You must have heard about the term freelancing, you may have questions in your mind, you may be asking yourself; what is freelancing? What are the types of freelancing? What type of job do I do as a freelancer? How much do freelancers earn a month or a year? How do I begin my career as a freelancer? If you have these questions in your mind, then you just click on the right articles. I will take you through the process of what freelancing is, how you can start it, and everything you need to know about freelancing. Sit tight and let’s ride.Freelancing is a term that has existed for many years. Whatever is done online today was first done offline, freelancing simply means, working for someone at your convenience, meaning nobody bosses you around, you work at your own pace and on your terms. Freelancing is one term used to refer to the self-employed, the difference is you work for people at your own pace, time, and convenience. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is someone who has a business or who has established a venture be it online or offline, he works for his business or hires people who do, but you as a freelancer work for someone but on your own pace. For you to be a good freelancer you must learn how to create a mouth-watering offers.The journey to becoming a successful freelancer is a journey that requires three important key characteristics: for you to function well and reach the global status as a freelancer, you must have these three characteristics in you. I will explain them briefly, pay close attention


This is what separates a successful freelancer from an unsuccessful one. A successful freelancer that is making it huge online in any given skill he or she has learned is a freelancer that has a passion for what he or she is doing. You that are reading this, have your passion, you have what you love doing and what makes you happy doing it. To be a successful freelancer you have to create a system around what you love doing to monetize it and make money from it. You may be asking how can I know what my passion is? Your passion is anything you can do repeatedly without getting paid and you will still be doing it with joy and happiness. Your passion is what you love doing. For instance, if you hate writing, and someone offers you a job on writing, no matter how much you will be paid for that article you can never deliver up to a professional level. Passion is one key that makes the difference, doing what you love each day won’t work for you, rather it will be fun and whenever you are doing it, you feel so happy about it, and you enjoy doing it. This is what passion is about, it’s what keeps you going when the going gets tough, don’t buy into the illusion of doing what you don’t have passion for, whatever you have passion for can indeed feed you if you learn to monetize it.


After passion the next thing you need is consistency. If you must stand out as an exceptional freelancer you need to be very committed and consistent. If you must stand out in any given field or skill of endeavor in life you must be consistent. One thing is to learn something and another thing is to be consistent in that which you have learned. Consistency requires discipline and discipline requires commitment. There’s what we call branding, everyone you know who is doing something meaningful and impactful in this world, everyone you know online or offline who is doing something great or making money from what they are doing, that person is known for that thing. Branding is simply what you are known for, when people mention your name what comes to their mind. When do people mention your name when you are not in the room, what does your name represent? That is what is called branding. For you to stand out as a freelancer you must be a brand, you must be known for something, the only way you get known for something is by being consistent in that thing. Jack of all trade masters of none is true, when you learn or do multiple things at once you will not be a professional in any. The best way to stand out in anything is to do it to the point where people know you for it. Mark Zuckerberg is known as the CEO of Facebook, whenever his name is mentioned, what comes to the mind of people is Facebook. This means that Mark Zuckerberg is a brand and the brand he represents is Facebook, but it doesn’t mean he has no other businesses. As a freelancer, you can have more than one skill at a time but for you to excel in freelancing you must be a brand in one skill first for long before you add another skill to it.

The right mindset:

I cannot emphasize this enough, your mindset on something is as important as that thing itself. A negative mindset toward something will inevitably lead to failure. You are as prosperous as your mind thinks you are, as a man thinks in his heart so is he? The difference between a successful freelancer from an average one is in the richness of their minds. Read more about the mind This is why you will see someone who learned many skills, looking competent yet he’s not earning as much as he is worth. Some freelancers believe they are worth any amount of money, this leads to them accepting almost anything as pay. Freelancing is one career that allows you to choose how much you want to be paid on a job. If you are the type that believes anything is good, you will be accepting way below your worth and you will not be very valuable. The problem is not that you need more high-paying clients, the problem is from your mind, whatever you focus on increases, to change anything you don’t like in your freelancing career you must first change your perception and quality of your thinking towards that thing. When you change it, everything will change for good.

These 3 characteristics are what every freelancer must have to do well in freelancing as a career. Let’s head to answering our deep burning questions.

What is the work of a freelancer?

As we know by now that a freelancer is someone who works independently, at his or her terms, stating how much he or she wants to be paid, in summary, a freelancer is someone who works at his or her convenience. Many people have mistaken freelancing for only writers but in reality, freelancing cuts across this, a freelancer can be a writer, a graphic designer, a website designer, or a copywriter. Freelancing is not restricted to only writing, the work of a freelancer is to provide services and be paid on the amount he or she agrees on. A freelancer’s service could be writing, graphics, or website design, the main point to note is that freelancers work at their convenience and they state how much they would love to be paid in any job offer they get. Freelancing is synonymous with freedom.

5 Freelancer Job that is in high demand in the world


This is the most sought-after freelancer job in the world. There are very few people who are competent in this field of writing. Freelancing is well utilized in digital marketing. Copywriting is the blood of every business out there both online and offline. Copywriting simply means salesmanship in print. Have you ever seen an article and you are moved to click on it? Like you want to know more about it? Have you seen a headline that’s so captivating that you don’t even know when you bought the newspapers? Those who write such copies are called copywriters, they are needed in every sphere of business, and their copies are what pull customers into your sales funnel. Read more on offers here.

Content writing

Many people have mistaken copywriting for content writing and content marketing. Content writing is the ability to create educational content for a particular niche, it could be goods and services, it could be for enlightenment. Content writers are needed in every sphere of business, a copywriter writes captivating headlines and content for your product, goods, or services, while a content writer puts up educative content, content that has the aim of telling the public what your company, product or services stands for. A content writer is a creative writer, they are paid well depending on your positioning and branding. Read more on content writing here

Graphics designers

This is one of the most sought-after freelance jobs out there. With many businesses making their way online, and with many programs going on in different fields of life, graphics designers have been well sought after. They are needed in every meaningful field of life. You probably cannot host a program without designing the flier of that program, you can’t launch a product, goods, or service without designing the flier, and your business logo. The rate at which a graphic designer is paid depends on the graphics designer, some charge as high as 50$ for a single design while some are not paid up to 20$ for the same type of design, this is why branding and positioning are important in business. The way you position yourself determines how people will see you, the better your positioning the better pay you receive.

Website Design

When it comes to one of the most sought-after freelance skill sets there, website design comes to mind. When you look around, you will discover that many businesses are taking it to an online space. Many businesses are making a transition from offline to online. Website designing is simply the act of designing good-looking websites for your clients. Some websites can be difficult to design, the technicality of a website depends on the type of website you are designing. Website designing is a freelance skill that is in high demand. You should position yourself as a professional website designer, the more professional you look like a website designer, the more you attract high-paying clients who will pay you your worth. Read more on everything about website designing here


Many people overlook this skill, but it is one of the most sought-after skills of the new age. In the world of business, both offline or online, there is fierce competition going on daily, and if you can’t outthink or outsmart your competitors you are gone. You have to be up to date, be creative and you have to serve your customers better if you must survive in this business world. Few business owners have discovered how powerful a video advert is for their customers or prospects. Videos are more impactful than words, as days go by many business owners are hiring videographers to do this job for them to convert the copy written by a copywriter and a content writer into a video. The better the video, the more likely it is to attract more clients. There are limited videographers and the demand for them is higher. According to the law of demand and supply in economics, when this happens, the prices videographers charge goes high to indicate they are highly needed while the supply is small. Videography is one of the most sought-after freelance skills out there. Read more about videography here

Are freelancers entrepreneurs?

Many people are asking this same question, and a few non-professional people have confused many people into believing they are the same thing. A freelancer is someone who works at his convenience and on his or her terms but he or she is working for someone. An entrepreneur on the other hand is someone who has a business or an enterprise, at the beginning of his business he doesn’t work on his terms because he is engrossed in making the business work. But as his business grows he starts working on his terms, the most notable difference between freelancing and entrepreneurs is that freelancers work for someone while entrepreneurs work for themselves. An entrepreneur can employ the services of other people such as a freelancer, but a freelancer can’t employ the services of an entrepreneur. They are similar to each other but not entirely the same thing.


Freelancing is a niche where everyone would love to be online, to work at your own pace and time is something many people call freedom. In this article, I listed the characteristics that are needed if you must be an exceptional freelancer. I went ahead to emphasize positioning. Positioning is what differentiates a high-paid freelancer from a low-paid one. I went ahead to write about what every freelancer should know and I listed the most sought-after skills in freelancing. This article I hope has helped you in some way and has answered some of your questions. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with your friends.