This is how it works, what makes this work is not necessarily the number of followers he or she has but the copy that was given to him, you can have millions of followers but if you don’t know how to draft a copy that sells you will not make a dime from it.

This is why copywriting is very important, the importance of copywriting cannot be over emphasis indeed, it has the potential to take a business from struggling to making millions a year, when it comes to drafting offers that sell copywriting is the secret, there are very few people who can draft powerful copies that sell, and those few people can never be broke as far as they can draft a copy and persuade people to buy. This is why copywriting is also called persuasive writing, you have to use words that suit the audience you are addressing, you have to appeal to your audience’s tone and in the end, you have to sell to them and do it in a very professional way that they don’t even know they are being sold to or sold on.

Who Needs The Services Of A Copywriter?

If I learn copywriting as a skill, who will I work for? Who will need my services? These are some of the questions newbies in copywriting ask themselves and the answer to this question is this, everyone needs your skill, everyone needs your services, and if you are good at it you will never go broke. A businessman who just launched a business wants to make a sale, a dentist wants to get more patient and make more money, in fact, someone that just learned another skill wants to be able to work for more people and every one of these people needs the services of a copywriter. Even entrepreneurs need the services of a copywriter to boost the sales of their business and make more money. Copywriting is one of the skills that are difficult to learn but when learned successfully it can keep you earning money as long as you are good at it, there’s no limit to how much you can make with copywriting. This is why those who understand the art are using it to make money, most people are not good at it this is why they’re finding it difficult, it takes time to learn if you’re a business owner or you want to start a business, it is advisable you add this to your business plan, you need the services of a good copywriter, someone who understands the psychology of selling and customer behavior, someone who can make people pull their hand in their pocket and pay for that product without even knowing when he or she does it. You need a copywriter in that business or organization, most copywriters who are good in the art charge high but in the end, it is worth the charge. This is why the importance of copywriting to business or advertisement cannot be overemphasized.

How Much Do Copywriters Earn?

If you’re new to copywriting or you have been a copywriter before you took up the skill of copywriting you asked yourself how much do these people earn a month or a year? The reason you ask this question is that you want to know if copywriting can be able to pay your bills and give you the life of affluence you want and the truth is, yes copywriting can pay your bills.

The amount you can earn as a copywriter is entirely dependent on you, you can make a thousand dollars a month or you can make 20 thousand dollars a month, it depends on your expertise, your experience, and your positioning, your earning capacity is not limited by anything or anyone except you, this means you can earn any amount but it depends on these 3 factors, this factors I’ve mentioned when done well it can help boost how much you can make with copywriting a month.

Remember that the job of a copywriter is to make sales, the more sales you can pull in for someone or an organization the more money you make, you must understand the psychology of human relationships, and the psychology of selling when put together will help you earn far higher than most copywriter out there in the world. It’s a skill that only a few have been able to master.

Copywriting Tips

Are you a copywriter? Are you aspiring to be one? Here are some of the tips you can apply in your copywriting to make more sales for the company or organization you’re representing and make more money for yourself.

The psychology of human relationship

One of the first tips you must know and apply as a copywriter is the psychology of human relationships, if you can understand the nature of human beings you can sell to them. In every niche and every business, there are different types of audiences, an audience that suits a weight loss program can not suit a get rich program, the way you write to appeal to these audiences differs, and your tone and way of articulating words must resonate to the audience you are speaking to.

This is why good copywriters are good researchers, they make research to know the type of words that suits their audience. This is why the importance of copywriting cannot be said less about. Copywriting will change you into a person of understanding, first it starts with you understanding the product you are promoting, it is only when you understand the product you are promoting that you will understand the audience that needs this product or services.

If you can appeal to the language your audience speaks you can sell to them for sure. When you know, understand, and apply this skill you will start seeing results, more people will be sold on you without even knowing it, and you will charge higher because you are pulling in more sales for your company or your employer. This is why copywriting is very important to today’s ever-growing social media village.

The Art Of Selling

Every good copywriter out there understands the secret art of selling, everyone that wants to take on the skills of copywriting must understand the art of selling. Selling is one of the oldest professions out there, it used to be one on one selling back then but today for your business to grow and survive it has to be one-to-many and social media platforms have made this a reality, you can now create an Ad and sell to thousands of people at a time, this is the way to stay in business. The psychology of selling is simply the understanding of the art of selling, how to sell goods or a product to people without letting them know you are selling to them. Most people don’t like to be sold to, they want to feel in charge, and they want to feel like they’re buying of their own free will. When you understand this psychology of selling, you will pull in more sales, create more customer goodwill in the marketplace and make more money. This is why I keep emphasizing the importance of copywriting, learn it and you will never go broke again.


There are many skills out there but there are few skills that are in high demand, copywriting is one of them, it’s a skill that can make you millions in a small amount of time. But as with every other skill, to be a professional in copywriting you must learn it well, and devote time to it to be the best. We have come to the end of this article, this article is all about copywriting, how important copywriting is, and how much one can make from copywriting. I went further to give you two important tips to add to the one you have already to aid you to become a good and better copywriter. I believe this article has answered some of the questions you have in mind, feel free to comment your thoughts In the comment section, and don’t forget to share with friends.