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What is advertising in marketing? How can we advertise our product for maximum sales? What is the importance of marketing in advertising, and how can you market your goods and services more effectively to break buyers’ barriers? These and many more are what we will be discussing in this article, stay tuned, let’s ride.

Before you start a business there are things you need to know and do before your business can be a success, if you don’t apply those principles you will make mistakes in business which will lead to the crippling of your business. In every industry, there are those doing exceptionally well and those that are struggling, if you’re a business owner reading this and you’re struggling in business it shows there’s something you don’t know yet, knowledge is not power but the application of knowledge is. Advertising in marketing is not all about presenting goods and services to a target audience to make sales, if it was that easy everyone would have been doing it, the fact most people still find it difficult to make sales despite advertising and marketing their product means that there’s more to just advertising in marketing.

There are many necessary things you must know about advertising in marketing, but one of the most important things you need to know before you venture into business is digital marketing. We all know that the world has gone digital, and businesses and people are finding their way to the internet, if you don’t follow the trend you will be lost, digital marketing is the first prerequisite to business success in this 21st century, everything we do is now done online, even though that digital marketing gives more money than physical marketing most business owners don’t know how to market their products online to make sales. Advertising in marketing entails you choosing the right product, for the right audience, and presenting these products in a way that will suit your customers and communicate values to them.

The tone of your sales copy during marketing will determine how much sales you will make in business, it is wrong to address everyone the same, some terminologies used for a particular set of people may not be acceptable by another set of people, so for you to present your offer in the best way you need to write and address your audience with the tone of voice and terminology that suits them. Advertising in marketing is more than the eye can see, these two words are the bedrock of marketing, when done wrongly will lead to business failures, and when done right will lead to the growth of a business.

Advertising in marketing is simply the act of creating awareness about particular goods and services which is advertising, when this has passed the awareness stage into the buying stage it becomes Marketing. Remember advertising in marketing is a game of numbers, the larger the audience you can reach out to the higher the chances of you making the sales, this is why it is important to choose the best social media platform that suits your business and to market your products to as many people as your budget can permit.

There are many advertising media out there you can use to market your goods and services, the advertising media you choose will depend on the type of product you are promoting, if you are promoting a product that requires you to write a long form of copies and come up with outrageous offers that will make your audience buy from you, the best platform to use is the Facebook platform. In advertising and marketing, three things will make your customers buy from you, they know, like and trust, if you can build this well in business, you can easily make sales.

How To Establish Know, Like, and Trust in Business

We all know that the world has gone more digital than ever, but what most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know is that it is much more difficult to make sales now than it has been in the last 50 years and the reason is simple. People are more skeptical today than they have ever been, they are much more careful, your customers have bought products that didn’t match up to their expectations, your customers have been cheated on before, and in most cases, they have seen it all. The goal of advertising in marketing is to give them something different, something unique that will make them rethink and buy from you, when you go on social media you will find out that in all the social media handles used to promote products they are all shouting buy me, right from the ad copy.

Most business owners think this is normal, that it is normal for you to try to sell your product right from the ads, that’s grossly wrong, it is like meeting a lady for the first time and you’re already proposing to her, advertising in marketing is like date and marriage, you need to give your customers time to know you, like you and trust you before they can give you their hard-earned money. If you want to establish KLT in business you need to learn how to give values, giving values to your audience without asking for money in return will help you lower customers barrier and make more sales, you have to make sure that the values you ate giving are inconsistent with what your buyers want, if they want to get slim using your products, you can offer them the why for free and sell the how to them.

The hallmarks of true advertising and Marketing is when you start relating to your customers more like friends than clients to employee thing, advertising in marketing and selling is a psychological game, people don’t want to know how much you know until they know how much you care, your customers don’t want to know how good your product is or what it can do, they’re tired and fed up from all those promises, your customers want you to show not tell them what your products can do, and to do this you need to give them value, lots of it.

Always remember as an entrepreneur, people don’t like feeling like you’re making the buying decisions for them, let them feel in charge, the best way to make your customers feel in charge is to suggest not command them, is to relate with them before disagreeing with them, it is surprising when you find out that most business owners don’t know how to build customer relationship when a customer comes with a complaint to you or your company, the first thing you need to do is to agree with them, when you have agreed with them the next thing is to calm them down and make them see reasons with you, by agreeing with them first you have won the game, they will calm down, then you explain things to them if you do this well you will make more sales and most especially build goodwill in the market place, which is very important.

4 Stages Of Buyers Decision on Advertising in marketing

There are 4 stages of buyers’ decisions, a buyers decision stages are the stages a buyer will pass before and after purchasing your goods and services and they are

  • Problem recognition stage
  • Information search stage
  • Comparison stage
  • Purchase stage
  • Post purchase evaluation stage

Problem Recognition Stage

This is a stage in a buyer’s decision-making where a customer realizes he has a problem, at this stage, he has become aware of his situation. When business owners run ads on different social media platforms, these people in the problem recognition stage have the highest percentage but the reason most business owners don’t make many sales is that their ad copy only addresses those that are ready to buy now and there very few.

If you want to make lots of money in digital marketing, when coming up with business ideas and drafting your business copies, you must make sure your copies and offer address these people too. If you want to automate your selling process, then you must create a sales funnel that addresses these people, the sales funnel must be a process that will take your customers from the problem recognition stage to the buying stage.

To take them there faster, you need to build trust and you build trust by giving values and lots of it, the more value you give without trying to sell to them the more the chances of you making sales. Advertising in marketing will teach you to write your copies in a way it will speak to a large percentage of the audience, if you don’t know how to write a copy it is much more preferable to employ the services of a copywriter to be able to draft out copies that will help you market and scale your business.

Information Search Stage

After your customers have found out they have a problem, the next thing they do is to search for information concerning that problem, and in searching for information they are likely to find your product. One important question you must ask yourself is where do your customers go to search for information? Where do they visit when they’re on search mode, the answer is simple, your customers visit the biggest and largest search engine in the world which is Google, now you have found out where they go in search of information, the next important thing to do is to find a way to present your product on the platform they go to in search of information. Advertising in marketing will teach you and bring to your knowledge the competitiveness of Google as a marketing platform, over 3 billion searches are made on Google per day and for you to survive the competitiveness of Google you must draw attention with your headline and not sell to them outrightly, when you try to sell to your customers outrightly you will not be able to make the sales, instead draw attention with your headline, when they click on it, it will take them to your landing page where the sales, trust, and conversions are made. Advertising in marketing teaches you a lot of things and one of the things it teaches you is this. Click here to read more on headlines

Comparison Stage

This is a very critical stage, is critical because at this stage your customer is comparing your products to another’s, you are not here to convince him or her, remember everything is done online, he will compare the two products to make sure he or she is making the decision, one of the things that will influence him or her to choose your product is how you marketed it to him. If you did your sales presentation well he wouldn’t think twice before choosing yours but if you did it wrongly, you have just killed the sale. Advertising in marketing will teach you how to present your products, make the customer feel he or she is gaining more than she’s paying for, and offer discounts and enticing offers, this way you will make the sale.

Purchase Stage

After he or she is satisfied with your product he will pay for it, but even though he’s paying he’s still thinking and asking himself if he made the right choice, he may even call a friend just to be sure he’s not making mistakes after the purchase stage comes to another important thing

Post Purchase Evaluation

Don’t think the sales process is over when a sale is made this is when you should be more serious, what you do after the sale is made will determine if the customer will buy from you again, after purchase you should do all you have promised in your sales copy, if you promised to install it for free, you should make sure you do it, if you promised free servicing and maintenance, you should make sure you do it, when you do all you have promised in your sales copy, you will not only make the sales, you will retain the customer.


We have come to the end of this article on Advertising in marketing, we have seen how important marketing is to business, and we have also evaluated the many reasons why businesses fail and how to tackle customers’ objections. Finally, we discussed the different stages of buyers’ decisions and how you can influence them as a business owner. I believe this article has been of help to you, feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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