There’s money in this online space, but only a few people have what it takes to tap it, are you a freelancer? Are you looking for how to find high-paying clients and freelancing jobs online and offline? Do you want to know if freelancing is the same as entrepreneurship? If this is you, you are in the right place. In this article, we will look in-depth at what freelancing is and how you can start your journey as a freelancer.

Is Freelancing Same As Entrepreneurship?

Many people have confused these two terms. Most people think or believe that a freelancer is the same thing as an entrepreneur, but in a real sense, they’re different, in as much as the differences are not much. We will start by explaining who an entrepreneur is in a detailed format before we talk about a freelancer. You must have heard the term” entrepreneurs” many times. You may have confused it or have a wrong perception of what it is in your mind.

Before you start any business, be it online or offline, you must first understand the area your business fits into. Are you an entrepreneur because you started a business? Can we call everyone who started business entrepreneurs? The answer is no, before you can be addressed as an entrepreneur you must have fulfilled some of the requirements that make one a successful entrepreneur or a business owner. Everyone who can be classified as an entrepreneur is successful in what he or she is doing.

Many people started businesses but their business has turned out to make them slaves, they are the ones working for their businesses daily, each day they don’t go to work, they won’t eat, and this isn’t the type of entrepreneur you want to be. A successful entrepreneur has established a business either online or offline that works for him or her instead of the other way round.

A freelancer on the other hand offers his or her services to clients online and gets paid to do that, one benefit or similarity between freelancing and entrepreneurship is that both of them work at their own pace and time, a business owner who has established a business that works for him can comfortably choose when he or she will come to work because the business is operating on autopilot, meaning whether he’s there or not sales will keep pouring in.

There are so many freelancing jobs online that you can leverage and make cool cash, but before you choose any freelancing jobs online there are things you must know. Choosing a specific freelancing job online is like choosing a skill because you have to offer your services in exchange for money but the best part is at your own pace and you get paid what you want to be paid.The internet has made it very easy for people to make money through freelancing jobs online, you can stay in the comfort of your home and keep pulling in thousands of dollars monthly without being answerable to anyone. But like every other industry, there are those doing extremely well in it while there are those struggling to get some good freelancing jobs online.

In this article, we will discuss the reason behind this.We’re in the digital age, for you to do well in any freelancing job you choose online you must first understand what digital marketing is all about, you may be surprised at this and you may be asking yourself what freelancing has got to do with marketing. The truth is, marketing is what every one of us must learn whether we like it or not, for you to be a successful freelancer you must sell your skills to high-paying clients, you have to market your skills to people, and it is in how you present yourself through positioning that will determine how much clients will love to pay you. Freelancing when done well and when you follow the guidelines I will be listing in this article on how to get freelance jobs online, you will make cool money from it and if you desire it can be your full-time job, all you have to do is to stay tuned and read on with me.

Two Things That Matters Most Before Getting Any Freelancing Jobs Online

If you’re looking for freelancing jobs online, there are two things you have to bear in mind that matters most if you want to be paid high by clients, pay very close attention to these two things, and we will explain them one after the other and how important it is. They are

  • Positioning
  • Branding


When looking for freelancing jobs online, this is one of the first things you must get correctly, the way you position yourself will determine how clients will see you and how much clients are willing to pay you. As a freelancer positioning is one of the most important things you have to learn, if you are a professional in what you do and you don’t position yourself well you will be perceived as an amateur, but if you are not good enough in what you do and you position yourself well, you will be paid like a professional. Everyone who is making huge money online as a freelancer positions themselves as a professional and how do you do this?

1. Your Display Picture

This is the first thing a client will see when he or she visits your profile, when you apply for a job after sending your bids, telling the clients why you’re the best fit for the job, the first thing the client will look at is your display picture. As important as this is, many freelancers out there don’t know the impact this makes on their clients. In taking a picture for such a professional reason, you have to take a well clean beautiful picture so that when someone looks at it, he or she will know that this one is a professional. Most times the reason you find it hard to get any freelancing jobs online is that your display picture says very little of you.

2. Your Intro Text

The next most important thing you must get right for you to start getting freelancing jobs online is your intro texts. When a client has seen your bidding, and he clicks on your profile, the first thing he will see is your display picture, if you get that right you are already halfway to getting the job offer. The next thing below your profile is an introductory text of you, what do you do? How can you help the clients with their job? The way you articulate your words here will determine how the clients will see you, if you do this rightly, automatically you have gotten the job.

To do this well, you have to come up with good offers, you have to be able to speak in terms of the clients, and how you plan on helping them, instead of starting with “my name Is” go straight to the point and tell the client how you can be of help to him in handling his job. You have to sound like an authority in the field, you have to sound like a professional, if you do this part well, you will get the job and you will find it lots easier to get freelancing jobs online.

3. Your Background

In your profile, there’s a place where you have to put in or tell people about your work experiences or educational background. When you want to get a high-paying client who will pay you well and retain you for long, you should pay very close attention to this place. Your background and your work experiences will determine if you are a professional as you’ve said. when creating your profile, you must add some portfolio, that is some of the work you’ve done in the past for different clients, the importance of this is that it helps to establish your credibility, when you have up to 3 to 4 different types of job posted ok your portfolio which the clients can see or check anytime he or she visits your profile, you will find it easier to get many freelancing jobs online, you will be seen as a professional and you can comfortably charge high and get paid the amount you charge.


This is the next criteria that must be met if you want to start getting high freelancing jobs online, if you are not on any freelancing site online then this part of this article is specifically for you. Here I will teach you how you can get high-paying freelancing jobs online even if you are not on any freelancing site. The way to go about this is to brand yourself, first and foremost we have to define what branding is.

Branding is simply who you are when you are not there, what people know you for and what people know you as, and what your name stands for, when people mention your name when you’re not there what comes to their mind? That thing that comes to their mind when your name is mentioned is what you truly are. And if you must attract high-paying clients even though you are not on any freelancing site then you must take this part of this article seriously.When someone mentions Lionel Messi, what comes to your mind? A footballer right? When someone mentions Mark Zuckerberg what comes to your mind? Facebook right? This is who they are to you and me, this is the brand they represent. The reason many freelancers are finding it difficult to get high-paying clients is that they don’t even know what a brand is or how to build a brand. No matter how high you think you charge for your services as a freelancer if you can find a way to show people that you’re a brand you will be paid that amount. How do you do this? Do you go about shouting I’m a brand please pay me high? Absolutely no, but that’s what some freelancers do, begging clients to pay them. You don’t have to beg anyone to pay you high after reading this article. Building your brand requires two things.

  • Consistency
  • Persistence

1. Consistency

For you to successfully build your brand and reputation across your industry you have to be consistent in what you do. There are so many freelancing jobs out there that you can do to make good money but most of them require you to be a professional, a brand, and to position yourself well, and how do you do this? You do this by becoming consistent in that skill you have chosen to provide services for clients. For example, I am a writer, I’m new to social media, I don’t know anything about the 7Cs of digital marketing, I don’t know anything about how to find freelancing jobs online so I’m not on any freelancing site but I want to be getting jobs, then I joined social media let’s say Facebook. The first thing you have to do is not to go and beg people to hire you that you’re a good writer, no not at all, to be able to attract high-paid clients on Facebook you have to be writing articles daily, you have to always come up with contents daily to be able to create that awareness and build your brand as a writer. If you don’t know how to come up with content daily, click here to find out how

2. Persistence

Finding Freelancing Jobs Online requires persistence, at first since you’re new to the system, it will not be easy for you to get jobs immediately, you need to persist, keep on posting articles on your timeline, and keep on posting articles on different niches. This is why I tell writers that you must be happy with what you are doing, no matter the skill you have chosen to provide services on, you must be passionate about that skill, and you must love what you are doing so that even when you don’t get paid, you can still be doing it happily. If you can meet all these requirements, you will find many freelancing jobs online that will pay you well.


We have come to the end of this article, we have discussed in depth the importance of freelancing and what freelancing stands for. We started by highlighting the difference between freelancing and entrepreneurship, then I went forward to discuss with you what it takes to get high freelancing jobs online. If you follow all that I’ve written, you will surely start making progress in your journey as a freelancer.