Have you wondered why some businesses succeed while others fail? Have you wondered what makes this difference? Two people will be doing the same business but one is successful and the other is not, what could be the reason behind this. In this article we will explore how to create offers that sell, Godfather offers that will take your business to the next level. Offers are what we offer to customers to convince them to buy from us. Few businesses know how to go about this. When you learn how to create offers effectively, you will never have to beg for money again. A strong offer means more sales and more revenue. Remember the lifeblood of every business is sales, when there are no sales, there’s no revenue and in the long run, the business will crumble. What makes a particular business pull in many sales is the quality of the offer that the business presents to its customers. Before you start a business, you must have researched the business and chosen an offer that suits your audience, the more powerful the offer the more the sales come in. In this offer, I will teach you how to create an intriguing offer that will make your customer beg you to take their money. Businesses have gone digital, almost every business offline can be found online, and the rate at which businesses migrate online is very alarming. The competition to dominate the market has been so severe that if you don’t play your card well you are heading to bankruptcy. One of the ways to out-think your competitors is for you to create a more powerful offer that stares up people’s curiosity. Human beings are naturally curious, if you must make sales and keep your business running you must take this article seriously and learn how to create a powerful offer that will flood your business with sales.

How To Create An Offer That Sells

Your offer is your basic business proposition and is by far the most important element in your entire sales message. First up, forget about your lawyer, forget about your industry regulations, and all of that stuff for now. I want you to think about what promise or offer you would make if you had a magic wand and there were no rules or limitations to what you could say, what you could promise, and what you could have in your offer. Even if it’s not your whole service, even if it’s a splinter of your core product or service, what could you give prospects that would give them some results right away? Get creative with it. Think about what your best offer could be. I want you to come up with the most powerful offer you can put down in writing. It should be no more than a few lines. When you’re doing this, it’s important to remember that no one is going to see this piece of paper except for you at the beginning. This allows you to go over the top and go all out. We want that

Make It Outrageous

Now it’s down on paper, start pulling it back to something that you can back up and deliver on and that won’t get you sued for Dale’s advertising. You have to offer only what you can deliver. Otherwise, that promise is going to backfire and cause all types of headaches and problems for you. You want to start big, pit it down on a paper, then dial it back to something that is irresistible but you’re still confident you could deliver on.Irresistible offers are detailed and specific. Let me explain. Let’s say we’re selling mattresses online. Let’s look at a lackluster offer I found by doing a quick google search. (And generally, when we do google searches, people rarely have great offers, which is why it’s no surprise so many businesses fail. Read here to know why businesses fail).

Here’s the offer I found ‘Buy your mattress online. Fast and free delivery ‘ There was also this restatement of the offer:American-made with free delivery. Buy your mattress online today for better quality. If we reduce that down to this: ‘Buy an American – made mattress online with free and fast delivery. Then most people looking at that would think it’s okay.But when you know a thing or two about creating winning offers, you understand that this is an incredibly boring offer. Let’s compare this vague and watered-down offer to a winning offer in this space ‘Get America’s best-reviewed mattress, delivered to your door for free, for a 120- night trail’ This is an irresistible offer that helped Casper shake up a stale $29billion mattress industry, taking them from zero dollars as a small startup to over $a 600million in sales in their first 4 years of business. That is the power of an irresistible offer.There’s specificity in it. There’s risk reversal. And you’re going out into the market with a strong and compelling godfather offer. If you’re in the market for a high-quality mattress, this is an offer that will get you to sit up in your chair. It will raise the hairs on the back of your neck, and it will demand that you pay attention.And people paid attention.

Their mattress has over 45,000 reviews at the time of writing this article, with almost 30,000 of them five stars. Let’s take another example, let’s say we’re a home building company. Again, I’ve done a quick Google search to see what kind of offers people are running in that market. This is a very important thing to do. You want to see the environment your offer is going to be competing in.’Home Builders Melbourne. Explore our latest designs. Designing luxury homes from a range of elegant designs. Enquire now!!That’s their offer. When we reduce it down to a straight headline it turns out it’s this: ‘Designing luxury homes from a range of elegant designs. For most people that sounds pretty good. That’s what they do. They design luxury homes. They’ve got a whole range of elegant designs you can choose from. However, again, this is very vague. It’s gutless, and it will be ignored in a sea of other lame, impotent offers that provoke zero action. As a consumer, I don’t even know what they want me to do from this. But it certainly doesn’t get me excited.Compare this to an offer we created for home building start-up Enso Homes:’We will build your new home in just 30 weeks or give you $5000 in cash’. I didn’t just create this offer out of thin air. We found from research that the biggest pain point for customers commissioning boutique luxury homes was that builders often drag out projects and constantly miss deadlines. I created this offer and put it in front and center of all the digital marketing I did for Enso homes. On the website, on the landing page, in their HVCO. Everywhere. This great offer took Enzo homes from zero dollars to 7$ dollars in the first eight months. This is how powerful a godfather offer is, it can shoot up your business from zero to millions in a few months. A good offer is a powerful tool to drive your sales off the roof.

3. Parts Of Your Godfather Offer

A Godfather Offer is comprised of seven major components that make its brilliance come to life


Compelling offers begin with a clear and credible explanation of why you are making such an outrageously generous offer. Perhaps it’s a special introductory offer and you’re so confident that once the prospect experiences the truly amazing benefits your product or services provided, they will be a raving fan of your company and a customer for life. Or maybe you have a more efficient business model than your competitors and thus allow you to pass your savings onto your customers- exposing a hoax or a con positioning yourself as a concerned advocate, casting stones at a shared enemy, and becoming your new customer’s greatest champion. Whatever your reasoning and rationale for the amazing, truly spectacular, and almost unbelievable offer you’re making, put it up in light and make it abundantly clear to ensure your offer is believable.

Build Value

First things first: You want to build the value of your offer based on the usual everyday price- this can be what you normally charge or even what your competition is charging. It’s important to establish your regular price and make it seem like really good value. To make your regular price believable, specifics and forensic-like detail are crucial for proof. Tell your prospect where your product has been offered or sold at full price or even how many thousands of people have paid the full price for the product or service. The show, don’t tell: where possible, it’s very important to include screenshots of other websites and catalogs. This makes it even more believable to the everyday skeptic that this is indeed true and you aren’t building superficial value or hype. Then, illustrate in great detail (sell) why even at full price your product is an incredible deal. Show how your product or service is a mere pittance to what they will make or save, even at the regular price. Then reveal your discount in a way that illustrates your role as your prospect’s advocate and champion.Quantify the monetary benefits of the product and compare it with the most insignificant price you’re asking in return. Reduce it down to the ridiculous. Breaking the regular price down to a daily or weekly figure and compare it with something far more trivial that they spend more on without even thinking about the expense: A cup of coffee or protein smoothie that’s just $1.33 per day, week, or month; or cheaper than a cup of coffee to get( insert huge benefits)


If the offer you’re making is designed to turn strangers into paying clients and customers, the key is to offer a low-end price point that will get you maximum numbers of new customers, plus one or two higher price points to increase your average sale and return on investment. You want to lead with your most aggressive offer and then have two to three upsells after the initial purchase has been made. This makes the first sale as attractive and irresistible as possible and once the prospect has bought the first offer, the additional upsells are met with less friction than if you would have offered a higher price on the front end. You can even lead with a loss leader- an introductory product or service that you’re willing to sell or give away at a loss to build customer loyalty and future sales.

For example, one of the most profitable smartphone game apps in the world is candy crush. You may even play it yourself, and guess what? It’s a freemium app, which means you download the basic game for free. You can even play the basic game for free as long as you want to. You are never required to pay a penny. But Activision Blizzard, who now owns the game, earns a reported $6330000 per day by selling in-game upgrades for more moves, more lives, and more levels. The game is designed to make users an offer they cannot refuse- and sure enough, they love it and keep spending to pay for itThe key here is to avoid presenting prospects with too many choices on the front end and leave that to the upsell process. Your chances of losing the initial sale increase with every extra option to purchase they’re offered. Any additional time your prospects spend trying to decide which offer to go for kills the sale. Now if you’re generating leads, your offer might be a free consultation. If that’s the case, you still need to attach a dollar amount to the consultation and you still need to sell hard to get people to take you up on your offer, even if it’s free.


No doubt offers in business are what make the difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful one. In this article, I have written extensively on offers, and how to create an intriguing offer that will skyrocket your sales off the roof. You must understand that the success of your business depends on the strength of your offers, if your offer is strong enough you will pull in more sales. Follow through this process I’ve listed down and you will be surprised at how your sales will skyrocket. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with friends.