There are tons of opportunities to study abroad and fortunately, some of these opportunities aren’t as expensive as we might think. If you are constantly dreaming of studying abroad, then this article should be perfect for you.

We’ve compiled the cheapest countries to study abroad from Nigeria to make it really easy for you to pick from. There could be tons of reasons why you want to study abroad, maybe you think they offer better dervices. Maybe you want to experience a different culture and try something new. It really doesn’t matter what your reason could be, you are just motivated to find the cheapest counties to study abroad from Nigeria.


It’s no surprise that most of the best education you might get is readily available abroad. There are also some courses that aren’t available in Nigeria but you can find them abroad.
One of the main thing is that they have advanced ways of teaching than we do here in Nigeria. Most of the time, the reasons a lot of people go abroad to study is availability of high quality education and a chance for them to make money abroad when they’re done.

There are lots of opportunities abroad for a lot of programs. In Nigeria, a lot of courses are limited in terms of opportunities. This isn’t always the case when you study the same course abroad.
Another advantage is the short amount of time it takes to complete any course of your choice. Unlike the incessant strike that goes in in Nigeria, nothing of that nature occasion abroad to disrupt their academic calendar.

With all of these said, you’re obviously curisous about the cheapest countries to study abroad from Nigeria. Without much talking much, let’s head to list a few of them.


Cheapest countries to study abroad from Nigeria

One thing about studying abroad especially in Europe is that some of the public universities are basically free. This is readily available for EU students, as an international student you might need to pay but it won’t cost as much. Here’s a list of the cheapest countries to study abroad from Nigeria

1. Finland:

Finland is definetly among the list of cheapest countries to study abroad from Nigeria. In the past, the tuition for the universities in Finland was basically free. Insane, right? But things have changed a bit and as a non-EU citizen, you will need to pay some basically fees in order to enroll into any program you want in Finland.
Based on different analysis, the cost of attending a university in finland is about $1,000 per year. Most of their fees are usually paid annually.

2. Germany:

Germany is one of the most popular choices for students who are looking for the cheapest countries to study abroad from Nigeria. You can’t blame people for choosing Germany, the tuition feel is low and it is basically free in some public universities. Both EU and international students can school in Germany for free (most of the public universities) but you will have to pay some necessary fees to cover other costs.
Germany also has an array of economic advantages and culture to offer.

3. Austria:

Austria is basically one of the best and underrated countries you could thinknof studying abroad from Nigeria. Their fees are free to indigenes but as a non-indigene, it would cost you less than $1,000 per year to study in any of the universities in Austria. This definitely puts it on the list of cheapest universities room study abroad from Nigeria.
It’s basically 20 times cheaper than going to a University in the united states.

4. Hungary:

Hungary doesn’t just offer a cheap opportunity for you to study abroad from Nigeria, they also offer low cost of living which makes it a really nice destination for those who are on a low budget.
Their average fees for the university is about $1000 to about $1500 at most per year.

5. Italy:

If you’re thinking of going to a private university in Italy, then you should reconsider that decision. Private universities are quite expensive but fortunately, they offer cheap opportunities for their public universities.

Their public universities pay an annual fee of about $1,000 per year. This puts it among the cheapest universities to study abroad from Nigeria. Italy also offers you a culture that is rich in history. Their lifestyle, cuisines and architecture is one of the best in the world. It would definitely be a nice option if you want to study abroad.

6. Spain:

Although public universities are basically free for EU residents, international students will have to pay about $800 to about $1500 per year. It depends on the university and the program you are planning to study.
The fees could be higher if you’re planning on pursuing a pHD.

7. Greece:

Like most lf the above mentioned countries, they basically offer free university education to EU students but you will have to pay a small feeling as an international student.
Their tuition feel is about $1,500 per year for their public universities. Greece also offers low cost of living, in fact, it is one of the cheapest countries you can live in the European Union.


Before picking a country you would like to further your education in. It is advised that you do a lot of background research on the country. You should find out the costs of living.
Sometimes the costs of living in a particular country might tend to be on the high side, you need to see which one your budget will be able to carry. One thing that helps you to cover the cost of living in this countries is a part-time job.

Some of these countries have offers available for international students to get part-time jobs to support yourself. So you would have to check in on the ckuntries that makes it really easy for you to work while going to school and how much you stand to make. This will help you to gather enough money to cover for some expenses while you study.