curious about the top courses with best career prospects in Nigeria? Getting into the university is one thing, but studying the right course is another. Nobody wants to spend years in the university stressing themselves and sacrificing a lot only to get a degree that’s basically useless in terms of its career prospects.


If you are getting into school then it is pretty obvious that the main thing on your mind is that you are aiming for a good course to help you become successful or give you a head start in life. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, some courses are worth more than others and you have to make the right choice by looking into the career prospects of the course on your mind.

You need to ask questions like “what course is in demand”? How much is the said salary? Would a degree in that course still have any worth in the next 10 to 15 years to come? These are all the kind of questions to be asking yourself before deciding to pursue a course if you’re hoping to become successful with whatever one you’re aspiring for.

It’s better to take your time and do some basic background research on the course you’re hoping for. With proper research, you’ll get enough information to get the right course that would suit you which also has amazing career prospects.

Rushing into the university and studying any course isn’t the best idea. Your excuse might be “I don’t want to sit at home”, but it is way better to do nothing than waste your resources on a course that has and will have no benefit to you.

Studying a course is like some kind of investment you make on yourself because you spend your time, energy and money pursuing the course so that in the future it can offer you bright prospects. Because of this, it’s clearly important that you pick a course with good career prospects.

Without much talking, let’s dive into the best courses you can offer in Nigeria which have the best career prospects after graduation.


1. Accounting:

This is by far one of the top courses with best career prospects in Nigeria that you can study. Accounting deals with the maintenance of different financial and non-financial records. As an accountant, your services are in demand as industries, companies and different establishments are in need of accountants.

These establishments would need you to keep track of their finances like their debt record, taxes, credits, profit and many more. You would also be responsible for organizing some specific data concerned with whatever organization you work for.

This course is based in the faculty of social science or management science and it is offered by a lot of universities in Nigeria and it runs for a stipulated period of 4 years.

To gain admission into this course you need to have a JAMB subject combination of English, Math, Economics and accounting. You will also need to have at least 5 credit units on your O’level result as a social science student.

2. Mass Communication

This is another course with high prospects after graduation. There is high demand for journalists in Nigeria and their skill set is highly marketable.

Mass communication is also a social science course but it deals with the art of portraying information in the form of news or entertainment to the general public. It’s no surprise that their services are needed by news agencies, social media firms, radios stations and television stations who would need them to act as a presenter to give information to the public in the form of news or entertainment.

There’s exponential growth in the news and entertainment industry and this means that the jobs and career prospects for mass communication will only broaden with time.

The course is run for a period of 4 years after which you will be awarded with your degree. This course is offered by most universities in Nigeria so it should be easy to apply for only if you meet the requirements.

You need to have the minimum credit units on your O’level results and you need a JAMB subject combination of English, CRS, Literature and Government. As an art student, mass communication should be on your list of courses to pick.

3. Computer science/programming

It’s no news that the world around us is becoming much more digitalized. New technologies are being invented every time and the services of computer scientists are required to fill in these roles.

Computer scientists are more equipped with the knowledge of how technology works and how to tweak it. There are people who are constantly in need to computer scientists or programmers to help them with things like coding a website, apps or different technologies. The services of a computer scientist is in high demand everywhere in the world and not just in Nigeria.

There are various branches under computer science like computer programming, web designs, graphics design, digital marketing, data science, software engineering and many more. Every one of the listed branches are in high demand and it doesn’t matter which of it you choose, it’s all up to you.

Computer science is offered by lots of Nigerian universities and as a science student, it is readily available to you. If you are looking to study this course you won’t regret it. It may not be easy but it would be extremely worth it.

The course is offered for a time period of 4 years and if you plan on using JAMB, the subject combinations are English, math, physics and biology. If you are a science student then this is among top courses with best career prospects in Nigeria for you.

4. Medicine and surgery

It’s no news that medicine is in high demands in Nigeria and it is also the most popular course to study between science students. And because of that, admission to study medicine has become really tough because you have a lot of competitors but you can still scale through.

There are lots of hospitals, clinics and even organizations that are looking for the skills of a healthcare professional like doctors so they are actually in high demand.

In school, they deal with courses like human anatomy, physiology and public health and this course lasts for a period of 6 to 7 years depending on the university. After completing the 7 years in school, you will have to go for an extra year of paid internship in any hospital or clinic to finally graduate. Most of the time, you can get a job offer from the place you are doing your internship right before you graduate.

To enroll into this course you need to have the minimum credit units on your O’level results as a science student. You need to also need to note that the JAMB subject requirements for this course are English, physics, biology and chemistry.

Medicine has been among the top courses with best career prospects in Nigeria for a very long time, it’s no surprise it’s on this list.

5. Law

This course is often seen as the art counterpart of medicine and surgery. It’s the most sorted after course for art students and it is also in high demand.

The career prospects for law are very high and you can choose to practice alone or go join the cooperate world where you can become a lawyer for some big firms or companies. You can also become a personal lawyer to a family or someone. Almost everything around us is regulated by a law in some ways and there are people and organization that would need your help on guiding them to make the best of these laws and not let it go against them.

Although recently lawyers haven’t been giving enough credits they think they should deserve, it doesn’t stop it from being a lucrative course to study in Nigeria.

The course runs for a span of 6 to 7 years depending on the university and it is open to candidates who study arts and have met the required O’level units. The JAMB subject combination for this course are English and any three social science (or arts) subjects.

6. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a medical course that’s highly lucrative in Nigeria. They get job opportunities from laboratories, pharmacies, clinics and many more so they aren’t limited as they have a lot of professional opportunities. They deal with the dispensing of various kinds of drugs.

This course is purely science as you have to learn a lot of things about chemicals, toxicity and how the body works. The course is highly sorted after by a lot of candidates so it is also among one of the most competitive courses to offer. When you get past that, you will get to enjoy the numerous career prospects this course has to offer.

As always, the minimum requirements for this course is the 5 credit units on your O’level results as a candidate. If you are also in search of the JAMB subject combination for this course, they are: English, physics, biology and chemistry.

This course has a lot of opportunities outside Nigeria as well so it is not limited.

7. Banking and Finance

It’s no surprise that this course is on the list. The banking industry is one of the biggest in the world and it keeps growing. Going through this course is definitely very beneficial as it offers a lot of opportunities.

As they always say, “money makes the world go round” so basically everything around us is related to money, I’m also speaking about our economy. There is and there always will be a constant addition of banks to so many places in Nigeria and the world. Hence, the services of those with knowledge and degree on banking and finance will always be available to apply for.

This course is basically a social science course and it’s offered by most universities in Nigeria for a period of 4 years after meeting the requirements for admission. You can apply through JAMB with the subject combination which includes math, English and any other two social science subjects.

8. Nursing

The list would’ve been incomplete without adding nursing. A highly competitive course too but it offers a lot of prospects after graduation. There are clinics, hospitals, care homes, schools and lots more places that would need the services of a Nurse.

They may not be among the highest paid profession in Nigeria but you rarely see an unemployed nurse as they get a really wide range of opportunities to pick from. The career opportunities for this course is not only available for Nigeria alone as their skills are needed both home and abroad, anywhere in the world.

There’s always a shortage of nurses in most hospitals and it has been stated that there is a global shortage of nurses worldwide. Hence, making the choice to pursue this degree doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

In the university you will go through a lot of medical lectures and do clinical postings to quip with enough knowledge you can apply I’m the real world and hell patients. You should also get rid of the bias that nursing is meant for females only, that’s a lie. Males are also welcomed to studying nursing as it is open for everyone irrespective of your gender.

The course lasts for a period of 5 years plus an extra year of internship to gain real life experience. If you’ve met the 5 credit O’level requirements as a candidate, you can apply for this course. The JAMB subject combinations are English, physics, biology and chemistry.


A top tier advice is that most medical and engineering courses always offer a range of opportunities after you graduate as a science student. If you are an art student, you should go for courses that deals with marketing and managing the economics of people, organizations and firms.

There are more courses like civil engineering, agriculture, architecture, medical laboratory scientists, microbiology and dentistry if you are a science student. For art students there are more courses like economics, business administration and marketing.

You should realize by now that medicine and law aren’t the only courses that offer good prospects after graduation. There are lots of courses that provide you will equal or more opportunities, you just have to widen your horizons.