Digital Marketing Online Courses

Are you looking for the best digital marketing online courses for you? Do you want to start your journey as a digital marketer, are you looking for the best online platform to learn more about digital marketing, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I will explain to you what digital marketing is, what it takes to make money on digital marketing, and finally, we will discuss the best platforms to learn more about digital marketing online courses. Sit tight and let’s ride.

What Is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a word that has become very popularly used in the 21st century, this is mainly because of the advancement in technology over the last few decades. Before you think of starting a business in this 21 century you have to have sufficient knowledge of how the digital world is. Before the advancement of the internet and other social media handles, businesses were done offline, and people could only reach out to very few people at a time in a well-defined region. This makes competition very intense and only the strong survive, businesses that can not cope with such an intense atmosphere of competition are forced out of the market. This made marketing to be the survival of the fittest, many businesses, promising businesses that couldn’t keep up with the ever-increasing rate of the competition were forced out of the market.

Then, at last, a solution came with the advancement of technology, technology, and the internet came as a savior to boost the digital marketing world. Many businesses that couldn’t thrive offline regained their full activities online, but as is with every other industry, many business owners and entrepreneurs found it hard to adjust to this new system. This system marked the beginning of a revolution in the business world, many digital marketing online courses were introduced by those who know how the system works to teach others how to navigate through the system. Businesses that were once confined in a geographical location could now be done worldwide with the click of a finger.

As it is with every other advancement in technology, many business owners who couldn’t follow the trend lost their businesses in the long run. The way to stay on top in business and life generally speaking is to always follow the trend, the trend is where the money is, when computers became popular those who utilized them and learned how to use them stayed in business and kept making good money, others who thought it doesn’t matter was kicked out of business in less than 4 years after the introduction of the computer, that is how it is even in the business world. A smart business owner is always alert to know the latest improvement in his niche in business to apply it in his and grow his own business. Those who don’t understand the principles of how businesses work will always wait until the last minute to apply what it is they need to apply.

Digital marketing is simply the act of marketing your goods and services using the online space as a platform. Before we normally do word of the mouth type of marketing, where we can only reach a few people may be through television or newspapers, but today through the development of many social media platforms, you can reach as many audiences as you want with just a click of the button. Many digital marketing online courses were created to help business owners who don’t know how to navigate through the new age of technology to make sales and pull in revenues. Digital marketing is all about creating mass awareness through social media handles to make sales and drive revenue. Many digital marketing online courses have been created for this purpose, most of which require payment and others are free beginner classes that can help you start your journey into the digital world.

What Are Digital Marketing Online Courses

This may be your first time hearing about digital marketing online courses, if it is, don’t worry I am here to guide you through. Digital marketing online courses are courses that are set aside and created by authority figures to teach business owners or individuals all they need to know about digital marketing. This course comes in the form of videos in our YouTube classes, some come in the form of e-books, etc. They all have one goal in mind, to teach the average business owner how important digital marketing is to the world of business.

If you are a newbie in digital marketing or entrepreneurship, you may not understand the importance of digital marketing online courses at first, you may think it’s one of those courses and considering the fact you are new, you may find it strange to understand why many business owners pay thousands of dollars to know more about digital marketing. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur who is new to the digital marketing world, you shouldn’t neglect this, if you do your business will not do well, because for any business to be able to thrive and survive in this 21st century you must understand the importance of digital marketing.

This is the secret top business owners don’t tell you, many people who don’t understand digital marketing, whine about not making sales, or not having enough customers, but those who do, will keep on making sales, the difference between the rich and the poor in any given industry is in the knowledge they have and the application of that knowledge. The rich in entrepreneurship no matter how wealthy they are, understand the power of the internet when it comes to making money online and they still take digital marketing online courses to keep them on top of their profession. This confirms the statement, “the day you stop learning, everything stops moving forward”. And this is true, for you to be a success in this online space irrespective of the type of business you are doing, you need to learn more about digital marketing online courses, it will help you stay on top of your market and keep the sales rolling in.

Examples Of The Best Digital Marketing Platforms To Market Your Business Online

There are many digital marketing platforms online, let’s assume you have taken the digital marketing online courses and you have learned a lot from them and you wish to step up your game by practicing what you’ve learned by marketing your goods or services online. There are 5 best platforms to do that and they are.

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Email


This houses the highest number of users worldwide, Facebook has over 2 billion active users worldwide, which makes it the best platform to market your goods be it digital products or physical products. What Facebook does is to sell some personal data of your audience to you and in turn, you pay them for it and market your product to your audience. For you to be able to utilize Facebook effectively to market your product you must understand how to write quality copies and come up with offers that will make your customers beg you to collect their money. The best way to go about this offer is to employ a professional copywriter, after you have written the offers and gotten everything ready, the next thing you need to do is to learn how to set up your Facebook ads campaign, some digital marketing online courses teaches this, but if you don’t know how to do it, feel free to click on that link to learn more. Facebook is the biggest market out there, if you want to promote your product to a large audience, Facebook is your best option.


This is one of the biggest search engines in the world, over 3 billion searches are made on Google per day, this is to show you how many businesses are in this digital space, and for you to make money using google as a platform you need to be a professional copywriter or hire the services of one. Research has it that there are over a thousand searches on a particular niche a day on Google, what this means is that you will be competing with over a thousand businesses daily and the best way to stand out is to employ the services of a professional copywriter to help you create offers that will help you to stand out in your business and be perceived as a person of value. Most digital marketing online courses will teach you how powerful google is in promoting your business and making sales online. You should always go for the paid version, it has more to offer to you and your business than the free version.


In every other digital marketing platform out there, you build on another man’s platform. What I mean is that you establish your business on a platform that is not yours which is open to changes or closing as the case may be. Facebook is not yours, if you build your digital business on a Facebook platform that is not yours, what if something happens tomorrow and the CEO of Facebook decides to sell it to someone else or shut it down entirely, how will your business survive? Top business owners who underpants this early come up with an alternative, that is to build their businesses on a platform they can control too and that platform is emails, newbies in digital marketing may not understand the importance of building a large email list that will help you scale your business. When searching for digital marketing online courses make sure you go for the one that has email marketing as one of the things you will learn there, this is why it is advisable to go for the paid ones.


This is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing platforms to market your goods or products. It is easier to market your product on youtube than on most other platforms because you don’t need the services of a copywriter to write long-form copies for you. You just need to research the different channels on YouTube to point out the one with the best audience for you to market your products. There are currently over 10 million active YouTube channels and youtube channels are not restricted to any locality, someone from any country can subscribe to your channels, as a business owner, you should not bother about creating your youtube channel to market your product, you just have to leverage others that the audience you want to market your product for you, then you sit back and relax.


If there’s any platform that houses the highest number of famous people online that platform is Instagram. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing platforms, most digital marketing online courses do not teach how to leverage Instagram to make money promoting your product, this is why you should pay very close attention to this. For you to leverage Instagram to make money and promote your product you need to either have thousands of millions of followers or leverage those who do. There are people on Instagram who have over 1 to 5 million followers, some have up to 10 million followers, for you to leverage this high number of followers, you need to connect with the individual, pay him or her to promote your product on his timeline for those millions of people to see, and if that person has the desired audience you are looking for, then you can be sure of making good money from it.

3 Best Online Courses For Digital Marketing

Many platforms offer courses on digital marketing, below are the best 3 platforms, tested and trusted, you can start your digital marketing journey from here

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • LinkedIn


This is one of the best platforms for learning digital marketing online courses

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Ideal for: Beginners with no prior experience
  • Duration: Approximately 8 months (5 hours a week)
  • Price: The Coursera subscription fee is $79 per month


This is the second best platform for learning digital marketing courses online

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Ideal for: Beginners, employees, or small business owners looking to upskill
  • Duration: 22.5 hours
  • Price: $149.99 (but they regularly offer major discounts)


This is not just a platform for learning digital marketing online courses, but it is also a professional platform to help you connect to other top people across multiple industries.

  • Mode of study: Online video tutorials
  • Ideal for: Beginners curious about digital marketing but who aren’t ready to commit to a paid program
  • Duration: 20 hours across 11 courses
  • Price: Free, with the option of a monthly subscription for more in-depth content


We have come to the end of this article on digital marketing online courses. This article aims to expose you to the world of multiple opportunities out there, to let you know as a business owner you can earn more money when you commit some of your time to learn how the digital world is navigated. I believe this article has answered some of the questions you may have about digital marketing, feel free to comment with your thoughts, and don’t forget to share with your friends.