March 3, 2024
Does a Career in Home Furnishing Make Sense

Undoubtedly, a job in home furnishings is a good choice. In addition to its high demand, the field offers many employment opportunities. Most of these positions necessitate a college degree and experience due to their greater pay.

However, this career route isn’t as profitable as some other career pathways due to the subjective nature of the positions and the fact that many need more than a bachelor’s degree.

In this line of business, numerous possibilities depend on your tastes. But some abilities are required for all of the vocations above. So here are a few qualities to consider.

  1. You enjoy seeing a finished item at the end. Naturally, this changes a little, but whether your task is to design a building or a room, you will ultimately have something you can point to.
  1. It’s simple for you to provide clients with a positive report. Of course, as long as you succeed, it doesn’t have to be simple. Strong customer service abilities are highly beneficial for all of them.
  1. You place a high priority on creativity. Each of the vocations above calls for some level of inventiveness. It’s the distinguishing quality for some of them, like house decorators. But it is essential to all of these jobs.
  1. You have a keen sense of beauty. It’s crucial to create visually appealing drawings, whether you’re an architect or a house designer.

Every job has particular prerequisites and preferred traits and talents that are acceptable for that position. If you possess the characteristics mentioned above, it is suggested that you consider a job in home furnishings.

Qualifications for a profession in home furnishings in terms of education 

A lot of these positions in the home furnishings sector demand a bachelor’s degree. Check out some of the degrees listed below.

1. Architecture: 

If you want to work in design or design residences, this field will be very helpful. In addition, since many interior designers are also versed in architecture, they can provide informed suggestions for changing a building’s interior.

2. Architectural Engineering:

If you wish to go for this profession, this applies to you.

3. Interior Architecture: 

It’s another excellent option if you are interested in interior design and believe you would like to concentrate on the interior of houses more than the exterior, for instance, during renovations.

4. Visual Arts:

A degree in fine arts is beneficial for a variety of design positions. It demonstrates that you are well-versed in aesthetics and are comfortable with color and materials.

5. Interior Design

A career in Interior Design is relevant if you wish to work as an interior decorator or house designer. Again, this emphasizes the abilities required to succeed at it.

What are the goals of interior design?

One strategy for choosing, designing, and furnishing a home is to look for or express a unique concept or theme.

What are products for home furnishings?

Headboards, Rugs, Lampshades, Tablecloths, Loose Covers, Blankets and Throws, Cushions

What is the market value of the home furnishings sector?

The value of the US home décor market was predicted to rise by 20% from its 2019 value of 169 billion US dollars to reach 202 billion US dollars in 2024.

What do you mean by furniture materials?

The phrase “furnishing materials” refers to the provision of materials used in the upgrade, including typical building waste.

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17 Highest paying positions in the home furnishings sector

Do you intend to work in the home furnishings industry? The list of lucrative positions in the sector is provided below.

1. Furniture Restorer:

Most furniture refinishers work on vintage items that are dear to their owners. However, if you are familiar with carpentry and upholstery, you’re already ahead. A few furniture restorers are assistants. A $41,000 average annual salary.

2. Floral Designer:

Floral designers master the art of flower arranging. They are frequently needed for occasions with lots of flowers, such as weddings, wakes, and funerals. 

Nevertheless, it may be useful for setting up model homes and gatherings. A floral designer must be well-versed in flowers and possess a strong aesthetic sensibility. $47,000 is the average annual salary.

3. Order/Inventory Clerk:

Some furniture stores employ stock clerks or inventory clerks. They are in charge of carrying out clerical duties related to delivery and inventory. 

For instance, they use the computer system to communicate with customers about product shipment and delays, make orders with suppliers, and confirm product availability.

4. Bathroom and Kitchen Designer:

A bathroom and kitchen designer is knowledgeable in the organization and style of kitchens and bathrooms. 

After the building is finished, they can work with the clients or the builders to plan the space. They must be knowledgeable about fixtures, as well as about colors and décor. $54,000 is the average annual salary.

5. Home Stager:

Most apartment buildings and freshly constructed subdivisions offer a model unit. 

Additionally, it will be outfitted to make it cozier. A house stager is in charge of deciding on the furniture, accents, and color scheme. $37,000 is the average annual salary for this profession.

6. Furniture Store Manager:

Furniture stores have supervisors on staff, much like other retail locations. A general manager oversees most stores. 

Large retailers and establishments with extended hours could also employ assistant managers, shift supervisors, or managers in charge of particular departments, such as sales or the warehouse. 

Managers in a home furnishings store are in charge of keeping an eye on all employees and running day-to-day operations.

7. Furniture Manufacturer:

Not all employment found in house furnishing is found in the retail industry. Someone must make the furniture offered in stores; those who work in the furniture manufacturing industry do this.

Large factories are the typical workplace for those in the furniture manufacturing industry. Most jobs are specialists, such as those involved in upholstery, finishing, or furniture assembly.

8. Material/Freight Mover:

Manual labor is needed to transport furniture from producers to warehouses or retailers and then from there to consumers’ homes. 

The home furnishings sector offers laborers and delivery drivers positions that require them to move, load, transport, unload, and assemble furniture.

9. Interior Designer:

Interior design is frequently the profession with the greatest salaries in the home furnishings industry. On behalf of their clients, they make furniture recommendations, selections, and arrangements. 

They also offer other services on the safety and decor of interior spaces. The majority of interior designers work for architectural or design businesses. Some conduct home staging jobs or work in upscale furnishings stores.

10. Interior Decorator:

The job of an interior designer is to assist clients in designing a place. It covers the layout, flooring, furniture, and paint. 

They must be structured because the work calls for developing a budget and design and being responsive to criticism. $45,000 is the average annual salary.

11. Draftsperson

A draftsperson is responsible for creating drafts per the designer’s specifications. The job of a draftsperson necessitates familiarity with the common shorthand and symbols used in the sector and drafting tools, most of which are computer applications. $51,000 is the average annual salary.

12. Upholsterer:

This position requires an understanding of cloth, sewing methods, and furniture finishing. However, most of the stuff may be learned in a community college or vocational school. $27,000 is the average annual salary.

13. Furniture Designer:

These individuals sketch the furniture ideas. Being creative with the layout and intricacies of the structure is just as important as aesthetics. 

Therefore, they must be proficient with various designing and drawing applications and the fundamental design and building of furniture pieces. $61,000 is the average annual salary.

14. Real estate Agent:

Real estate brokers market homes and other structures. The amount you make depends on the number of houses you sell and how much they cost because your compensation is mostly based on commission. $93,000 is the average annual income.

15. Architectural Engineer:

Architectural engineers are more focused on the operational aspects of the buildings than the design. 

They are expected to ensure that buildings adhere to safety regulations and use the best available materials; thus, they must have a sound knowledge of architecture and building materials. $96,000 is the average annual income.

16. Space Planner:

A corporation might hire an individual with this designation to make the most of their space. Space planners are employed in offices and other settings in addition to interior design. $68,000 is the average annual salary.

17. Design Architect:

This occupation’s job title is quite detailed. Design architects concentrate on the aesthetics of a structure. The majority of this is accomplished by software modeling, but it is still advisable to be able to draft and design plans. $66,000 is the average yearly salary.

Final Thoughts

The home furnishings sector is one to consider if you like working in production or retail. Globally, the market for household goods is expanding. 

In contrast to numerous other sub-sectors, the home furnishings sector of the retail business has not been adversely affected by the enormous increase in consumers who prefer to shop online.