We live in a digital age, we live in the age of possibilities, it has never been easy to make money online as it is today, and there have never been any more records of fake Ponzi scheme as it is today. In a world of social media and ICT, many people have been deceived over time and have gotten scammed, and have probably lost a huge amount of money to these online mongers. The most depressing part is watching others make a good fortune online while it seems as though a jinx is following you, in this article, I will reveal to you how to spot fake online businesses and save yourself from loss even before it happens. I will equally equip you psychologically beforehand so that you will understand why great men of old said that true wealth is of the mind. If your mind is corrupted you can never have the ability to spot fake online venture. is wealth really of the mind?As a man thinketh in his heart so is he, true wealth is of the mind, the mind is the window to the soul, sadly speaking, the quality of our thinking has kept many people poor and broke and has always attracted losses to us.

How do you know if you have a poverty mentality?

  1. You want it free: Be Careful, free things can kill, if you always love free things, you can never acquire wealth that way. The difference between a rich man and a poor man is the quality of information they have at their disposal, and quality information is not obtained freely. You have to purchase information if you want to stand out.You cannot know what everyone knows and be expected to be paid differently, to be paid differently you have to possess superior knowledge and superior knowledge is superior information. Cleans your mind from that mental enslavement that everything is free, it’s a poverty mindset and will keep you poor forever, knowing today that if it must stand the test of time it must be bought. Go to them that sell and buy, quality information has to be acquired.
  2. You believe someone owes you something: In Africa, this is the mentality that has kept us poor from generation to generation, the few that discovered this early are the few that reach the pinnacle of their Destiny. It is important to understand deeply with conviction that no one owes you anything, I know it is difficult to take in. But if you must be successful you must believe this thing I’m telling you. Stop waiting for one of your friends to make money then you expect him to help you, that he is your friend doesn’t mean he is entitled to help you. These are the mentality that has kept most of us poor. Even if your family doesn’t owe you anything, get rid of that entitlement mentality, it will do you no good, rather it will make you feel disappointed anytime someone you care about refuses to help you.
  3. You believe someone somewhere is responsible for your actions: You might be surprised but it’s true, most of us still believe someone somewhere is influencing our actions, some call it fate, some call it nature. These mentalities were imprinted on us all while we were growing up, our parents made all the decisions for us, they tell us when to eat or sleep, they tell us when to play and even what to wear, and we had very little control over our lives, this programmed us into thinking there’s always someone somewhere responsible for our actions, this is why most of us will always find someone or something to blame for our actions or mistake. If you must become wealthy you have to accept full responsibility, accepting full responsibility is not an easy thing to do, but the day you accept full responsibility for your life, things will automatically start changing. Accepting responsibility must first be done mentally, in your mind, you have to be convinced that you were at fault, you made the mistake, that it is all your fault, it will make you see clearly to correct that mistake. Look at the top richest people in our society today, when they suffer setbacks, they don’t blame the stock market, they don’t blame anyone, they take full responsibility for their actions, and this makes them see better to correct that mistake.
  4. You think you cannot be rich: As funny as it seems, there are some people that believe deep down they cannot be rich, they believe it’s not possible to be a millionaire at a young age, maybe these people have failed in the past, maybe they’ve tried many things in the past that didn’t work out, they subconsciously conclude that they cannot amount to anything. Self-condemnation is deadly, accept the mistake and seek ways to grow, be careful of what you say to yourself when you meet major setbacks, because sometimes with our words we create our world, and affirm daily over your life. Personally, whenever I meet any major setback, I say to myself, this will be the testimony I will tell people tomorrow. Make it a deep conviction and habit not to be put down by life, if you must be wealthy in life, know that setbacks are bound to come, but don’t lose faith, the path to riches is not easy.
  5. Impatient: This is more psychological than physical, impatient will keep you tensed, I learned this in a very hard way, I’ve always wanted to be rich like you reading this, but I was too impatient to learn and put in the work required, I just wanted something that will work immediately, this costs me years of pain and regret, remove impatient from your mind, most of us that are impatient is not because what we’re doing is not working, but it’s because we subconsciously measure our success by others yardstick. If you must be wealthy in life, know this, an impatient man cannot rise to riches in life. Any business endeavor you want to do or invest your money in, know deep down it requires time to reach maturity, it takes time to see your results, stop blocking your wealth by the pressure to want it now, putting yourself under pressure will remove your joy and you’re probably going to make mistake, a grave mistake that will cost you a lot. You have to turn your mind off all negativity, of all negative emotions, for you want to take the journey into wealth creation, true wealth comes from the mind, you have to first imagine the world you want to build in your mind. You have to be precise in life, it’s not enough to say I want to be wealthy, you have to write down the actual amount of money you need to be wealthy, goals that are written down give life to it. Making money in life and online starts with a vision, you have to be able to visualize where you want to be, and how much you want to have, then you go to work doing it. A clear written goal gives you focus and direction to where you are going.

Next, we will look into how to spot fake online businesses

  1. It doesn’t require your time: Any business venture that doesn’t require your time is fake, a legit business enterprise requires your time and effort to build it, I repeat any business that doesn’t require your time is fake, anything legit requires time to be built if it must be built well. Next time when someone comes telling you about an online venture, look out and look critically for this.
  2. You just put your money and every month you get interest: This is true and at the same time false, truthfully speaking, some people put in money and every month or year they get a certain return on investment, these top businessmen put in millions and get their percentage at a stipulated time. But if you are just starting up and someone comes telling you about this type of thing, look at it critically, anything that requires you to put in money, then relax and boom every month you get interest is likely to be fake. Even those that invest hugely in different investments take their time to study the market before investing, look well before you leap.
  3. No physical address of residence: Every legitimate business has a physical address of residence even if it’s done online. Before joining a business make sure the business you want to join has a physical address and location, should anything go wrong, you know where to visit. Don’t be carried away by the mouth sweet talkers, think deeply before you invest your money into anything online. The physical address of the location is very important, this will help you spot fake online platforms because many fake online platforms have no address of residence and they prefer doing everything online and it makes it easier for them to shut down everything and run with your hard earned money.
  4. They’re not registered: this is one of the most important factors, this will help you spot fake online ventures very early, if any online business is not registered, there’s a very high chance that it is fake, a registered business is a legitimate business because it must have been screened and tested by the laws governing business operations within the geographical area. Always lookout for this whenever you want to join any online ventures, a business not registered is likely to be fake, be careful before you dash your money to those hungry online mongers.
  5. It is very easy to do: Anything worth doing is worth doing well, this particular one has been the number one reason they manage to scam someone. They come to you telling you how easy it is for you to do, some will say just bring one person and it’s done, if you blindly register with them you will regret it at last, business requires strategies and precepts, if you’re into network marketing, you need to learn the skills on how to prospect to people, if you’re into internet sales, you need to learn the way to sell to people, the hallmarks of a legit business is in learning. In life nothing good and superb comes so easily, you need to learn before you earn, do not be too fast to make wealth, you’d fail often, sit down and get your facts right, research like a professional before deciding if this is what you want to do or invest in.


If you read through this article completely, you will discover the hidden reasons why people remain poor in life, you will come to the understanding that poverty is more of the mind than the physical cash one has, the cash one will make or have in hand is comparable to the amount he has in mind. I’ve touched on several ways to spot fake online businesses, you must read this article again and take each word seriously, with the advancement of technology different fake online ventures are springing up, you have to look well before you leap, there are qualities that are required of you if you want to make money online and spot these fake online ventures from afar, I would be writing deeply on wealth creation and financial management as days go by, read this article again and again because most online money mongers come in sheep clothing, you need to have this information at your disposal to access each venture before you engage yourself in it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this article and share to help a friend.