Ever wondered how to get into a Nigerian university without jamb? Well, you’re not far from learning about that as we’ve got you covered with information on how to do that, just keep on reading.

Gaining admission into the university isn’t easy, you may have probably written jamb before and couldn’t get the cut off mark, or maybe you just want to skip the whole stress that’s associated with the whole JAMB thing.

You’re in luck because there are lots of ways you can use to gain admission into a Nigerian university without JAMB.


The answer is NO. JAMB isn’t the only path into getting admission into the university, there are other alternatives which we will talk about in this article. It doesn’t matter if it’s a federal university, state university, college of education or polytechnic, you can always gain admission into anyone of your choice without JAMB. These universities always offer different alternatives to those who are seeking admission without jamb.

Universities offer a wide range of alternatives like JUPEB, pre-degree, diploma and part time programs. Going through these programmes can also let you gain admission into the university so it isn’t actually limited to jamb.


In this section I’ve compiled the different alternatives to JAMB which you can use to gain admission into the university. What you should keep in mind too is that gaining admission into the university is never easy, you have to push yourself through the stress of registration and sorting out different information about the school you will want to enroll in. Without much talk, let’s get into the different ways of gaining admission.

1. IJMB (Interim Joints Matriculation Board):

This is a direct entry program that runs for a span of 18 months, after passing your exams and completing the program, you get direct entry into the university to start from level 200. If you want to register, visit: ijmb.com.ng to get more information on how to register.

Requirements for IJMB:

  • O’level results (and awaiting results)
  • passports to use and fill out the form

2. JUPEB (Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board):

This is another programme established to help students with their admission processes into most Nigerian university without JAMB. This programme lasts for a period of 6 to 9 months which is separated into months. After this period of time you will be given admission into the university to start from your 200 level if you pass all their exams. This programme is available to any course of your choice ranging from arts, social science and science.  It doesn’t matter the course you choose to go with, JUPEB offers admission for every course.

In order to get enrolled in this program you have to provide your O’level results with a minimum of 5 credit units. You can also apply with awaiting results if you are on your way to writing your O’level examinations.

You can visit their site at jupeb.org.ng to find out about how you can register and get started.

3. Part time programmes:

A lot of Nigerian universities offer part time programmes which you can use to get into a Nigerian university without JAMB. What you should note is that these kind of programs are usually meant for people who are working or extremely busy with work so they enroll for part time instead of a full time undergraduate programme. The classes during the programme are usually short and brief and it takes quite a bit of time to complete due to the short time spent in classes. These classes are generally held in the evenings for about two hours a day since most of its applicants are usually really busy during the day.

You do not have to sit for JAMB and they are cheaper compared to other alternatives of getting into a university without JAMB.

If you are curious about enrolling in this program, you can check your preferred university’s website to see if they offer part time programmes.

4. Enroll into National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN):

If you’re looking for a high chance of getting into the university without jamb then enrolling into NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria) would be one of the best options for you. National Open University of Nigeria as the name implies is a federal university and it offers a lot of amazing courses. They also offer post graduate programmes in addition to their undergraduate programs. NOUN as a whole aren’t under ASUU which means they do not go on the strike by federal public universities.


  • O’level results with a minimum of 5 credit units (Math And English included)

You can apply and register for the university through their official website at nou.edu.ng

5. Pre-degree programmes:

These are programmes usually offered by universities and it runs for a period of a year giving candidates the opportunity to gain admission into the university after they complete the program. After successfully completing this program you will gain admission into the university to start from your 100 level. You should note that not all universities offer pre-degree programmes so you have to check in with your school of choice to see if they offer this programme.


You’ll need to submit your O’level results with a minimum of 5 credit units (Math and English included). NECO, WAEC and other O’level results are accepted as long as they are not more than two sittings.

6. Diploma programmes:

This is a programme offered by universities for a duration of 2 years. After completing a diploma programme, you can gain admission into 200 level but you will have to use the diploma and apply for JAMB direct entry. This is the only con that comes with using a diploma to gain admission.

An advantage of going for a diploma programme is that there are job opportunities for some of them after you graduate and get your certificate. So while working, you can use the diploma certificate to apply for direct entry as I said earlier and start from your 200 level intead of 100 level.

As always, you can always check in on the university of your choice to see the list of diploma courses that they have available (not all courses are available in diploma) so you can apply.

The general requirement is your O’level result with a minimum of 5 credit units which should include english and math.

7. Enroll in a private university:

If you are financially stable then the best option is to go and enroll in a private university. A lot of Nigerian universities offer admission into their undergraduate programmes without writing or applying for JAMB.

Private universities on a whole are always rated higher than federal universities because most of them have more equipment and structures necessary to teach and carry out practicals or research. Federal universities is often, if not mostly populated in a way that the resources they have to use and teach is way lesser than the amount of students. Private universities solve this issue because it has lesser amount of students than resources so if you choose to gain admission into a university without JAMB, this is one of the best way to go because of this advantage private universities have over federal universities.

Another advantage about enrolling into private universities is that they do not go on the occasional ASUU strike carried out by the federal universities of Nigeria. It’s a go to choice if you are financially stable.


At the end of the day its entirety up to you to pick whatever alternative you think is best for you. Every single one of the above listed way can help you gain admission into the university without using JAMB.

What you should also note is that most of these programs also set their own exams to test you to try and see if you are fit to enter into the university. Asides NOUN and private universities, these programs will give you tests and exams like any normal university program would do.

After the whole exams, if you pass their cut off mark then you would be given admission into the university. A programme’s cut off mark could 20. If after all your exams and test you manage to score above 20 then you will be given admission into the university to start from your 200 level. If you score less than the stipulated cut off mark, you might not be offered admission.

Don’t worry, reaching the cut off mark for any off the programmes is actually easier than JAMB. Before picking any of the programmes don’t forget to check in on your school to see if they offer these programs and if your course of choice is available to study with these programmes.

The general requirements for these programmes is to have your minimum credit units on you O’level results. If you pass that criteria you might be needed to register and pay some fees to get their forms and register.