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What is advertising on Instagram all about? How can you advertise on Instagram and make more money? How do you find your target audience and customers on Instagram? How can you market your goods and services on Instagram? These are some of the questions we will be covering in this section. We will equally look at why Instagram is a good fit for you to market your product online. Stay tuned, sit tight, and let’s ride.

Advertising On Instagram and Digital Marketing

When you look around you, you will know for sure we’re in the digital age, the age we are in today is the age where everything has become digitized. What this is telling us is that if we don’t find a way to evolve as the world is evolving we will remain stagnant. Digital Marketing is the new oil well in the marketing industry. Every business owner and every entrepreneur is trying hard to find their way online. This is because the online platform houses over 3 billion people and with it you can reach out to as many people as possible from the comfort of your home.

Years ago this was impossible, you can only reach out to very few people in a localized place, but today from the comfort of your home you can reach out to millions, despite this great quantum leap in technology many businesses find it difficult to make sales, the few who does, cannot keep up the process and keep bringing in sales crumbles and the business folds. Only a very few percentages of people who started businesses make it to the top and outlast the 10 years benchmark.

Advertising on Instagram is one of the best ways to market your goods and services, but before you can market your goods and services well on Instagram you need to first understand what marketing is. Lack of understanding of what marketing and business ethics are is the reason for most failures in business. We live in an age and time where most people just want to start a business, only a few care about how to start a business and the necessary things that are there for them to learn, this is why only a few reach the top in most industries.

There’s no doubt that the goal of every business be it online or offline is to make sales, presenting your product to a large audience alone does not guarantee sales, before you are able to make sales you need to understand the psychology of marketing and selling, to make sales in this digital age is similar to the offline business, you need to go out there and convince people to buy your product, you need to tell them why your product is the best choice for them and convince them to buy from you, this is the same thing you do when advertising on Instagram but the difference is that you need to do all this with a pen and paper.Those who are skilled in the art and usage of words to convince and persuade people to buy particular goods and services without sounding sleaze are called copywriters, in advertising on Instagram, you need the services of a highly skilled copywriter.

To be able to come up with interesting and mind-blowing offers that only an insane person can say no to, you need to first understand human beings, human psychology is needed before you can come up with offers that sell, human psychology in business is simply the act of understanding humans beings, to know their weaknesses, understanding your product and what and how it can improve the lives of your customers, then coming up with words or offers that speaks directly to their fears, making them buy without sounding like a seller.

Even with the advancement in technology, many people are more skeptical than before, it is more difficult today to convince someone to buy than it was in the last 20 years, the reason is simple, many business owners and entrepreneurs have promised what their goods and services cannot deliver on, many business owners have made claim and came up with offers their services cannot provide on, this creates distrust in the market place and leads to loss of goodwill in the marketplace.

A good digital marketer understands the level of trust of his customers, he knows they have been hurt many times, he knows too that many business owners have said and promised what their goods and services cannot deliver on and for him to make his audience stand out he needs to stand out, he doesn’t need to tell stories like his counterparts have done, he needs to back up his stories with proves, lots of it and giving your audience lots of values, the more values you give, the less the sales resistance till you make the sales.

In advertising with google you will be required to reach out to many people, sometimes influencers, you need to believe in the integrity of your product to be able to deliver as promised, if you want to stay in business for long, don’t advertise what you cannot deliver on, if you do, it may give you the money you want for a while but in the long run it will destroy your reputation and cripple your business, which platform or which course teaches you all this before joining a business or starting one, it’s simply marketing and it’s what many people avoid.

When you avoid marketing or studying in depth on what marketing is, you will inevitably make these 8 business mistakes that can cost you all your life’s work.It is easy to make sales in business and pull in lots of revenues if you understand how to build KLT, know, like, and trust, it is only when you have established this dominantly in the heart of your audience will you be able to make lots of money advertising on Instagram, but how can you build this Know, Like and Trust in the marketplace to make more sales?

How To Create Trust In Digital Marketing Platforms

When it comes to digital marketing, one thing is sure, if your customers don’t trust you, you will not make the sales, it doesn’t matter whether you are advertising on Instagram or any other social media handles out there.

  • Give values, lots of it
  • Create engaging content and get feedback
  • Create your audience before creating your product
  • Feel their pain and offer good customer service

Give Values Lots Of It

Marketing teaches a lot of things, things that are of great value that when you learn them it will be of help to you in your business either offline or online. For instance, it doesn’t matter the type of business you do, it doesn’t matter whether you’re advertising on Instagram or you are using any other social media platforms, you need to know what business management is, what business administration is and how you can apply this in your daily activities as a business owner.

Any business principle that is not applicable is not genuine, you must find a way to relate to it in your business and make sales. For you to be able to establish KLT which stands for Know, Like and Trust in business you must be able and prepared to give value to your audience, you have to do something different, something that will wow your audience and make them dip their hands in their pocket and give you their hard-earned money.

In advertising on Instagram, it is very obvious that many business owners don’t know how to give value to their customers, they’re very much interested in making sales, and they’re obsessed with making the sales that they neglect the one most important rules of marketing which is building a relationship with your customers, you need to look beyond the sales and create a relationship when you think this way, you will find it a lot easier to make sales. By giving values to your customers you build trust, the more values you give the more trust you gain, and the more they want to do business with you. In marketing, values precede before sales, read that again.

Create Engaging Contents And Get Feedback

One of the ways to establish trust in business is to employ the services of a content writer, a content writer is needed in business just as a copywriter is needed, when creating engaging content you must start with intriguing and powerful headlines, headlines that will captivate your audience attention, you have just 8 seconds to grab your reader’s attention, especially now there are more distractions online than before.

When you employ the services of a content writer, you should have it in the back of your mind that it is not to make sales but for creating awareness and engagement that will help you as a business owner to get feedback from your customers and know how to sell better to them.

When you neglect getting feedback from your customers you will not be able to go very far in business, it is your customers’ feedback that will give you insight on how to serve them better and in turn make more money. When your customers notice you care more for them genuinely than you are interested in making the sale, they will trust you with their hard-earned money.

Create Your Audience Before Creating Your Product

This is one of the foremost business principles you must have before advertising on Instagram. There are many social media platforms, but what guarantees your success in any of them is the level of understanding you have about marketing. If you want to make sales easily online without much stress you need to learn how to create your audience before creating your product, having an already existing audience will make it a lot easier for you to make sales than creating a product and then looking for buyers.

Don’t assume because people eat food means you will make money in the food industry, you need to spend quality time making research to know where to find your audience, where they congregate, and how to reach out to them using advertising on Google, when you have found an audience, then you can start the business, if you are not able to find the audience that suits your business, you need to create one, the truth is that many people don’t even know they need help, to create an audience you need to start teaching and giving values on that area they’re not aware they have problem on when you have built enough value and trust, and after you have shown them what their problems is then the next thing you have to do is to present your product as the solution and they will buy it from you because you have taken time to build and nurture your audience, turn them to customers and sell to them. Always create a market before creating a product, that way it will be easy for you to advertise on Google.

Feel Their Pain And Offer Good Customer Service

As we know, before starting a business you need to research your audience, you need to be able to feel their pains and fears. When you can understand them this much you can easily sell to them making your product serve as the solution to their pain and fears. Some businesses started but never made it past the 5 years benchmark. One of the reasons they couldn’t make it past the 5 years benchmark is a lack of good customer service, as much as customer service is mostly practiced offline it’s very important too online. Customer service is what you offer to your customers after they have made the purchase, this is very important, how you treat them during the purchase and how you treat them after the purchase, most business owners get the first one rightly and fail in the later one, to be able to make more sales and keep your business running for years you need to treat your customers with respect and offer great customers service


We have come to the end of this article on Advertising with Instagram, we have seen how important marketing is to advertising, it’s one thing upon which almost all the advertising process and sales process hinges. We have equally understood deeply how to create KLT in business which is indispensable to your success in business. I believe this article has answered some of the questions you have, feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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