Are you looking for information on what email marketing is all about? How can you use email marketing to scale your business? How can you get your email to be opened and read? How to write a powerful email copy? This article will explain everything to you and many more. Sit tight and read on

The world has gone digital, and many businesses have established themselves, there is fierce competition in the marketing and business industries out there. If you don’t play your part well, you will be out of business in no time. A good internet marketer must apply all the tactics at his disposal to stay in business and pull in sales. Email marketing is a type of digital marketing, it’s simply the act of selling your goods and services using email services. Email marketing is very effective to scale and pull in more customers in business than any other platform, the reason it seems not to be working for most people is that they do it wrongly, the goal of any email is to get opened, get delivered and taken action upon. A good email copy must capture the attention of your audience and push them to take action. Of the different types of platforms for digital marketing, email has been proven to be the best, it is said that for every 1 dollar put into an email you get 44 dollars more from it. Email Marketing is an oil well, when you utilize email marketing well you don’t ever have to worry about money. Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other social media platforms are good for digital marketing but they don’t come close to email marketing. Email marketing is yours, every name and contact in your email list is yours, it can not be taken away from you. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not yours, Mark Zuckerberg can decide to shut down Facebook today and there’s nothing you can do about it. Your email list is yours, it is something you can truly bank on any day and any time. Various factors make emails to be delivered, opened, and responded to, we will explore them in this article. There are many different types of email providers, from active campaigns to constant contact to MailChimp to AWeber and a host of others. The one with the highest percentage of delivery rate is the active campaign with a deliverability rate of 96%. The email service provider you choose can influence the rate at which your email gets delivered, the higher the delivery rate the higher the open rate and if you follow through with the process in this article, you will be sure of more sales. Email is most overlooked by business owners because many people don’t know how to draft a powerful email copy that can drive sales and boost revenue in their business. In this article, we will take a step-by-step journey to write a powerful email copy and learn everything about email marketing. Sit tight, let’s keep moving.

How effective is email marketing?

According to a 2014 study by McKinsey and company, for every dollar you put into email marketing, you get back forty dollars more than you would through Facebook, Instagram, and almost every other marketing channel. Forty times more revenue. Email marketing is very effective to drive sales and make incredible profits. For any business to stand the test of time and drive very massive revenue, the business owner must learn to automate the system to make money even while he or she sleeps. When you find how to automate a system to the point it fetches you money even while you sleep, only then can you be sure you have created lasting wealth. To automate a system effectively you need the knowledge of digital marketing, it’s the bedrock on which all other platforms are built. Email marketing is a form of a digital platform that can be harnessed to make money. Just like Facebook and other media handles, the effectiveness of an email in marketing depends on several factors such as headlines, hook, call to action button even to the point of asking me which color I think is the best when it comes to calling to action, I was surprised because I noticed that many business owners focused their intention and attention on how to sell and make a profit, you are arguing which landing page in handle box him. As a business owner you must understand that no matter how good a landing page is, it is the content of that landing page that drives the main sales. Don’t focus on building a beautiful landing page, rather your focus should be on how to convince someone to buy from you.

How to write the best email copies

Email Marketing has been proven to be a better platform for marketing than other marketing platforms. Email Marketing is different because all the email on your list is yours, no one can take them away from you, it’s yours and yours alone. Facebook can be shut down, and Instagram can crash, but your email list is yours. When it comes to email, there are only 3 things that matter

  • Get it delivered
  • Get it opened
  • Get it to click

If your email can achieve these 3 milestones then it can be classified as a powerful email copy, we will take a step-by-step process on how to write a powerful email copy that satisfies these 3 hurdles.

Get it delivered

When most people think about email marketing, they think, ‘all I have to do is to get an email service provider, upload my list to a piece of email marketing software, click the send button, and they will handle the rest. In reality, it doesn’t work that way. You have to work to ensure your email gets delivered. When you consider the smart filtering systems of today’s mailboxes and email providers, achieving a high inbox deliverability rate is not easy. In today’s day and age, email deliverability is determined by three things

  • Sender reputation
  • Bounce and complaint rates
  • Recipients engagement

For businesses that are serious about growth, email deliverability is one of the most important metrics. However, you won’t find any marketer talking about it. Why not? Because it is not attractive. But let’s face the truth, if the email is the biggest driver of revenue, and if you’re not optimizing and testing your deliverability, you could be leaving hundreds if not millions of dollars on the table.If your emails aren’t being delivered, then they aren’t being seen, read, or clicked. And if you can increase your email deliverability by even just two or three percent, it can significantly increase your revenue.The very first step to getting your email delivered is to be on a good platform. What platform is best? It depends on the size of your audience( how many people are on your list) and the economics ( how much it will cost you to send out to that list) A great place to start if you have a smaller-sized list (below 10,000) is MailChimp, which has some of the best deliverability in the industry. However, it can be relatively more expensive as your list gets bigger. Some other good platforms are ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, AWeber, and Drip. Each platform does better with different email providers. Depending on your list size, you might want to use multiple platforms for different email providers, or you might choose a platform with the best deliverability for the majority of your list’s email providers. Deliverability is an important factor to consider when choosing an email software service.

Getting It Opened

Wait!!! Do you know the email with the highest open rate in the world? Who sent it? The email was sent by President Barack Obama of the United States. It was that casual, straightforward, and highly unprofessional greeting coming from the man who commanded the most powerful office in the world. Straight from the head honcho who was at that time the president of the United States. So that explains a huge part of its success. The lessons from Obama’s master email marketing campaign aren’t just a recipe for politics or making money, but for winning eyeballs in the brutal death match to grab your attention in the inbox. Compare that to all those commercial emails, coupons, and sales emails you get. How many of those do you open?What’s the difference? And how can you write emails that get opened? That’s what we are covering in this section. Think about your email inbox for a moment. When you fire it up for the first time every day, what do you do? You delete everything that appears to be promotional or commercial and that you know is safe to delete. Why is it safe to delete those emails? Because you know, from reading them in the last, that they are promotional, commercial and generally speaking, a complete waste of your time.

How to get anybody to open your email

The next step in reaching our objective is getting our emails not only not deleted but opened. I’m going to show you the single most important element to get anybody to open your emailsEvery media, whether Facebook, Google ads, or email comes with context. Typically speaking when it comes to email, nobody wants to be emailed a commercial message from a business. They only want to hear from their friends. Your task, then, is to sound as much like their trusted friend, colleague, or family member without being trickery or being gimmicky, or worse lame. If you screw this up, you’ll lose their trust and your emails will never be opened again. And as a result, over time you’ll develop a bad sender score and even worse email blindness. Email blindness is when someone’s email is in your inbox, but you’ve mentally written them off as a waste of time. You’ve probably opened two or three of their emails in the past and have gotten no real value from them or they bored you to death. So, over time you don’t even see those emails any more when you scan your list. They become invisible.The changes are good in that your emails are likely causing email blindness for your readers. How can you tell? Well, are you happy with your open rates? Every time you send out an email, are you flooded with sales and eager to buy leads? Or are your open rates, sales, and click-through rates not where you want them to be? If it’s the latter, you’re causing email blindness. And there is only one cure for the money-murdering disease that is email blindness and that is to write emails that entertain, excite, and engage your readers. People live boring lives. They are constantly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram wanting to be entertained and inspired. They have ordinary friends, with ordinary jobs and ordinary routines. They are bored!!! Be that person in their life who brings them some spice, some entertainment, and excitement to their dull lives. Do not be boring. Make it so every tune your readers see your name pop up in their inbox, they get a tiny little hit of dopamine in their brain that makes them want to read your emails. Do this and they will be hanging out for your next email, looking forward to receiving it; and when they do see your name appear in their inbox, they will almost stumble over themselves in a rush to see what you have to say and to get a hit of that dopamine. This becomes a positive anchor for you, your name, and your business. Once you have cured email blindness, here’s what happens: your open rates will skyrocket. When you ask them to click a link, they click a link. Your readers will follow you religiously on whatever adventure you choose to take them on. If you master this, like really master this, you will create an email selling machine that drags in not thousands or hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of dollars; but rather, email copy that has the potential of increasing sales for you (or your clients) that can add up to hundreds of millions of dollars. In my next article, I will explain to you just how to do this with notable results, stay tuned.


We’ve come to the end of the first phase of email marketing. Email marketing remains the best way to market and promote your goods and services, having an email list is one of the best things you will do for your business, an email list is yours and no one can take them away from you. In this article, I unveiled to you what email marketing is, and how email marketing can significantly boost sales and increase revenue for you. Emails are great ways to sell your product and services, when done well you will see an increase in sales and revenue. I believe this article has answered some of the questions you have in mind, stay tuned for more tomorrow. Feel free to comment your thoughts and don’t forget to share with friends.