What if there’s something you don’t know that if you know your sales will skyrocket? READ!!!

The World has advanced more than in the last 50 years, to start in the market and keep making progress you have to keep learning. You have to keep researching for a new and better way to market your product. You may be asking yourself what is the difference between marketing and social media marketing? What are the top 5 powerful platforms to market your goods and services?

How can you know which platform to choose to ensure the maximum number of customers? This is what we are going to explore in this article. Stay tuned and let’s flow together.Before you start a business, There’s no doubt that there are many things you have to consider, I have discussed extensively ok these, they are the very requirement you need before you start a business, go ahead to read more.

What Is Social Media Marketing

With the advancement of technology and the mass exodus of many businesses to the online space, there was a need for marketing in the online place. Back in the day, marketing was done traditionally, it was done physically, when businesses took to the online space, there was a need for marketing.

Marketing is the lifeblood is businesses because it is through marketing that we pull in sales, sales are essential for businesses to keep moving. This was how social media marketing was born, social media marketing is simply the process of marketing goods or services online using any preferred social media platforms. What this means is that social marketing is using any preferred method to create awareness and pull on sales, of course, the goal of whatever we do in business is to pull in sales and scale our businesses.

Marketing being one of the most important aspects of the business must be done well and the platform that is chosen for this purpose must be well researched. The platform you choose goes a long way to affect the sales of your goods and services, this is why you have to take this article very seriously. There are multiple platforms through which one can market his or her product, we can also call this type of online marketing digital marketing, the main point to note is that marketing has to do with creating awareness, notifying people of your goods and services for the sole purpose of making a sell.

How Does Social Media Marketing Help Grow Businesses

Before we answer this question, I have to ask you a question, if it is not working will people do it? If they’re not getting results will they do it? This is a very important question to ask yourself. Your competitors are doing something because that thing they are doing is working. People cannot spend their time and resources on something that doesn’t work, it has to have proved to be effective before they venture into it.

You see before you start a business, these are the processes you have to pass through before you can satisfactorily start and scale a business. Business research is a very vital part of business, this research helps you to know what your competitors are doing and the best way you can model them to get the same result. In this online space who you follow is very important, there are many companies over here in America, if you create a product similar to your competitors meaning that your customer and clients are similar, so you will be taking to the same type of customers, you must research ok what your competitors are doing, find out their latest hacks, go as far as purchasing that product if you can to know what you can add or remove from your own that will mark a notable difference and help you scale faster.

Marking, social media marketing, and digital marketing are all saying the same thing, the goal is to create awareness, and let people know that this product exists and they have to buy it. This is the role of marketing, marketing is very important in business, for any business to do well, it must have a great marketing system, the marketing system you choose will affect your business, if the marketing platform is good enough, it will boost your sales tremendously, and within a space of few months yourself close to your competitors in sales.

Like every business, the starting point is very important, the starting point of every business is like the foundation, the starting point is where the foundation is laid, this is why it is very important to take the starting point of every business seriously, it will determine the cause of your business after 10 to 20byears. When it comes to marketing, you need to research more than a platform. The success of any marketing platform you choose depends on the research you have made, research is a very important aspect of the business. You should choose a social marketing platform that can give you the result you want.

When marketing is done well it can boost your sales and take your business to a whole new level. Marketing is a very important aspect of business, it is the lifeblood of business because it is through marketing that we pull in sales, without marketing there are no sales, and without sales, the business crumbles. Let’s go over the most important part of this article

5 Powerful Platforms For Social Media Marketing

Before you choose any social media platform to market your product you must have done the research and you are sure this platform will give you the best results. Remember the goal of this is to pull in as many sales as possible, and when done well it can take your business to a new level. In this part of this article, I will list the 5 powerful platforms for social media marketing and how each of them works. Sit tight let’s ride.


This is the most popular platform in the world, it houses over 2 billion active users and over 25 million people here in Australia. Facebook has become a household name, those who understand how Facebook works have used Facebook to pull in massive sales and gain visibility. With over 2 billion active users, you can easily use Facebook to sell numerous amount of goods and services no matter how costly it is. How does Facebook work? You set up what I call a Facebook ads campaign , click on that link I have explained to you extensively how to set up a Facebook ads campaign. One of the things that are highly needed when running Facebook ads is the power of copywriting, the art of persuading people to buy your goods and services with the power of words.

A copywriter is highly needed when it comes to Facebook ads, a copywriter writes an intriguing article that has one sole purpose of making sales. When you employ the services of a good copywriter you are halfway to closing the sales, the next thing you have to do is research, research is very important in Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is like an oil well, when done well it can tremendously pull in sales. You have to know where your audience gathers, your audience is your fuel for business, and the more audience and prospects to can reach out to, the more sales you will make, making this little research will help you know where and how to put up your ads to be able to reach your target customers. When Facebook ads are done well they can bring you more sales in your business. This is why it came to our list of the best platforms to market your goods and services.

Email Marketing

Marketing your product and services using email is a very effective method of marketing. Many business owners don’t know about this email marketing tips and process, and this places you way ahead of them. It is said that when you start building your email list as a business owner, within 10 years you will have built over 50,000 email lists which are all yours. I have written extensively on email marketing, click here to read the article. Sadly many businesses don’t have an email list and few don’t know how to utilize their email list effectively. It is risky to build everything about your business on another man’s platform, what I mean is that many businesses had built 10 years of research on a platform they don’t have control over, like Facebook, Instagram, and another platform out there. You don’t have control over these platforms, meaning that anything can happen to them at any time. Building your email list is a very vital way to scale your business and pull in more sales. This is why we have included it in the list of the top powerful platforms you can market your goods and services on. Do well to click on that link to know more about how to write a high-converting email.


This platform is fast growing into the largest online platform that streams the video and other things. There are millions of channels on youtube, this platform does not require much research to start marketing your product or services. All you need to do is to leverage other channels there to pull in sales and make a huge profit how do you do this? There are many platforms out there will millions and thousands of followers,

If you want to market on youtube as a business person or you want to market anything at all, you have to find out what your product represents, if you are selling a fat loss product, you can find channels with millions of followers on this niche, all you have to do is to leverage them, pay them for them to market this product for you. You don’t have to go through the process of vigorous research you went through during Facebook marketing.

On youtube you just have to make sure you know what your business product or services stand for, then you find a YouTube channel that has this audience you are looking for, your target audience, then you market your goods and services to them using those channels as a platform. It works tremendously when done well and can flood your business with sales. You can read more about YouTube, the monetization process, and everything here.


This is one of the platforms that is noted for having the highest number of influential people on it. Instagram houses the highest number of famous people and people of influence. To market on Instagram is similar to marketing on youtube, you have to leverage people to make sales and marketing. What I am saying is that there are some people on Instagram that has millions of followers, you need to leverage them to make sales, and you leverage them by paying them to market your goods and services.

Before you pay anyone to do this for you, be sure the person had a huge audience and make sure he or she has your target audience as followers, finding out this will make you know if you should go on to leverage on him or find someone else. Instagram is a great platform to market your product and services using other people’s influence and it is very easy to do.


This list cannot be complete without mentioning Google. This is one of the biggest platforms out there, with over 2 billion searches made on Google daily, and over 2 million searches made on a particular niche daily. This makes Google one of the biggest places to market your goods and services, you have to set up a google ad account before you can run ads on Google. Like Facebook, you have to make research, you have to employ the services of a good copywriter who knows what he or she is doing. A copywriter with notable results because your goods and services will be competing amid many businesses out there, it has t be different, it had to stand out, it had to catch the attention of your audience. When done well, Google can pull in more leads and sales than any other social media marketing platform out there.


We have come to the end of this article, as we have seen, social media marketing has become an indispensable part of modern business. For every business to grow and become a giant in its niche it needs marketing and a lot of it. In this article I wrote on the importance of social media marketing, marketing as we know is the lifeblood of every business. I went ahead to list the best marketing platforms out there, I came up with these platforms after a series of research, whichever one you want to choose make sure you do so after a series of research. When you follow through with this article it will help boost your sales, as sales start pouring in don’t forget to test other platforms to expand your niche. I believe this article had been of help to you, feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with friends.