Advertising with google

What does advertising with Google entails? What is the importance of advertising with Google? How can you advertise effectively with google? How does advertising with Google work? How can you make use of it? This is all we will be covering in this article, stay tuned we will discuss in-depth Advertising with google in this article

Marketing and Google

You cannot talk about advertising with Google without knowing what marketing is and how Marketing can help your product. Before deciding to start a business, you must understand the importance of advertising with Google, google is the biggest online search engine platform, with over 4 billion searches a day, for you to be able to advertise well with google you need to understand what marketing is and how important marketing is to businessesEvery businessman and business owner has one goal in business which is to make sales, if you don’t understand marketing you will not understand advertising with Google and what it entails. Marketing is simply the art of presenting your goods and services to your audience to make a sale, when you present your product and services to individuals without the sole purpose of making sales it’s called advertising.

When Advertising has gone beyond creating awareness to making sales it’s called marketing. Marketing is a very crucial aspect of business, it is where and what everything hangs on. In marketing, you will learn the Essentials of business, and you will understand the importance of business ethics which is one of the foremost requirements. If you must make sales advertising with Google you must learn what business ethics is.

Business ethics is very important, it teaches you the dos and don’t in business, some rules, and principles guide a business. If that business must be a success, if you don’t pay attention to these rules you will not make sales.When you are advertising with Google you must understand something, there are three key things you must know when advertising with Google or any social media platforms

  • Tone of voice
  • Your Audience
  • Your competition

Tone Of Voice

There’s what we call the tone of voice in marketing especially when it comes to Advertising with google, we know that google is a large platform, the biggest search engines platform in the world, and you can make a lot of sales advertising with Google if you do it rightly, but if not you will keep beating around the bush. Your tone of voice to your audience will determine if you will make the sales or not, when you are addressing a specific type of people, some words or terminologies suits your audience, it is only when you apply those terminologies will you be able to make sales advertising with Google.

Your ad copy must speak to your audience, it must address them personally, when they read your ad copy they should be able to relate it with themselves, they should feel as though you are communicating with them physically. When your tone of voice speaks directly to your audience, they will feel at peace with you and in turn, they will develop love and trust for you which is very essential for you to make sales. Advertising with Google will entail you going all out to talk to the pain point of your audience, when you do this correctly, you will make sales and pull in lots of revenue.

Your Audience

In advertising with Google, you must know who your audience is, knowing your audience will help you know how to tailor your copy and articles down to suit them. Your audience is your customers. One of the first things you need to know in marketing is that not everyone is your customer, when you run google ads and you target anyone and everyone, you will not make many sales.

The more detailed your audience is the more sales you will make, many business owners make business mistakes not because they don’t know marketing or advertising with Google, the reason most business owners make mistakes is that they don’t have an in-depth understanding of who their audience is, your audience is where the money is, to be able to reach out to them you need to research them.

Know where the hangout, when you know your audience you can easily come up with offers that will make them buy your product, you will be able to communicate well to them because you know their pain and pleasure and you know how to relate with them to be able to make them but from you without feeling sold to.

Your Competition

Another thing you need to know when advertising with Google is your competition. Every day over 2 billion Google searches are made in a day, now in your niche, there are probably over 1000 searches on that niche a day at a minimum, and when you check the market saturation level you will know there are many people in the same line of business as you, doing the same thing, for you to market effectively with google you need to research these people. In every industry, some entrepreneurs are doing well in that niche but the majority of people in that business may not be doing well. The reason they’re not doing well is that there’s something they don’t know, knowledge and the application of knowledge is power.

As a marketer your goal before you start advertising with Google is that you need to study your competition, you need to study those top professionals in your industry then you do what they do, you apply what they apply and model them, when you do this effectively you will start getting the same results they’re getting. Studying your competition before advertising with Google will give you the advantage you need, you will find it easier to market and sell your product on Google.

Advertising With Google

Before advertising with Google you have to understand how the platform works, its features and how to navigate through these features to make it work for you. When you advertise well with google ads and present your product in the best tone that suits your audience after you have done your product and market research, you will start pulling in lots of sales and revenues will start pumping into your business. We will discuss the Google platform and how to navigate it, stay tuned, let’s ride.

What You Need To Know Before Advertising With Google

Google ads system comprises a lot of things, one of the things that will help your ads to get seen by lots of people is keywords. In writing and marketing your business with Google you need to understand the importance of keywords. Keywords are words that are relevant to the niche you are writing, before you write an ad on Google you need to research your keywords, researching your keywords will give you the edge over your competitors. The keywords you choose when advertising with Google will determine the ranking of your page. To rank higher you need to choose low competition keywords, you need to choose a keyword with a search difficult less than 40%, with search volumes of at least 500 and above, then you need to optimize your post or article and fix it most of the important keywords, then you will start ranking high on Google.

Features of Google Keywords planner

  • Keywords planner
  • AdWord express
  • The reach planner
  • Site target advertising.

Keywords planner

In advertising with Google, you need to understand what a keyword planner is. A keyword planner is a tool used by Google Marketers or those that are marketing their products on Google to research and plan keywords. For instance, if I want to write about finances and I don’t know the best keywords to use, you use a keyword planner on Google to plan your keywords, it will give you ideas on the type of keywords you need to write on to get seen and get paid

AdWord express

If you are a business owner who runs a small business and you want to market your product using Google as a platform you need to know what this feature is all about. AdWords Express is a feature that is mostly used by small business owners to reduce the difficulty of managing ad campaigns. This feature allows you to automatically manage keywords and ad placement, you can easily automate your selling system when advertising with Google.

The Reach Planner

If you are a YouTuber you will find this feature exciting when advertising with Google. The reach planner allows you to automate the videos on your channel to post them automatically, with this feature on Google you can monitor the growth of your channels, how many people are viewing your ads videos, and how you maximize your time. Advertising with Google is one of the most effective ways to advertise your goods and services.

Site Target Advertising

When you want to target people in a more detailed way, to reach out to them and speak to them in the tone and way that will make them buy from you, you have to use the site’s target advertising features. With it, you can start targeting people based on behaviors, where they hang out, and a lot of things about them. When you target your audience with these features you will reach out to more people and make more sales. Advertising with Google is very awesome.

Google Ads Budget

Every social media platform has a cost. For you to be able to market your goods on Facebook, for instance, you need to have a Facebook ads budget that will be the money you will use exclusively to market your product on Facebook.

The same goes for Google ads, for you to Advertise your business effectively using Google you must have a substantial google ads budget. This is where most people make mistakes, there is no specific amount of money to use as your Google ads budget, the amount of money you need to run google ads depends on the size of your business, if you are running a small business, you should not use your capital as an ads budget, when you start a business, you can use some of the money set aside for it but as profit flows in, you increase your ads budget.

Assuming I have 100 dollars for ad budget and then I made 2000 dollars after running an ad of 100 dollars, if I put back 100 dollars only into Google ads, my business will not grow effectively, for my business to grow effectively I need to put in more money into the ads, as it converts, I put in more, that way advertising with Google becomes a great tool to grow your business with.

Conversion tracking

There are many features you will use when advertising with Google and there are so many things you need to know about advertising with Google. In marketing with google, you can track the clicks you get on your website. Assuming I ran an ad of 100 dollars and I got 1000 clicks, with google ads you can track the number of clicks you get and know how your ads are doing.

Google ads give you the privilege to track and report other conversions that happen even after the click such as purchases from the site, sign-ups, or calls. For conversion tracking to work, an identifier to the advertiser’s website as a URL parameter, which is then used by advertisers to send conversions to Google ads allows google ads to trace the conversion rate of your website.

When you utilize Google ads effectively you will make lots of sales with it. But before you are able to apply all this or understand it very well you need to take out quality time to learn more about how to advertise with Google. It’s the biggest search engine platform in the world, so learn to utilize it very well.


We have come to the end of this article on Advertising with Google, we have seen how important marketing is to business and we have discussed some of the features of Google as a platform. For any of these to work effectively in your business you need to learn effectively what marketing is and how to draft out copies and come up with powerful offers. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with your friends.