Are you looking for the 5 ways to generate quality leads? Are you a business owner? How to attract leads and scale your business? Worry no more because this article will answer all your questions and fears. Sit tight and let’s ride

Many businesses are finding their way into the online platform, every business is owning a website now, and there’s no doubt that the world has gone digital. For a business to thrive and survive it must learn how to generate constant leads and how to turn those leads into customers. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about lead generation. 

Generating leads entails a lot of things and processes, the first step you need to take in generating leads is to define your prospects and your customers. With the advent of technology, everyone is now online, but for you to do well as a business owner you must know that not everyone is your target audience. There are 5 best platforms to get quality leads, you have to choose which platforms work for you. Audience narrowing and definition is the first step on how to generate quality leads, you have to define who your audience is, what they do, and where they hang out. Doing business online is similar to doing business offline. Offline no matter what you are selling, not everyone is your audience, in setting up your marketing in an offline business you target a specific set of people, that is exactly how it is in online platforms, you need to have an idea of who your audience is. If you are selling clothes online, you have to know that not everyone is your audience and not everyone will buy from you. Narrowing Your audience down will make it very easy for you to generate quality leads. You can narrow your audience to a level where you can easily target them by asking yourself the following questions.

  • Where does my audience hang out? This question is very important, it gives you an idea of where your audience hangs out. When it comes to generating quality leads, this question is very important, it will make you channel your energy to that place.
  • What are their fears: A good business owner must know the fears of his or her customers, the fears they don’t tell anyone. If you must learn how to generate quality leads then you must consider this. For instance, if you are selling a weight loss program, the deepest fears of your audience go deeper than just losing weight, they want to feel attractive for their pause, you will need this when creating your copy.
  • What are their goals: this is very important in writing your ad copy, we use it as bait to get customers and leads into your funnel. Before a customer buys goods or a product he or she has an end goal in mind, the end goal of someone who wants to lose weight is to look attractive. Take note of the following, it will help you have a clear definition of who your audience is and how to reach out to them, the best offer to give them to make them buy from you. 

How To Generate Quality Leads Online

Here I will be taking you on a step-by-step process on how to generate quality leads online and flood your sales funnel to the point you will never run out of prospects or customers ever again. There are three steps on how to generate quality leads online, especially when using Facebook as your marketing platform. Before we continue I think you should see this, 7cs of digital marketing.

1. Your Ad Headline

When it comes to generating quality leads online and turning those leads into customers, the most important thing you need to take into consideration is your ad headline. The headline is the first thing your customers see before they click on your ad copy. You should remember that the online space is full of distractions, your prospect or ideal customer is one click away from a tick-tock video, this is why you have to make your headline as captivating as possible. Your headline should be strong enough to stop your prospect or customers on their track and force them to click on your ad copy, don’t worry I will teach you how to draft a powerful headline. If you get this place wrong, then everything is over. There are proven methods of writing a powerful headline, if you want to learn how to generate leads you have to take this very seriously.

Formula to generate a powerful headline for your Ad copy

  • Timeless formula 1: X ways to achieve (desirable thing) without doing (undesirable thing). E.g 6 ways to get washboard Abs without doing a single sit.
  • Timeless formula 2: (Do difficult things) in (specific period) even if (shortcomings). Eg pays off your mortgage in 7 years even if you have a modest income.
  • Timeless formula 3: Achieve ( desirable thing) like (an expert) even without (something expected). Eg paints a masterpiece like Picasso without ever having a single lesson.
  • Timeless formula 4: How to eliminate( biggest problem) without doing( the thing they hate) within (specific timeframe)e.g How to eliminate your muffin top without giving up the food you love, within 21 days or less. 

These are some of the formulas you must use if you want to learn how to generate quality leads, these formulas have been working for over 100 years ago and will still be working 100 years from now, they are time-tested formulas that have been used to generate millions in revenue. In writing your headline, make sure it is simple and very intriguing, use your audience’s deepest fears and ultimate goal to make the headline, it will draw them to click on your ads. You can read more on this here how to write a powerful Facebook ad

2. Your Ad copy

After your ad headline, the second thing you must learn to know about how to generate quality leads is your ad copy. Your ad copy refers to the body of your ad, for your ad copy to be intriguing and effective you have to keep it simple and straight to the point. You should open your ad copy with a few intriguing statements that will make your audience want to stay with you and read all your ad copy and take the necessary action. To make your opening lines effective, you have to use your audience’s fears or goals and change them into a question. For instance, do you want to lose weight and look sexy for your spouse? Then you must read this to the end. An opening statement like this will flood your sales funnel with customers. You can read more on it here Opening statement for your ad copy. As you can see, the ad copy is just as important as the headline, you have to pay close attention to it, if you do it wrong you will not generate leads, but if you do it rightly, there will be an influx of leads. Let’s head to the next one

3. Your landing page

After you have written a powerful headline after you have written a good and catchy ad copy, you must remember that your ad copy has to be as simple as possible, don’t make the mistake of trying to sell yo your customers right in the ad copy, that is the work of your landing page. For you to generate quality leads, your landing page is very important, this is where the actual sale is made. Your landing page is where you provide values for your target audience, you must know that your audience doesn’t like to be sold on, they want to feel in charge of the buying process. For you to achieve this, you have to promise massive value before going for the sale. You have to get your customer to trust you, know you, and like you, and you do this using your landing page. With the advent of technology, many businesses have gone digital as well as many fake online platforms, chances are that your buyers must have been victims of this, they are full of suspicion. For you to lower the sales resistance you have to provide them with values and how do you do this? You go back to your research table, all the research you have made in the area of detail targeting, this is where they come to play, use their fears, disappointment, and goals to get them to know, like, and trust you and you do this by providing them with information on this areas, the more quality information you provide the less the sales resistance and the more they can’t do business with you. Your landing page is where goodwill in the marketplace is built, it is where you build your community and turn strangers into lifelong customers. If you do this well, they will beg you to collect their money. For you to know how to generate quality leads, you have to consider this. 

4. What you do after a sale is made

This is very important, what you do after a sale is made determines whether you will keep that customer or whether you have lost him or her for life. In learning how to generate quality leads, this aspect is mostly overlooked by business owners. Most people after a sale is made, forget everything about the customer, all they promised to deliver, and this causes bad will in the marketplace. The reputation of your business is as important as your business, if you don’t want to crash early in business you have to treat your customers very well even after a sale is made. Deliver as you have promised, keep in touch, collect their emails and numbers, and be responsive when they have any issue with your product or service. A good business owner turns each prospect into a lifelong friend and acquaintance. When a customer becomes loyal to your brand he/ she will bring you more customers and your sales will keep moving up, so before you think of treating a customer badly, remember these points. Before you start a business read these 8 deadly mistakes to avoid when starting a business.

Why is quality leads important to business?

In every business, the goal is to make sales, pay workers if any, and increase revenue. How can a business make sales and increase revenue? A business can only achieve this milestone by pulling in a large number of quality leads. Not all leads are quality leads, quality leads are customers or prospects that are ready to buy your product or services at that amount you are selling it. Quality leads are the lifeblood of every business, to stay in business you must learn how to generate quality leads regularly, the more the leads the more the sales.

Which platforms are the best in generating quality leads

There are many platforms out there used by different buyers to generate leads, but there are few that offer the best deal at an affordable price.

  • Facebook: This is the most popular and most populated online platform, Facebook houses over 2 billion active users worldwide, and 25million active users in Australia alone. Facebook offers users the opportunity to market their products or business on their platform, the business owners pay Facebook in return Facebook grants them access to find their detailed audience using a Facebook ad campaign
  • Twitter: This is another great platform that comes to mind. Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, it allows users to market their goods and services for pay. You can use influence marketing to make money from Twitter, it is simply the act of paying someone to market your goods for you on Twitter, Twitter is full of so many famous people with many followers, so you can easily leverage them.
  • YouTube: This platform is one of the easiest places to market your product or services. To promote your product on youtube, you need to own a channel or pay someone who does. Many business owners pay people to promote for them, there are channels with over a 100million subscribers, and when you pay such channels to promote your product you are sure to pull in lots of sales.
  • Instagram: After Facebook, this is the second-fastest-growing online platform, it is owned by the CEO of Facebook. If you are promoting your product on Facebook, you can choose to promote it on Instagram simultaneously, they are linked together. 


If you want to learn how to generate quality leads, you will find this article important. I started by giving you a run down on how many changes the business world has undergone, and how many businesses have taken it online. I went on to teach you how to generate quality leads, you should follow through with these steps as written. It will flood your sales funnel with customers which will transcend to long-life partners. If you find this article helpful, feel free to share your thoughts or questions, don’t forget to share with your friends.