Business start ups

What are business start ups? Why do some businesses succeed and others fail? What makes a business venture more promising and productive than the other? What are the ways you can build powerful business start ups? If you have any of this article in mind and you need an answer to your questions, you’re in the right article. In this article we will discuss business start ups and how you can build one from the comfort of your home, we will also discuss some of the types of business start ups we have and the categories yours fall into. The goal of this article is to give you an insight into what business start ups are and how you can start yours, stay tuned and let’s ride.

What Is Business

We cannot effectively discuss what a start up is if we don’t first understand the concept of business. What is business? What will happen to an individual or an organization before we call it a business? This is what we will be reviewing in this section. A business is any form of venture in which value is exchanged for money, it doesn’t matter if that value is a product or in form of time, whenever something is exchanged for money we say that a business transaction has taken place.

This brings us to the awareness that for a business to take place something must be exchanged for money and that thing that must be exchanged is called value. Before you start a business you must understand the type of business you are venturing into, one of the reasons why most people find it difficult to keep a business running smoothly is because they don’t understand their niche, they don’t understand their market and likewise, they don’t understand what business is.

Building business start ups is very easy if you understand the basics of business and commit some of your time to learn. Learning is one of the if not the most important aspects when it comes to building start ups, learning will open your mind to a lot of things, things your competitors don’t know about, it is in learning you will discover the importance of business management as a course in building your start ups. If there’s one thing that most business owners and entrepreneurs downplay that’s learning, there are many people out there who started a business that failed in the long run, the reason is mostly because of a lack of sufficient information to build a business start up. What you don’t know about what you do or want to do will inevitably lead to your downfall in that thing you want to do.

Every business, every niche you want to venture into in this online space requires you to learn, learning is the first phase of you starting a business, without learning you will not have the sufficient knowledge required to build business start ups. When we learn we open our minds and prevent ourselves from making these business mistakes in the future. There are some mistakes when made in business that will inevitably lead to the fall of that business.

Instead of you learning by experience, you should learn by modeling people.In today’s world, starting a business or building business start ups requires a lot of things, back in the day you can easily think of a business and start doing it, but today before you start a business you have to learn how the digital world works, you have to understand why and what makes it works, you have to choose the social media marketing platform you will use to market your product to the world, all these require time and patience to learn it and those who don’t have that type of patience to learn will not be able to reach the top of their careers in business.

Building business start ups require you to pay very close attention to the digital world and how it works, paying attention to the digital market will help you understand how and where to market your product.You may be asking yourself why the digital market has become dominant today the answer is simply because that is where the highest number of people congregates, that’s where you are most likely to find your audience, there are over 2.5 billion people on social media and as we all know, marketing is a game of numbers, whoever reaches the highest number of people will make the highest sales, this is why the marketing industry is well sought after.

Before the advancement of the internet, we could only reach out to very few people in our marketing and business sales, we could only do business in a localized geographical area, and only businesses that had the funding did business across borders, this made business owners make little sales and the rate of competition skyrocketed.

With the advancement of technology and the internet, many businesses are coming to the digital space for one reason, simply because of the number of people in it, you can stay in your house and launch your business or website across multiple regions, you can equally stay in your house and do business in a specific region in a specific country, thus technology bridge the gap and connected business owners to millions of people at any given point in time.

What To Know Before Building Business Start Ups

Before building business start ups there are certain things you must know, the reason why it’s important you know this is because most rich people in business don’t tell you these, they keep it as secrets, so pay close attention and read on. Building a business start ups requires

  • Proper planning
  • Proper research
  • Patience
  • Hard Work

Proper Planning

For you to be able to build business start ups you need to plan, you plan by writing down the goals you have for your business, there are 5 types of business start ups, after choosing the one you feel you can do, the next important thing is for you to plan, it is in planning you go through some of the courses you bought, it is in planning that you come up with different business ideas, that will help you to grow your start ups.

Proper planning prevents poor performance, when planning for your business start ups or is important you write your plans down, writing your plans down gives you clarity and a vision of where you want your business to be, a vision of where you are taking your business to. Planning is very important in business, it is where the ideas for your business are written down and deliberated upon, if you want to learn how to build start ups, you must plan for your business and write down those plans to give you focus, vision, and directions.

Proper Research

This is a very important aspect of building business start ups, without research you cannot come up with business ideas and if you can’t come up with business ideas you cannot build a startup or scale a business. Proper research is what makes it possible to do, proper research allows you to probe into the nature of your competitors’ business and model him or her to get the same results.

The internet is filled with many businesses, sometimes you may find it difficult to choose the right niche for your business, you may get confused about the niche to choose from and this can pose a great problem to you, one of the ways you can prevent these is through research, quality intentional business research that cuts across multiple industries, that will allow you to understand your market, market saturation, to know how the internet world is and where to find the best and potential clients for your business.

Market research will make you know which kind of business to do and which business is giving money at the moment. Without research none of the things we ever do will matter, research is a very important aspect of building business start ups. Take it seriously and make sure you do intense quality research that cuts across industries before starting that business in your mind.


Patience is one of the keys to success both in business and in life. When you are new to this online space you may find many things strange to you, you may feel you’re so far away that you may never be able to catch up with your competitors, the truth is if you can just start with patience and consistency you will get there.

Lack of patience has made many people lose their business, many businesses were at the breaking point but due to lack of patience, that dream and that business were buried. In building a business start up you must develop and cultivate the act of being patient while learning, being patient while applying what you learned, and ultimately being patient until you make it work. No businessman or entrepreneur has ever built a business on the altar of impatience, it’s a virtue you must cultivate if you want to build a business start ups.

Hard Work

Before you can build any business startups you need to inculcate the spirit of hard work inside of you. When you start a business, the first few years or months are the time you need to work as hard as you can, it’s the time you need to strain yourself to your limit to make sure your business works.

This is what scares many business owners and entrepreneurs, they are afraid to put in the work required, and they’re scared to work their ass off, hard work during the first few months or years of a business is what separates the successful ones from the unsuccessful, if you read the success stories of many businesses out there, you will find out that all of them have hard work as a common characteristic that took them to where they are. If you want to build a business start up, you must be hardworking to put in the work required to make your business work.

As you work hard you should have a mental picture of where you want your business to be in the next few years or months, it will keep you focused and fan your passion and keep you motivated to work as hard as possible to make your business work.

Types Of Business Start Ups

  • Small business start ups
  • Buyable startups
  • Scalable start ups
  • Offshoot start ups

Small Business Start Ups

This type of business start up is the type most entrepreneurs, do online, it’s a business where you thinking of a niche to start, let’s say health niche online, you buy products from any of the best health niche sites in the world, then you sell those health products using any of the social media platforms that suit you, from there you can grow your business. This is a small business start ups, you can start from here if you’re a newbie.

Buyable Start Ups

This is a type of business start ups where you create a business, let’s say a website, then after a specific period, you sell this website or business for a high amount of money to someone else or another company. This type of business start ups is one of the fastest and surest ways to fast wealth and retire young, but it requires you to be knowledgeable enough in many business ethics before you can start a buyable business start ups.

Scalable start ups

In this type of business start up, you start a business from scratch and scale it up, it can be a company, but the curex of the matter is that you will be the one to take full responsibility for this business, from beginning to the point where it will stand among the best business in that niche, scalable business start ups are always difficult at first but as time goes on, you will think God that you choose this business model

Offshoot Business Start Ups

This is a unique type of business start up, in this type of start ups, a business breaks away from another more established business, for instance, a group of people breaking out from a larger organization to start their own business or cooperation, this type of business start ups are called offshoot business start ups, I don’t advise you to go for this one.


We have come to the end of this article on business start ups, this article is aimed at teaching you all the requirements and ethics it takes to start and scale a business. I believe that this article has answered some of the questions you might have in mind, feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with your friends.