Are you looking for ways to start digital marketing as a career? You don’t know what digital marketing is all about, you want to know everything about digital marketing before choosing it as a skill. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. In this article, I will explain to you all you need to know about digital marketing, how you can make a career off digital marketing, and the career options in digital marketing. Stay tuned as we ride.

What is a digital marketing

You may have heard of the term digital marketing or it’s your first time hearing of it, in this section of the article we will look into what digital marketing is all about. First and foremost there are 7Cs of digital marketing, they are what makes digital marketing what it is. If you are selling any products at all, be it online or offline, you are a marketer. Back in the day many people associated marketing with only people that sell certain kinds of goods, or people who carry goods around to be sold, yes they are marketers but marketing is deeper than just carrying goods around. With the advances in technology and social media, a lot has changed in the business world. Both business and marketing took a new turn and many businesses established their branches online, the competition in the marketplace became more severe than it has ever been. Most people would think because the world has gone digital it should be easy to make more money off your business, drive in more revenue and build wealth. This is only correct for the very few who have understood what digital marketing is all about, those who can harness its power to make money for themselves.

In the digital marketing world, no one cares, your competition will love to put you out of business if you don’t think and find a way to join the trend you would be left out. Years ago it was difficult scaling a business from zero to a million dollar scale, with the advancement in technology and the integration of the world as a global village it has never been this easy, yet many business owners still find it extremely difficult to navigate and use the arsenals of digital marketing to make money. You can choose digital marketing as a career, the same way you made marketing a career before the arrival of the internet. The benefit of choosing digital marketing as a career in this 21 century is that it is far better than offline marketing. Offline marketing can only reach out to very few at a time, back then you had to use newspaper publications to create awareness, no matter how much you try, you could only cover a region, and it was difficult getting your goods or services across the country. When the internet came, this barrier was broken, from the comfort of your home you can reach out to millions of people out there, information products that were never heard of before became rampant and people are making huge money off digital marketing.

Digital marketing is simply the act of using social media platforms or digital platforms to market your goods and services for the sole purpose of making a profit, the goal of a digital marketer is to reach out to more people, make more salsa and drive in more revenues. Those who understand how digital marketing works have chosen it as a career just like most of us did with offline marketing. Many people are finding digital marketing difficult, some think that it doesn’t work for them, the truth is in every industry across the country, some people are known as professionals in that industry, and some people are among the top 10 in that industry and there are those struggling in that industry. The difference between a professional and one that is struggling and complaining is in the knowledge they have, knowledge is what separates the rich from the poor in every industry on earth.

This is the same with choosing digital marketing as a career, there’s no doubt that digital marketing can make you very wealthy, but for you to make good money out of digital marketing you have to devote time to learning from the professionals, learning from the bosses across any industry will make you a professional in that industry, when you accumulate high-quality knowledge in something before launching out, your chances of success in that industry will be high, digital marketing is not excluded. In this section, we have had an in-depth overview of what digital marketing is all about, it’s simply the act of marketing your goods and services using the means of technology, in this case, the Internet. On the internet there are several other platforms used for digital marketing, we will evaluate them next, this is to help you choose digital marketing as a career.

Platforms for digital marketing

Every business has its area of jurisdiction for maximum productivity, the same is the case when choosing digital marketing as a career. There are many platforms for digital marketing but we will look into the biggest and the most important platforms of digital marketing. If you intend to choose digital marketing as a career you should pay close attention to this part of this article.


What is marketing? It’s simply the act of creating mass awareness for the ultimate goal of making profits, in this case when you do the same with an internet medium it becomes digital marketing. There are many platforms for digital marrying but Facebook is the biggest of them all. Selling is a game of numbers, meaning the more people I can reach out to the more sales I will be able to make, this is why in choosing digital marketing as a career, a digital marketing platform should be taken into consideration. Facebook is the biggest digital platform for marketing out there, it has over 2 billion active users worldwide and over a 25million users in Australia. For you to use Facebook as a marketing channel, you have to run what we call a Facebook ads campaign, this ads campaign allows you to market your product to a large audience depending on your budget. With a dollar, you can run an ad campaign on Facebook, but the more money you put into it the higher the people you can reach, and it’s far better than the offline type of marketing. In choosing digital marketing as a career you should take this part seriously.


In the world of digital marketing, there are only a few people who understand how powerful an email can be when it comes to digital marketing. All other platforms used for digital marketing are not under your control, you don’t have control over them, they could be shut down at any time without your consent and there’s nothing you can do about it, this is why you must build your audience on a system you can control and email is a perfect system for that. In choosing digital marketing as a career you have to pay close attention to email marketing, research shows that for every dollar put into email marketing, you are gonna make 44 dollars in return, now that’s a whopping return on investment, immediately you start a business, it is advisable you start building your email list, the bigger the list, the larger the audience you will reach out to and the higher the sales you will make.


This is one of the biggest search engines in the world, over 2 billion searches are made on Google per day, this simply means that you can leverage this platform to make more sales and drive in more revenues. Those who understand how digital marketing works are using this platform to make money. The secret to any form of marketing, be it digital marketing or offline marketing, is to reach more people with your product, this is why most people call marketing a game of numbers, those who can reach out to more people will make more sales. When choosing digital marketing as a career, you should consider this game of numbers a thing, when you leverage google to make more money, all you have to do is to put up striking ads on google, I’ve written extensively on how to write a good copy when you put up the ads on Google, all you have to do is to sit back and convert them from prospects to buyers, google Is one of the biggest digital marketing platforms out there.


This is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing platforms, if there’s any platform with the highest number of famous people it is Instagram, presidents of countries are on Instagram, movie stars, and other prominent people across multiple niches. In using Instagram as a digital marketing platform you have to leverage these influential people on the platform. For instance, there are people on Instagram with millions of followers, all you have to do is to pay this person to market your product for you by posting it on their timeline, imagine your product being posted in front of 6 to 7 million people, if 1% of this people buys your product, you will have a high number of sales and a vast increase in revenue. When choosing digital marketing as a career, you should look into these different platforms and know the one that will suit you and your product. I advise you to start with one platform first, as sales pour in you can try other platforms to make more money.

Why should you choose digital marketing as a career?

There are many other careers out there, why digital marketing? What makes it so special? The point is, that there is a very big difference between digital marketing and offline marketing, in offline marketing you can just carry your product and shout to people to come and buy, you can only reach out to very few people, which means is that in offline marketing there’s little or no need for additional skills, an average person can do offline marketing, but in digital marketing, it is a different ball game altogether.

Many platforms don’t require you to learn other skills but a digital marketing platform is not one of such platforms, in digital marketing, you learn many skills that you aren’t even aware you are learning if you are using emails as a medium to market your product to people, you will have to learn how to write powerful email copies and offers that sell, this is a skill that you won’t even know that you need until you decide to choose digital marketing as a career, this skill alone is enough to fetch you money by offering the services to another.

If you are using Facebook as a platform you market your product to the world you will learn how to set up an effective Facebook ads campaign, this involves you learning how to target your audience through research, and how to write a good advertising copy that sells, how to be an exceptional content writer to drive and engage your audience to get information from them. When you learn all these skills, you find out that your earning capacity has increased, and you are no longer the same person when you choose digital marketing as a career. You will realize that there are so many people out there who need your services, not just your goods or products. You will realize that there are people out there, business owners who don’t know how to leverage digital marketing platforms to boost the sales of their company, and you can charge them high to do it for them. This is why you should consider choosing digital marketing as a career.


There are so many career opportunities out there, but choosing digital marketing as a career will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Remember one of the fastest routes to wealth is through marketing and entrepreneurship, if you can set up an automated system to bring you money even while you sleep you will retire young and rich. We have come to the end of this article, we have discussed in-depth what digital marketing is about, how to leverage digital marketing to make more sales, and most importantly, different digital marketing platforms that you can leverage and bring in more revenue. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with your friends.