Copywriting vs content writing is a very vast topic, it has been confusing many people over the years, in this article we will look at copywriting vs content writing, we will look at the definition of copywriting, the importance of copywriting, and how you can apply copywriting to your business, we will do same for content writing. This article copywriting vs contact writing will put an end to your confusion and ultimately boost your sales in business. Sit tight and let’s ride

What is copywriting

Before you start a business, there are necessary skills you must possess, those skills are what ensure your success in that business. Copywriting is one of such skills, copywriting when learned properly can boost sales and pull in revenues like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. The goal of copywriting is to make sales, every skill is learned for a reason, copywriting is a skill that is learned specifically to make sales, and the number of sales a company can pull in, in a month or a year, depends on how good the copywriter is.

The problem with many business owners is that they think the problem is a lack of customers, but in reality, the problem is that they don’t know how to make these customers buy their product. Copywriting is defined as salesmanship in print, the act of using words to make people buy your product willingly. This is the most profitable skill out there, there are very few copywriters out there, meaning if you learn this skill very well, you will make tons of money with it, if you as a business owner learn and horn this skill, you will make a lot from it. The end goal of a good copy is not to be applauded, it is not to be loved, the end goal of a good copy is to persuade people to buy, when people love your copy but don’t buy after reading, it means your copy is not good enough.

Many people have been confused about the difference between copywriting and content writing. This is why I have put up this article on copywriting vs content writing, you put an end to this confusion. Copywriters are highly needed in the world of business and commerce, they write the copies you see in adverts that sell, they write product description to make your goods or services to sell.

Copywriters are the brain behind many revenues that pours into a business yearly or monthly, a copywriter is paid for one sole purpose of making the sale, to be a good copywriter you must understand the psychology of human relationship, you must understand human beings don’t want to be sold to, they want to buy, they want to feel like they’re the one making the purchase, and as a copywriter, your job is to make them feel that way.If you neglect copywriting in your business you will make a lot of business mistakes.

Have you ever seen the headline of a newspaper and you couldn’t just get your eyes off it until you picked it up to check it out, people who come up with such powerful and intriguing writer ups are called copywriters, they know how to put words together to make you want to buy the product without even knowing. The most important thing in a good copy is the headline. In this article copywriting vs content writing, it is good you understand that we are taking it one after the other, we are taking a look at copywriting first.

Steps To Writing A Sales Letter

In writing a sales letter that sells, the first thing to consider is the headline. You should have it in the back of your mind that a poor product can sell with a good headline, but a good product will find it hard to sell with a bad deadline. The headline accounts for 80% of the success of your sales letter.

Four Techniques To Writing A powerful Headline

  1. How to techniques
  2. The ultimate Dream techniques
  3. The crazy offer technique
  4. The swiping Techniques

How to techniques

This is the simplest technique when it comes to writing a powerful headline. You need to know that in this article, copywriting vs content writing, we will be talking about headlines in both of them but the emphasis is on copywriting. In the how-to technique all, you have to say HOW TO….. and add what you are selling. For example, if you are selling a herbal cream that clears pimples, you can easily come up with something that sounds like

  • How to have the clear skin you will be proud of
  • How to have clear skin that will make you glow
  • How to have clear skin your friends will be jealous of.

Sometimes, you can start with some attention-grabbing words and phrases like “discover, at last, attention, etc. Adding some of these attention-grabbing words it becomes

  • Discover how to have clear skin your friends will be jealous of
  • At last…. Here is how to have clear skin that will amaze your friends

The Ultimate Dream Techniques

This technique involves coming up with the dreams your customers have when buying. The interesting thing here is that the dream a customer has when buying a product is different from what the average guy thinks. Take, for instance, the selling of luxury cars. On the surface, the reason for having a car is to ride in comfortable, safe, and maybe fast cars. But let us be honest. When a young man buys a car, there’s a big tendency that impressing a girl is a dream he has. You can come up with something like this

  • She will Drop her pants once she sees you in this car
  • Amaze your friends and family during arguments( A headline-selling encyclopedia

Your goal as a copywriter is to find the ultimate dream and use it as your headline. This is why you need to do quality research before writing a copy.

The Crazy Offer Technique

This is one of the best techniques when it comes to writing powerful headlines. Are there any outrageous benefits your buyers would get when they buy your product? If you come up with something heavy you can use it as your headline. Example

  • If you buy this book titled 5 powerful reasons behind your academic failure and you are not 100% convinced it can turn your academic life around, we will refund your money and ask you to keep the book for wasting your time.
  • Book a room for a day and get four days for free
  • Attend my 5000$ seminar for free. Pay only after you start making money.
  • Own a flat in Lekki with a 100k down payment

This is how you can use the crazy offer technique to come up with intriguing offers that will make your customers put their hands inside their pockets and pay for your product.

The Swiping Technique

One of the best ways to come up with sales letters for your product is to search through past archives of successful letters and model your own around them. It’s a shortcut that is perfectly legal and saves you the troubles of trial and error. Take a look at some of the headlines written by successful copywriters.

  • Do you make these mistakes in job interviews?
  • Do you make these visa application mistakes?
  • An open letter to every man and woman in America who wants to have better sex without feeling guilty.

These are the four techniques you can use to draft a powerful headline for your business. Copywriting vs content writing has been a ground for confusion in the world of business, the goal of a copywriter is to make sales using words, his goal is to persuade people to buy his product or services using words. This is basically what copywriting is all about, next we will look into content writing

What is content writing

You must have heard the term content writing, again and again, and you must have confused it with copywriting, in this article content writing vs copywriting, we will look into what content writing is all about and the importance of content writing in business. Content writing is any form of a written word whose goal and purpose is to create awareness and educate the public or specific types of people. In this article copywriting vs content writing, we’ve understood that the end goal of a copywriter is to make a sale, if a sale is not made at the end of your writing, you have failed as a copywriter, while in content writing the end goal is to create awareness, educate and engage a specific type of people. The goal of a content writer is not to make sales, his or her goal is to educate the customer or prospect about the arrival of a particular goods or services

Content writing is important in business, you can’t do without a content writer just like you can’t do without a copywriter, this is the basis of the problems that exist and confusion on the difference between the two. When a product just leaves the manufacturing company to the public, the goal of that product is not to make sales, the first goal of that product and its manufacturers is to create awareness, to let the audience know that this product is available. If it’s a sophisticated product, the first goal of that product is to educate the public on how to use that product, and the person whose work is to create this awareness is called a content writer. You see why both work hand in hand for the success and growth of a product or an organization. The world is fast becoming a global village, digital marketing has replaced physical marketing, the goal of every business is to make sales, copywriters and content writers are the first people needed to make a business a success, hence the reason why copywriting vs content writing has been an area of misunderstanding.

Ways to come up with a good content

Writing content is one thing but being able to come up with good content to write on for maximum engagement is another thing, in this article copywriting vs content writing we will be looking at how to come up with a good content

  1. Research
  2. Your mind
  3. Books


If you want to come up with good content for your business, this is the first and very important step. When you are writing content that requires engagement, you are to research before you start. Research on the product, features of the product, and how the product you are writing on will help the customer. When you have researched this, you can comfortably come up with great and engaging content that will engage your audience and help you to find out what you want from them, their reviews, and how good your product or services is.

Your mind

One of the things that makes a content writer exceptional is creativity, you have to constantly come up with ideas that will help engage your audience, create awareness and connect to more people. One of the best places to come up with such ideas is your mind. Your mind is the seat of creativity. If you don’t constantly think about ways to come up with better content, you will find it hard to engage your audience. As a content writer, you have to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and know the type of words that will suit them, the tone of your words, and how they will react. If you can do this very well, you will be an exceptional writer.


There’s a goldmine in books, a whole lot is hidden in books, as a content writer you should know that someone has done this before you, someone has treaded on this path before you, and most of them wrote books on it. If you want to come up with great content ideas, you should read those books written by them, it will guide you and give inspiration to your mind on how to come up with great content ideas.

Final words on copywriting vs content writing

We have come to the end of this article, we’ve understood deeply what content writing and copywriting are all about, the reason why many people misunderstood them, and we have equally seen the importance of both of them in the world of business. If you want to venture into any of them as a skill, I suggest you choose the one that suits you because they’re both important. If you are a business owner, I suggest you read this article again for you to understand what copywriting and content writing is all about.