You must have heard the word ‘freelancing’. It’s a popular term that is used in today’s world. Most people don’t know what freelancing means, if you are among such people, this article will clear your confusion on what freelancing is, the work of a freelancer, the 5 highest paying freelancing skills to learn, and many more. So sit tight and enjoy the ride.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is the act of working for someone, at your pace and your pay with your condition. Meaning you decide how much you get paid for a job and you decide when you will love to work for that person or organization. Freelancing is similar to being self-employed, you work for someone on your terms and you get paid the amount you guys agreed upon. Freelancing is a term that has been in existence for a long time, especially with the advancement of technology, when technology brought the world together as a global village, that was when freelancing became popular. Companies and organizations sought ways to improve their products and established their presence online, many companies needed the services of different types of people with different skills to make this work. They needed a copywriter to write copies that sell, using persuasive words to make people buy their goods or services, they needed content writers to be able to create brand awareness and educate the masses using content that is engaging and intriguing. Some companies and organizations needed graphics designers, to be able to design powerful graphics for their business, goods, and services. People started rendering their services and getting paid, this was the beginning of freelancing.

Over time, the companies, individuals, and businesses needed more people to help them boost sales and create visibility, there were fewer freelancers around, in other to bring the freelancers from all over the world together, someone with an idea decided to create a platform where all freelancers will register on so they can easily be hired, a platform was created called Upwork and Fiverr, this two platform became home to the largest freelance population in the world. Instead of business owners going about looking for clients, they just have to click on the platform to register and hire freelancers to do their jobs, this is the origin of freelancing across the world. As years went by, this platform expanded and many other platforms surfaced, you reading this might even be a freelancer without you knowing it. It is not only when you register on the Upwork platform that you will be recognized as a freelancer, whenever you do a digital job for someone in which you dictated how much you would be paid and when you love to work daily, but you are also a freelancer. This means that many people are already freelancers but they don’t know, people who are already into the system but don’t understand how freelancing works, this article is written to clear up all your confusion and questions. Stay tuned as we move into the next topic.

Requirements to be a freelancer

Every business or every platform out there has requirements. Freelancing isn’t different, there are basic requirements that are needed before you can work as a freelancer they are:

  • A skill :This is the most important, for you to be a freelancer you require a skill, there must be something you are good at, it is that which you are good at that you can exchange for money. You offer value to people you get paid, it’s that easy. But for you to make good money out of freelancing you must learn a high-income freelancing skill which I will list to you in this article. Many skills are needed but not every skill pays the same amount of money. After learning a skill the next important thing you must learn is perfection. You have to be seen as a professional. People will not pay you as a freelancer if you don’t know how to deliver a good job. Freelancing is like every other business, if you are not good at it you will not be paid well, so as you learn this profitable skill it is important you learn well, the better you are at what you do the higher you get paid for it.
  • A good positioning : If you want to be a highly paid freelancer then you have to take this seriously. Positioning is simply the way people see you, the way your clients see you, if you are seen as a professional you get paid as a professional. Many people are good at what they do yet they are not being paid well, the reason is not there incompetent the reason is lack of good positioning. If you want to attract high-paying clients across your social media handle you must appear like a professional. To appear as a professional first you have to take a good profile picture, your picture must be professional looking, remember this says, “you are addressed the way you dress” when your clients see your picture online or anywhere, they should say in their mind, “wow he looks very professional* when you appear like a professional you can charge very high and they will pay because they see you as one. In freelancing, this is very important, don’t trivialize it, it will determine how much you get paid as a freelancer.
  • A Smartphone or a computer system: This is one of the requirements needed to become a freelancer, most freelancing jobs are work-from-home jobs, you are to work from the comfort of your home with your system or your smartphone. You may be asking which of these two is the best to work with, the fact is that it depends on the skill you want to learn or already have. A writer can do well with a smartphone while a graphics designer will find it difficult to work effectively with phones. When listing the highest-paid skills to choose from as a freelancer I will include the best gadget to use for them. These 3 things are the most essential requirements for you to work effectively as a freelancer. Let’s go to the next subheading.

How do freelance platforms work?

Maybe it’s your first time hearing about freelance platforms and you may be wondering how it works. I will answer you completely in this section of this write-up. There are many platforms where freelancers can be found and there are many platforms to find clients as a freelancer. These platforms work in a systematic way to avoid fraud, let’s take one, for example, let’s use the Upwork platform. When applying to become a freelancer, at Upwork you will be taken through a series of processes that will validate your membership, after answering a series of questions and inputting your details, if approved you can start work as a freelancer there choosing the niche of your expertise. To get a job on Upwork you bid for the job, what do I mean by bidding? You submit your proposal and tell the clients why you should be hired, if the client is satisfied he or she will hire you. When an agreement is reached between you two, he can pay installments depending on the agreement between you two. Then you go to work to deliver as promised, the Upwork platform is well secured so that there’s hardly any report of fraud, this is how you get jobs on Upwork or any other freelancing sites out there. When creating your account on Upwork, you will be asked if you are to hire someone or if you want to work and get paid, this is where the difference between businesses and clients looking for workers is made. Then you can set how much you would love to be paid, from 10 dollars up to over a thousand dollars depending on the nature of the job you are hired to do. This is how the freelancing platforms work, the next subheading is very important, read it slowly with maximum concentration.

5 Highest paying freelancing skills and why

There are many skills to learn out there, many good skills that can pay you a substantial amount of money, but there are few skills that when learned can pay you for a lifetime, these skills are always needed and they cannot go into extinction. I will be taking my time to list these skills and why they are highly needed, but before we go into that properly, there are some necessary things you must know before choosing a skill to develop yourself upon. Some of those things are:

  • Passion: Each of you reading this has something you love doing, there’s something that makes you happy whenever you are doing it. If you don’t know what your passion is, ask yourself this question ‘what is that thing I can do for a long time even without being paid? This question will help you discover your passion. I’m making emphasis on passion because it is what is required if you must be a high-paid freelancer. When you discover your passion, you choose a skill that you have passion for, and it will make your journey easier.
  • Discipline: After discovering your passion and learning a skill in it, the next thing you need to scale through is discipline, discipline is the quality that encompasses all other qualities, there are days you won’t feel like showing up, discipline is the ability to do what you have to do even when you don’t feel like it. If you must do well as a freelancer, you must learn discipline, it is a very indispensable property that will help you become one of the highest-paid in your niche. Let’s go straight to the highest-paying skills to learn.

5 Highest Paying Freelancing Skills And Why

  • Copywriting: This is one of the highest-paid skills to learn. When you learn these skills effectively, you don’t have to beg for money anymore. What is copywriting in the first place? Copywriting is salesmanship in print, it is the art of persuading people to buy particular goods or services using words. A good copywriter is a mastermind in the usage of words, he or she knows how to articulate words to persuade people to buy particular goods or services, the main job of a copywriter is to pull in sales. Read here to know how you can make thousands of dollars using copywriting
  • Content writing: There are many types of writers under content writing, we can find script writers under this, and we can also find articles and email writers under content writing. How do we differentiate content writers from copywriters? The work of a copywriter is to use words and persuade people to buy particular goods and services. A content writer, on the other hand, delivers value to the audience or customers, the work of a content writer is to educate the masses or teach you about particular goods or services, when particular goods or services are launched, the services of a content writer are needed to educate the masses on that goods and services, this is why they are highly needed and highly paid too.
  • Graphics design: Have you ever seen a flier and it looked so beautiful to you? You saw a business logo and you wonder who created such a masterpiece, those that create such things are called graphics designers. For you to do well as a graphic designer you need to learn from a professional and work with a laptop. The job of a graphic designer is to create powerful designs that are needed to run adverts or to create awareness among content writers. By now you would have seen that these skills are interrelated, for instance, the graphics designer designs the flier, the content writer creates awareness and educates the masses on the flier, then the copywriter markets the business using words and persuasiveness. This is why graphics designers are highly paid
  • Website designers: This is another important skill to learn in freelancing, website designers are highly needed across multiple industries. Businesses are springing up daily and the services of a website designer are highly needed. The work of a website designer is to create a good-looking website that business owners need. The more good you become in any of these skills the higher you get paid, there’s no limit to how much you can earn with these skills.


We have come to the end of this article, I have written extensively on what Freelancing is all about and how you can position yourself for massive success in freelancing. I wrote on the requirements to become a successful freelancer, please that part is very important, read it again for in-depth understanding. Passion is needed for success as well as discipline. They go hand in hand. Finally, I listed the best high-paying jobs a freelancer can do to make good money. These skills can pay you for a lifetime depending on how good you become at them, remember the better you become, the better paid you become and there’s no limit to the amount of money you can make with these skills. Read more about freelancing here.