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What are advertising media? What are the 5 most important advertising media? Which one of them is the most effective? How can one advertise effectively to make sales, this is what we will cover in this article, everything you need to know about advertising and advertising media, stay tuned, and let’s ride.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are at loss on the advertising media to use for their businesses, but in a real sense, the advertising media you choose for your business depends on the type of business you are into, not all as we media will be suitable for all type of product, you must be careful when choosing a platform to advertise and market your goods and services, a platform used as advertising media can go a long way to affect the overall performance of that product in the marketplace, this is why you should take this article very seriously.

Advertising and Advertising Media

Before we venture into advertising media we must first understand what advertising means and how it affects the performance of our business in the marketplace. Advertising and marketing are very similar, it is safe to interchange them because the goal of every business is to make sales, it is the engine of a business, without it no matter how great you think your business is, you will not be able to make many sales. Advertising is the process of bringing particular goods and services to a target audience with the purpose of either making sales or creating awareness.

When a company finishes producing a product, one of the ways to make those products to be a success is mass advertising, which is creating mass awareness on the arrival of that product to the marketplace, listing its features and benefits and how to use the product if it’s sophisticated, when advertising is done well, you will be able to create mass awareness which will lead to the overall increase in sales of your product. Before starting a business, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of your market and what your business or product stands for. When you have an in-depth understanding of your product you will know the best advertising media to promote the product with.

We all know that it is easier to reach out to more audiences today than it has been in the last 50 years, we know you can do business across multiple regions and make lots of sales, but if you don’t understand your product you will not know the marketing media to use to present this product to your audience, the marketing media you use in presenting your product to your audience will either affect the product positively or negatively. Not every product is to be advertised using advertising media.

How To Know The Best Advertising Media For Your Product

  • Through research
  • Through experiences
  • Through your competitors

Through Research

If you are a top entrepreneur in business, you will agree with me that one of the things that contributed to your success is the research you did during your starting stage. Research is a very important aspect of business, for you to know and choose the best advertising media for your product you must research your market, your product, and your audience. Market research is a very important aspect of business, when done well every other thing becomes easier.

For you to research your market you must first understand the market you are into. Most business owners don’t understand the market they’re into, understanding your market entails you knowing something about the saturation level of your market. Knowing the saturation level of your market is very important, it will help you know if you will venture into that market or not, the saturation level of your market is the number of people already in that market before you sell the same product. If the saturation level of your market is high that means no matter the advertising medium you used you will find it difficult to make sales.

Another important aspect of research is customs research, when you do this aspect of research very well you will know the advertising media to use for the marketing and promotion of your goods and services, the first step in customers research is understanding that not everyone is your customer, not everyone is a good fit for your product, advertising your product to everyone will be a total disaster, customer research will allow you to understand and study those that are more likely to buy from you when advertising with Facebook as an advertising media, you will find customer research very useful and important, the more detail your target is, the more likely it is to reach out to them and make sales.

If you ever get to work with the wrong customer you will be frustrated, as a business owner or a freelancer you must learn to only offer your services or product to people who are good fits for what you do, doing this will set you apart from other business owners and you will make more sales because you are targeting your main customers, people who are much more likely to buy from you. Customer research is a very important aspect of business and for you to choose a good advertising medium you must devote some of your time to researching your customers and finding those that are good fits for you.

Through experiences

This is not the best way to know the advertising media that is best for your product but it is still useful. If you have been in business for a long time you will have gained lots of experiences that will help you to know the best advertising media to utilize for your business. When writing down your business ideas it is very important to research three key things, which are

  • Your customers
  • Your competition
  • Your market.

The reason I mentioned this in this article is that as a newbie in business you may not have the experience that is needed for you to make the right decisions concerning the advertising media to choose, by mistake you make the wrong choice in advertising media it can crumble your business and force you to start afresh. Experience is important in business but it is more important to those who have been in business for a long time. If you are new to digital marketing it is much more preferable you stick to researching before starting, it will save you from future loss.

Through Your Competitors

If you want to know the best advertising media to use for your advertising especially if you are new to the business world, is to model your competitors. In every niche in the world, in every industry, some are getting the type of results you want to see in your business, for you to get the same results, you need to model after them, modeling your competitors will save you the stress of trial and error. It is wrong to assume you know it all when it comes to choosing an advertising media for your business, if you ever assume you know what to do without doing research as a newbie you will inevitably make these 8 business mistakes that can cripple your business.

For you to choose the best advertising media for your business you must do what your competitors are doing, go closer to them to know the advertising media they are using, and model after it, as a newbie in digital marketing you may not have the funds to do trial and error until you figure it out yourself, the best thing to do is to model after the top 5 in your industry if it means buying their products, you buy it, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to model them closely and do what they are doing, that way you will get the same results they’re getting, it’s that easy.

5 Best Types Of Advertising Media

There are many channels to advertise and market your products to the world. After a series of research, I will be listing the 5 best types of advertising media for your business and why they’re important.

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Email
  • Instagram
  • YouTube


This is the biggest advertising platform in the world, there are over 1.3 billion active users on Facebook. For you to use Facebook effectively as an advertising media you need to learn how to come up with powerful copies and intriguing offers that will make your audience stop on their track and click on your ads. Facebook is very effective when it comes to Advertising and marketing your goods and services, with Facebook you can stay in a country and market your goods and services in another country and make lots of sales from it.

The marketing budget for Facebook ads is quite cheap compared to other social media platforms, you can set up an ad campaign and run ads for as low as 1 dollar, but for you to reach out to a large audience you need to increase your marketing budget, there’s no specific amount that is used as a marketing budget, the amount you use for your Facebook ads budget depends entirely on how much your ads bring back into your business, let’s say you you put in a dollar in Facebook advertising and it brought back 5 dollars in return, why not put in all the money and watch it grow, if you set a limit to the amount you invest in Facebook ads you are limiting the growth of your business. When it comes to Advertising Media, Facebook is one of the best platforms.


This is the biggest search engine in the world, over 3 billion searches are made on Google per day. Google houses over a billion websites that specialize in different niches, to use Google as an advertising media entails you must be up for the competition of Google ranking. With Google, you can make a lot of money promoting your products, but as it is with Facebook you will be required to write different and unique copies, and come up with offers that are unique and exclusive, the benefit of this is that it will make your ad copy to stand out from the thousands out there competing for the same thing.

When writing your ad copy for your Google ads you must be as natural as possible, the more natural you are the more your audience can relate with you on a more personal basis, the more you answer their most burning questions, the more you break the buying barrier and make the selling process faster.

When it comes to Advertising Media, Google can give you a larger audience but you must be creative enough to come up with a unique article that will make a difference when put up among thousands of articles on Google seeking the same thing. If you can do this effectively you can make lots of money from Google ads.


Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your goods and services to the world. There are very few business owners and entrepreneurs that understand how to build a good and powerful email list. Email copywriting is a very important skill you need to build your email list, in all other advertising media we have mentioned only your email list is under your full control, this puts you in charge and makes it easier for you to reach out there your audience when you study well on email marketing and understanding the best times to send out an email in the day, it will help you boost sales. For you to advertise your goods and services effectively using emails, you must be able to come up with an intriguing headline that is very formal, then the body of your article must be entertaining to keep your audience glued to it to read to the end and take the necessary actions. Email is a great way to market and advertise your product.


We have come to the end of this on advertising media, we have discussed extensively different types of advertising media and the importance of advertising in business. I believe this article has been of help to you, feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section.

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