In this article, as will be looking at content writing for SEO, we will discuss the definition of SEO, how to be an effective content writer, and how to always come up with ideas for your content, we will also look into the importance of content writing for SEO in business and how you can leverage on your contents to make more money, grow your business, retire rich and young. Stay tuned lets ride

What Is Content Writing

I believe most of us must have heard of this term called content writing, we may have also heard of content writing for SEO and sometimes we wonder what it is, what it means, and how important content writing is, in this section of this article, we will be looking in-depth on what content writing is and how important it is in business before we move into content writing for SEO proper.

Content writing is a form of writing that is intended for enlightenment, education, or to give a specific type of instruction. Content writing can also be said to be any form of writing that is written to create awareness and promote goods or services. Writing itself comprises many facets of writing, in writing, we have copywriting which many people have mistaken for content writing, we have script writing which is written specifically for entertainment in the movie industry, we have content writing for awareness and we have content writing for SEO mostly used by bloggers and other companies out there to get high ranking on Google.

Content writing for SEO is written not as a hobby but to make money, everyone can be a content writer but not everyone can write content writing for SEO. There’s a very big difference between content writing and copywriting, sadly many people have mistaken one for the other. Copywriting is written for the sole purpose of persuading people to purchase while content writing is written for creating awareness. A copywriter uses the psychology of sales and the psychology of human relationships to persuade customers to buy his or her goods and services, the end goal of copywriting is to make the sale. No matter how good your copy is, if, in the end, you don’t make the sale you are not a good copywriter. Content writing on the other hand is written for enlightenment and education, but you can use content writing to make money but not in the same way copywriting is used. When a product is created and newly introduced to the market, two most important things take place during this process, first is creating awareness to the public about the arrival of that product, and the second is selling that product to the public, in some instances, two of these processes occurs at the same time but in other instances, they both occur separately.

These two processes are what ensure the success of any product or service. When one is done well the product or service is bound to be a failure in the marketplace.From the production of goods and services to its launching to the public and making of sales, copywriting and content writing plays a major role and this is why most people confuse the two. When a product is ready to be launched to the market, a content writer creates content either with writing or with videos about the product or services, its features, benefits, and how to use this product, the company will launch it to the public thereby creating a mass awareness when this mass awareness is created, the audience is ready to purchase this product, this is where the work of a content writer ends and a copywriter takes over from here.

A copywriter writes an intriguing copy with good offers, good mouthwatering offers that when your customer reads it they will beg you to take their money and give them the goods or services. When you hire a good copywriter who can come up with such a good and intriguing copy the next thing is to present it to the market that is your customers. When you present it in a good way and in a way that appeals to them, they will buy it from you in large quantities, that is the work of a copywriter, to create mass desire through content writing and make the sales with copywriting. This is the main difference between content writing and copywriting in the world of business.

Importance Of Content Writing For SEO

If you are a blogger or you’re aspiring to be one, you will find this article very helpful. In this section of this article, we will discuss the importance of content writing for SEO and how you can make money from it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this simply means the act of detailing your writings to suit certain requirements to be able to rank on a Google page. The fact is over 3 billion searches are made on Google every day, in your niche, it is safe to say that over 10 million searches are made there daily, your job as a content writer for SEO is to write contents that will rank on this page and the higher the number of people that visits your page the more money you will make, this is how bloggers make their money. Now, what are the requirements you must satisfy for your content to be able to rank on Google’s first page?

Your Content Writing For SEO Must Be Intriguing

There are many niches bloggers or content writers can write on, each niche with its specific number of searches per day, considering the high number of search that is made on Google per day it is safe to say that each niche you choose to write on as a content writer for SEO will have more than 1 million searches per day and if your content can rank on google first page you will be sure you will make something from it. Content writing for SEO entails you have to write intriguing and engaging content for you to be able to get clicks and people to read your content.One of the best ways to make your content intriguing is through your headline, the headline of your content writing for SEO must elicit a response, it must be intriguing enough to make people want to read your content till the end.

Be careful Of Your Keywords

If you’re new to content writing for SEO there are what we call keywords, these keywords are what will help you optimize your content to suit google for ranking. If you are writing on particular keywords and the write-up is to be 1000 words, there are several times those keywords are to appear in your content for it to meet google ranking standards for it to be ranked on google.

Every blogger who wishes to make money from what he is doing has to obey these rules, you must be able to optimize your content with these keywords so that it can easily pop up when people are searching for that keyword on Google. Another important point you must note in your content writing for SEO is that you need to research keywords, you don’t just think up something, write on it then expect that it will rank on Google, you need to research the keywords you want to write using some research tools like and host of others when you research on specific keywords on these sites, you will be presented with so many other related keywords, the search volume, and keyword difficulty and cost per click.

If you are new to blogging or content writing for SEO you have to look out for these important tips.web researching on keywords, you have to only write on keywords with low competition, keywords whose competitive rate is below 40% the reason for this is because if you go for keywords with a highly competitive rate close to 80%, it will be difficult for your website to rank on Google because there are so many other websites writing on that keyword.

Another important fact you have to note is the search volume of the keyword you have to write on, you need to write on keywords with search volumes that are higher than 500 searches per month, the reason is that the higher the searches per month the higher the chances of someone visiting your website. So basically it ranks well on Google. You need to write on keywords with search difficulty of less than 40% and search volumes higher than 500, and finally, your content has to be intriguing and entertaining.


Content writing for SEO entails a lot of things to be able to rank on Google, one of those things are backlinks, backlinks are linked in your content writing for SEO that link back to the previous article you have written on that site. When you search for something on Google when reading what you searched, you will see links that are attached to some of the writings, these links are called backlinks. They link back to previous articles that the person had written in the past. So if you want to venture into content writing for SEO you need to take this part seriously and make sure you meet all the standards that are set aside for you to be able to be ranked on google pages. Remember the first is writing intriguing and entertaining content, and the second is writing on good keywords with high search volume and low difficulty, remember to research well on this and the third is to include backlinks in your articles, they will help you rank better on Google.

How To Find Jobs As A Content Writer

If you don’t want to focus on content writing for SEO, there are many other ways to make money with your content writing, some of those ways are writing for a company that needs your services. From what we have read in this article, we understand that whenever a product is produced and ready to be launched into the market, the services of a content writer are needed.

Content writers write educating content that will help educate the customers about that product and how to make the most out of it. But this is not the only place the services of content writers are highly needed. When a product has been launched into the marketplace and sales have started pouring in through the services of a copywriter, the next thing or next place where the services of a content writer will be needed is in getting feedback from the customers.

Feedback is necessary to ensure the successful running of a company or a product. The reason is that feedback helps the managers to know what is working and what is not working, where to make some improvements and how to make the improvements. The work of a content writer here is to write engaging contents that will make the customers say their minds and how they feel concerning a particular product.

But if you’re a content writer reading this and you don’t want to do all this, you can check on this writing site, or www. you can start your writing journey from there. When joining these platforms you must understand that there are rules to follow just as there are rules in content writing for SEO, when you follow those rules your account will be approved and you will get the opportunity to work with foreign clients and receive payment from any part of the world. But you first have to take content writing seriously and come up with content every single day, consistency breeds competency.


We have come to the end of this article on content writing for SEO, we have discussed many things that I believe will be of help to you in your journey to become a content writer, either as SEO or for yourself. We discussed in-depth the differences between content writing and copywriting. We went further to write on content writing for SEO proper, the guidelines you have to follow to write contents that will be ranked on google. We concluded by discussing how to find jobs as a content writer if you don’t want to be a blogger. I believe this article has been of help to you, feel free to comment in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with your friends.