Entrepreneurship definition is simply the act of knowing everything necessary for you to succeed in your journey as an entrepreneur. Most people want to start a journey in the line of entrepreneurship, most people reading this are newbies in the world of business. In this article, I will explain deeply the term “entrepreneurship definition” to give you more understanding of what entrepreneurship is, then we will look into what it takes to become an entrepreneur and finally why most people end up poor or broke in life. Sit tight and lets ride

Entrepreneurship Definition

In starting any business the first and foremost step is identifying the business you want to start. When it comes to entrepreneurship you must first understand what entrepreneurship stands for and who is qualified to be called an entrepreneur. Many people have defined entrepreneurship in so many ways but they all have something in common and that is, being in control of your job without answering to anyone, this is the main factor that makes anyone to be called an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship definition is a term that has been defined by so many scholars over the last 5 decades. If you look around you, studying the trend of business for the past 50 years, you will notice an exponential rise in business in the 200s as technology and social media became accessible to many people.

Many people who started businesses without trying to understand what entrepreneurship definition stands for inevitably made these business mistakes that ended their business in a very short period.

Entrepreneurship is more than just owning a business, you have to be able to make that business work for you. The hallmark of being an entrepreneur is having a business that you have well established that is working for you.If you start a business, you are not yet qualified to be called an entrepreneur until you have found a way to make this business work for you instead of you working for the business, the reason most entrepreneurs are not making it in the world of business is that they have not yet been able to capture the reality of this term “entrepreneurship definition” most people still think it’s all about business, but in a real sense, you can be a very successful entrepreneur without owning any business.

The world has indeed gone digital, there are so many social media platforms, which you can use to promote your product as an entrepreneur, but with all this advancement in technology, latest hacks, and all these, some people find it incredibly difficult to make sales in their various businesses. What is the cause of this?The main reason for the lack of sales and revenue in business is that many business owners are not following the principles that ensure success in entrepreneurship. There are principles in so many businesses, in life generally speaking, that when followed will give you the result you want no matter where you are or where you are from.

Entrepreneurship is one of the few ventures that have the potential of making you very rich and allows you to retire early and young, money doesn’t respond to and, if you can follow the principles, it can indeed work for you. This is one of the reasons why many people venture into entrepreneurship, but when you don’t understand and capture the deeper meaning behind the term “entrepreneurship definition” it will be difficult for you to make sales in your business.

Why Many People End Up Poor In Life

If you don’t want to end up poor in life you should take this part of this article seriously. There are many reasons why many people end up poor in life, but most of these reasons don’t address the issue, they mainly address the cause without addressing the main problem. You share something like, wake up early, dream big, think big, this and that, but in a real sense, none of these life hacks unless you discover what I’m about to teach you and change the narrative.

Many years ago one of the best ways to end up rich in life is to go to school, graduate and get a job, work for over 25 years, save 10% of what you earn, and invest it in mutual funds, then maybe just maybe you will end up rich, and guess what? Many people believed this and bought this idea for decades. You see the reason why most people end up poor in life is because of the narrative they follow.

Follow me closely in this article, and I will open your eyes to many things.If you see a young guy of let’s say 35 years driving a Lamborghini car or Bugatti 2022 model, what comes to your mind? Most people will say, oh he’s so lucky, others will say maybe he inherited wealth from his family or he’s a superstar, a movie star, or an athlete, why is it that no one will think oh yes maybe she’s an entrepreneur or a business owner?

The answer is because society has taught us that you can only have that kind of money when you’re maybe 70, or you’re a superstar or an athlete. But right now at the point of writing this article, there are many under 40 millionaires across the world.

These few people who are rich or retired at a very young age what made them different from other people? It is in what they know, that you cannot break out of poverty if you don’t even know the reason you are poor in the first place. Look around you in every industry where are people who are doing it well and some are barely finding their feet, the reason is that they are conforming to the narrative set by the society, which are

  • Go to school
  • Graduate
  • Get a job
  • Work for 20 to 25 years
  • Save 10℅ of your salary
  • Invest in mutual funds, and maybe just maybe when you’re 70 you will be rich

This idea has been sold to us from childhood, we have lost our ability to be creative, to think outside the box, the society thinks for you and me, and only those that are courageous enough to break from this chain ever make it in life. It doesn’t matter the business you start, if you start it with this mentality, chances are you will not make it in that business.

I have outlined to you the main reasons why people are poor. If you can break out from this mindset and understand what the term “entrepreneurship definition” means, you are already halfway to wealth. Have you noticed that those who dare to chase their dreams and purpose are not very much loved by people, you hear things like go get a job, be reasonable, and be realistic, but the only reason they’re not sounding reasonable to most people is that they are not conforming to what society holds as the right path to wealth.

To break out from this limiting mindset you must first understand that anyone can be rich, literally speaking, anyone, you reading this, I type this, anyone can be rich, when you have understood this fact you must understand that you don’t need to wait till you have reached a specific number of years for you to enjoy your wealth. This means you don’t have to wait till you are 65 to drive your first car, you can do that at 30, you don’t need to wait till you retire before you enjoy your life, you can do that at 25 if you understand this very well and it’s narrative, you are on your way to breaking out from this limiting belief that has kept many people down for years.

This I am telling you is what many rich people won’t tell you but they practice it for real, most people who are rich and young discovered this at an early age and they followed through to it, one thing about like is that if you discover your path early in life you will surely arrive early, and one of the best route to follow to reach your dream of financial freedom early is the route of entrepreneurship. I will tell you how many people became rich at a very young age, but first, you must understand the term “entrepreneurship definition”.

Process And Event Makes The Rich

After you must have understood the term ” entrepreneurship definition” and must have read and understood digital marketing, how social media marketing works, and the platform you can choose to market your products, then you are ready to know what makes the rich rich and the poor to remain poor. The two main things that separate the rich and the poor are events and processes. I will explain this one after the other, and we will start with the events.


This is one of the things that separates the rich from the poor, event is what the poor thinks make a man rich, let me use an instance. Imagine a man who designed a website and after some time he sold that website for 250 million dollars. Did he become rich immediately, or was there something else he or she did before selling that website? Imagine another scenario, a man who’s an atheist, was paid 300 million dollars for winning an Olympic game. Let me ask you, did he become rich immediately or was there something else he did before this happened? One of the things that have kept many people poor in life for a long time is because they focus on the event and not what made that event to be possible. When you understand deeply what this term “entrepreneurship definition” means you will understand the reason and what makes that event to be a reality. The Answer to this question will take us to what makes the rich rich and why they keep getting richer


The process is what separates the rich from the poor. The process is what the rich see when every other person sees events. I asked you a question when we were discussing events. Is it when that man sold that company for 250 million, was it when he became rich, or was there something else he did? The answer is there was something else he did, he spent years, time, and money to build that website, there were days he didn’t go to bed, days of working 8 to 9 hours daily to make that dream a reality, all this summed up to make that single event that made him a millionaire Overnight

Imagine an entrepreneur who started a business, after many disappointments, patience, hard work, and consistency, he built that company and it became one of the best in the country and he finally sold that company for 1 billion dollars and retired rich and young. Would you say he’s lucky to have sold his company? If you will say that, that means you still don’t understand the term “entrepreneurship definition”, he’s not lucky at all because he had to work his ass off, day and night to ensure the success of his business or company, he’s a true entrepreneur.

One reason that separates the poor from the rich is that the poor don’t follow processes, the poor hate princesses, and they are looking for the fastest hacks or the quickest path to wealth. But anyone who will ever or has ever become rich in life first understands that it is a process that makes the event possible, without process there will be no event, and he or she will commit to creating his or her process that will ultimately lead to the event he or she so desires.


We have come to the end of this article and the term “entrepreneurship definition”. We have discussed extensively what entrepreneurship is, how important it is in today’s world, and how you can become a good entrepreneur. Finally, we discussed the reasons why many people are poor. That section of this article is one of the most important parts and I suggest you read it again for in-depth understanding and apply what you have read for growth in your entrepreneurship journey. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with friends.