Do you know that there’s the best time of the day to send out an email copy and it will get maximum engagement? The difference between a successful businessman from an unsuccessful one is in what they know. When it comes to online businesses, what you know is very important, the application of knowledge is power. An email has been proven to be one of the best ways to scale businesses, according to research it is one of the best social media marketing platforms that you can easily leverage to promote your goods and services.

For every dollar that is put into email marketing, you get back 44 dollars, this proves that email marketing is better than other marketing platforms. The problem most businesses have is that they don’t know how to build an email list or write good and intriguing email copies, this is why many businesses out there don’t know how to draft powerful email copies that can pull the string and make their subscribers buy from them. No matter how huge your email list is, if you don’t know how to draft a powerful copy that is intriguing and engaging you will not be able to make a single sale.

One of the things that make building an email list very important things to do is that in email list building everything there is yours, no one will take it away from you, it is under your control, and you can choose to add or remove the list, this is not the same with other social marketing sites, for instance, you can run ads of over a million dollars on Facebook but if Facebook decides to shut down today you will lose everything. This means that it is not under your control, it is controlled by an external force that probably you don’t even know.

Email marketing is a very great way to build your business, when you start a business newly, you are faced with a lot of competition, you are asking yourself if this thing will work, and you are skeptical because you’re like a fish in a new pond filled with sharks, the thought of competing with business tycoon in your industry can be frightening, but the only weapon you will use to surpass your competition is knowledge.

You have to find a system that works that your competition is not utilizing well and utilize it well, put in everything you’ve got into it. When you put in everything you’ve got into email marketing, hiring a good email writer, or learning by yourself by clicking here, in no time you will be able to surpass your competition without much stress.

This is the secret of any business that you think just came out and became a household name, remember before that business came out, there was a brand representing it which is its competition, but when that business was launched, it surpass the competitive brand and sales skyrocketed and in no time they sent their competitors packing, the secret Is that they did something their competitors were not expecting so their competitors were taking unawares and they lost out in the business. This is what email marketing can do in a business, it is indeed a powerful force. In this article, we will be discussing effectively the best time of the day to send out an email copy, why time of the day affects the opening rate of an email copy, and we will equally look into the characteristics of an email copy. Sit tight and enjoy the ride.

Best time of the day to send out an email copy

A study carried out by the industry shows that there are specific times of the day to send out an email and it will get a maximum opening rate.

  • 10 am: sending email in the late morning time is the most popular in general, it is popular because it works, if it doesn’t work it will not be popular, after several studies, it was concluded that the best time to send email is at 10 am, another good time is 11 am

  • 8 pm-midnight: I guess you didn’t see that coming. It generally looks like emails receive more opening rates and click in the evening because, by this time people are back from work, and most people are about to sleep and before most people sleep they will check their emails, this is why 8 pm time came into the list.

  • 2 pm: Most times when people are working in the office, they are likely to check out of work by this time or are looking for a little distraction that will keep their minds away from work for some time, this is why emails are sent by this time receive a good opening rate.

  • 6 am: After research conducted by the center for creative leadership shows that 50℅ individuals being the day by checking their emails while still in bed, this is true, most of us immediately wake up in the morning one of the first things we check is our email to know if there’s any new info there, this is why 6 am came into the list.

The list below is the combination of the best days with the best time of the day to send out emails, in descending order:

  • Tuesday at 10 pm
  • Thursday at 8 pm
  • Wednesday at 2 pm
  • Tuesday at 6 am
  • Thursday at 10 am
  • Wednesday at 8 pm
  • Tuesday at 2 Pm
  • Thursday at 6 am
  • Wednesday at 10 am
  • Tuesday at 8 pm
  • Thursday at 2 pm
  • Wednesday at 6 am

These are the list of the best times to send out an email copy each day, now the next thing you must do is to test them to know what works for you. Everyone is wrong until proven otherwise. Having said this, you’ll need to test these days and times against your list. Send out your emails on the best days and times as suggested above. Then analyze the data from your test to see when you got not only the best open rate but also the most traffic and conversions.

Why does the time of the day affect the email opening rate?

You may be asking yourself these questions, why do I have to know the best time of the day to send out my email copies, can’t I just do it any time of the day. What influences the time and the opening rate of any email are human activities.

Naturally, humans are busy beings, we may be in different countries but most of the human population wakes up at a specific time of the day.It is common for most people to take up by 6 am daily to start their day. Now if you are an email marketer, your knowledge will tell you to send those emails at 6 am to know the outcome and you find out that the opening rate increases. This tells you that one of the things that affect the opening rate of an email copy is more really the time it was sent, rather the key is human activities. You see again that in most workplaces across the country, many people go for lunch at noon.

This is similar across the globe, when you send out your emails at those times of the day, you will be sure of a great open rate. It is important you test these to know what works for you, remember what works for you might be different from what works for others, this is why you don’t just assume, you go and test them out to choose the one that works well for you.

Examples of Platforms Used To Deliver Emails

There are many platforms used to deliver emails, the deliverability rate of a platform is very important, before you choose a platform to deliver your emails to your customers, it is important you check the deliverability rate.

  • Active Campaign 96℅ deliverability rate
  • Constant Contact 93℅ deliverability rate
  • Drip 89.5 deliverability rate
  • MailChimp 82.6% deliverability rate
  • Aweber 79.8 deliverability rate
  • Benchmark 75.8 deliverability rate
  • GetResponse 100% deliverability rate

It is clear that some email platforms are better at delivering emails than others, and specifically at getting through to certain email providers like Microsoft. I believe that deliverability should be an important factor to consider when choosing an email software service. While it might seem like I’m deeply into this is because I want you to understand the profound effect that deliverability plays in driving sales.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Email Copy?

There are some notable features that we can use to qualify a good email copy, there are criteria every email copy must significantly pass to be called a good email copy, that is what we are going to look into in this section.

It must catch the attention of your audience

Every good email copy must be able to catch the attention of your target audience, if your email does not catch the attention it will not be clicked on and definitely, it will not lead to a sale. In the other article I write on email marketing, I made it clear that the first thing your audience sees is your headline.

The headline used to write an article to be published on Facebook or to run ads on other social media marketing platforms is not the same as the one used for email marketing. In email marketing, your headline must not appear too professional if not it will be spotted as a promotional letter and people don’t like that, your headline must be intriguing and less formal, the more you sound like their friend’s or relative the easier they will be willing to open your email and read everything word for word.

What determines your email being clicked on and read is how less formal it is, and how casual it is, many so-called professionals think you can get a higher deliverability rate by designing their emails to look very classic, the more classic your email looks the less open rate, the less open rate leads to email blindness, a state where your audience doesn’t even get to see your emails again.

It must be intriguing and entertaining

This is the secret to the high opening rate of most professional email writers, your email must be intriguing and entertaining. Do you know that there’s a way you will write your email? Your audience will be expecting your emails daily. They will leave whatever they’re doing to check your email because they know that your emails are always entertaining and engaging.

To write a good and engaging email copy your introductory test matters, your introductory text is what your audience sees immediately after the headline, they’re the first thing they will read, you see if the headline is intriguing and your introductory text is not, it will lead to your audience feeling disappointed and with the time that will stop clicking ok your mails, and when they stop it will lead to what is called email blindness, a state where your audience won’t see your emails again.

Your introductory text is very important, the more intriguing it is, the more engaging it is, the easier it will be to get good open rates, and when your emails are open and read you will surely make sales. The two most important things in this section of the article are your headline and secondly, your introductory texts, the more intriguing and engaging it is the easier it is for it to be opened and the more sales you will make.


As we have seen from the beginning of this article that there are best times of the day to send out email copies and get a good open rate and deliverability, these times of the day were obtained after intensive research but it is not immune to change. This means that you have to test run it to find out what works for you, the time you get the best open rate, the best desirability rate, and most conversions, we discussed how the time of the day influences email deliverability rate, and finally, we discussed the two most important characteristics of an email. This article is aimed at improving your business sales conversion and blowing your revenues off the hook. I believe this article has been of help to you, comment your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with friends.