One of the most frustrating things business owners experience is how to turn a stranger into a customer. In this article, I will lead you to step by step on how you can turn a prospect into a customer. There must be a system you have put in place that helps you do this even when you’re asleep. The Hallmark of wealth and turning a prospect into a customer is automation.

We are human beings, we are limited by time, to look for a prospect and turn them into a customer personally will be time-consuming and tiresome. The best way to turn a prospect into a customer is through what I call automation even when you sleep. If you can find a way to automate this very well, sales will skyrocket and you will accumulate more wealth than you imagine.

How do you find quality prospects for your business?

It is important to understand that everyone is not your client, in finding prospects you have to narrow your search down to a specific set of people. Have it in mind that everyone is not your prospect, just because you sell food doesn’t mean that everyone will buy from you. In finding a prospect and turning them into a client, you have to research intensively, find out where your audience gathers, where they spend their time, their likes and dislikes, their fears, and other deep pains they don’t discuss with anyone. For instance, if your product is weight loss, one of your audience’s deepest pains and desires is to get in shape and look good for her dream crush out there, this is what your prospects don’t share with anyone, their pain is your access into their lives. When you’ve done this research very well, you will know where your prospects fit in and how best to turn a prospect into a customer. You must have in mind that not all prospects will suit your business. When prospecting to clients and you find out that one of your clients is not a right fit for your product, it is best you recommend them to someone else, this will send a psychological message to their cerebral cortex that truly you want to help them and not necessarily after the sale, this creates goodwill in the market.

Platforms for finding qualified buyers.

  • Facebook: This is currently the biggest place to find quality prospects for your market or product. Facebook has over 1 billion active users around the world, you have to be very careful when looking for prospects on Facebook, this is where all the research you had done comes into play because it is the level through which you narrow down your audience that will determine how many prospects you will get, have it at the back of your mind that Facebook maintain a strict policy, before investing into Facebook to get a prospect, please make sure you read through their policies and terms and conditions.
  • Google: This is the second biggest place to find quality prospects and then turn these prospects into quality buyers, every day millions of searches are being made online, they can leverage that to get as many leads as possible.
  • Email: This is the most reliable platform out there but is underrated by many business owners. Everything you do on Facebook or Google is susceptible to change, those platforms are not yours, Facebook CEO can decide to shut down Facebook completely today, we don’t pray for that to happen but if it does, you will be completely at a loss. Building your email list is one of the best decisions to take in turning prospects into customers, email lists are yours, they cannot be taken away from you. Building this successfully will dramatically increase the number of leads, and when you use the formula in this article, you will turn those leads into customers and explode sales. 
  • YouTube: This is one of the hot places to find prospects, YouTube has since its inception gained ground and has become one of the most visited places after Facebook and ticktock. Using YouTube will largely increase the number of leads, if you don’t have a YouTube channel you can leverage others that have YouTube channels with millions of subscribers and thousands of views. When it comes to finding quality prospects, YouTube is on top of the lists, there are millions of YouTube channels with a defined audience, with YouTube you don’t have to make much research, you just have to look at your product then you find a channel with the desired prospect your product addresses to.
  • LinkedIn: When it comes to finding real quality leads that are eager and ready to buy, LinkedIn is the first place that comes to mind, LinkedIn is a professional platform that allows you to connect to high-level prospects who are interested in what you are selling, to find a prospect on LinkedIn you have to position yourself as a professional in the niche your product fits in, provide massive values to your audience, get the leads then use the formula in this article to turn those leads to quality clients. 
  • Twitter: This list cannot be complete without mentioning this great platform called Twitter, Twitter since its inception has gained so much ground, it’s an app where people converge daily to view the happenings around the world and to connect to their favorite stars and family. On Twitter there are different niches, there are many prominent figures on Twitter, you can leverage them to drive traffic and leads, you can pay some of these high-level influencers to drive traffic for you to your sales funnel, then use the formula in this article to turn those prospects to customers.

From studies conducted by different people and experts across different industries, it was discovered that driving traffic and generating leads is not the main problem of business owners, but turning these prospects to customers is where the problem lies, before we go into that, it is important to make emphasis on the type of buyers we have online and their percentage. 

Types of prospects

  • Cold prospect: Cold prospect consists of people who have no idea of who you are, you are a stranger and what they see on your ads will determine if they want to swipe right and know more, this is why you have to make your ads copy as captivating as possible and straight to the point because the quality of your ads determine if they will stop to know more or move on.
  • Warm prospect: Warm prospects have met you and your product, they know you but they’re certainly not sold on you, they’re still trying out to see if you’re a good fit, but one wrong move and you’re history. This type of prospect has seen your landing pages and ads copy a couple of times, and they’re thinking hard in their minds if they should do business with you. One mistake at this point will confirm the fear in their mind. As vast as the internet is, people are more skeptical now than ever because many business owners have promised and failed to keep their promises, this is why you must be careful, for any wrong move you’ve lost them.
  • Hot prospect: Hot prospects are equivalent to an audience that has a long-term relationship with you. They’ve worked with you in the past, they know all about you and your business, and they’d spend their time with you if they could. Now, this is where creativity comes in, if you serve a hot massage to a cold prospect, you won’t make the sale because they’d feel ‘i have no idea who you are and this is just so personal’. But if you serve a cold message to your hot audience, they’re going to think “I am offended” it’s like they don’t even know me or take me seriously. If you want to maximize your conversions, you need to consider the temperature of your traffic and adjust your message to fit. Everything about your ad, offer, or landing page must be targeted to maximize the relationship you have with your traffic.

Step by step process of turning a stranger into a hot buying customer.

It is important to follow these steps as it’s written for effective and workable solutions.

  • Ads copy: This is the single most important aspect of all these, if your ad copy is not intriguing enough, if it doesn’t jack your audience by the throat and forces them to read every word of it, you will continue to lose quality prospects. The world is full of distractions, your audience is one click away from an interesting topic on the internet, if you must get prospects, you have to learn how to write quality ads that spring them to action. The first part and the most important of your ad copy is the headline, a poor copy with a good headline can sell but a poor headline with a good copy cannot sell, the headline must be as captivating as possible, and it must have the ability to make your prospect stop and click to find out what all these is about. Don’t try to sell to your client in your ads, don’t make the mistake business owners make, your ads are meant to educate prospects, make them click on them, and direct them to your landing pages where the actual conversion is made.
  • Landing pages: Your landing page is the second most important aspect of converting prospects to customers, the design of your landing pages has very little to do with making the sale. A good landing page provides lots of value to prospects, they educate prospects and turn them into buyers, the landing page is where a cold prospect is turned into a warm prospect and from a warm prospect to a hot ready-to-buy customer. You have to understand that your prospect has been through a lot of heartbreaks, they’ve bought products that didn’t deliver as claimed, they have bought things and regrets buying them, so in their mind, you are no different, for you to show them, not tell them how different you are, you do it with your landing page. You educate them, you give them gifts, like free reports, free webinars, free 30 min calls to explain things to them, and you have to make your prospect feel at home through your landing page. You have to understand too that no one wants to be sold, suggest things to your prospects, and make them feel like they’re making the buying decisions themselves, after which you ask for their contact address and email, this is where the final step comes in.
  • Email marketing: This is the platform you use to dish out values to your prospect like food, the more quality value you give out to your prospects even before they make a purchase, the more you build goodwill and eliminate the fears in their mind, the goal of email marketing is to reduce as many fears as possible and build confidence before making a sale. The more friction you reduce in the mind of your prospect the more you show them how unique you are and the more they want to buy and recommend to their friends. 


If you follow through these simple steps to the last, you will turn all your prospects into buying customers. This process fits into all the levels of buyers, the cold, the warm, and the hot, it creates goodwill and sets you apart from other businesses out there. Many businesses are out there shouting buy me, but a good business owner nurtures his prospects and turns them into lifelong customers. Following through with everything in this article will undoubtedly build you, loyal customers, increase your visibility in the market, and boost sales to a very high level. This is the end of this article, I hope you find it very useful, feel free to comment and share your thoughts on it.