Roblox Voice Chat – Voice chat is coming to Roblox | Release Date for the Roblox Voice Chat


As the recent rumors and news started to spread on the internet about Roblox adding Voice Chat, many players are confused. Roblox is currently popular among many young kids under the age of 13. So, is it a good move that Roblox is making by giving the players the option to use voice chats? So today let’s look at Voice Chat in Roblox.

Roblox Voice Chat – Voice chat is coming to Roblox | Release Date for the Roblox Voice Chat

Roblox on Xbox has an integrated voice chat system that allows you to chat with your friends and party members. It sees the new voice product as a natural extension of the way that text chat works now. But instead of text bubbles that pop up over an avatar’s head, visible to anybody around them, players will be able to talk naturally to the other people that they bump into.

Roblox Voice ChatVoice Chat feature was confirmed to come to Roblox in the Roblox Investor Day video. This was streamed live on YouTube on Feb 26th, 2021. Adam Miller (Vice President of Engineering at Roblox) confirmed that a Safe Video Chat option is on works for all players. They are planning to replace Text chat with audio chat.


The Roblox chat has a community that comprises of players and developers of all ages. Roblox has been working hard to create a fun and safe environment for all of their community. To support in this, the platform also provides their players with their parents with numerous controls and safety features.

Roblox Chat

All chat on Roblox is usually filtered to avoid contents that are inappropriate and personally recognizable information from being detectable on the site. Players have different safety settings and experiences based on their age. Learn how to review and edit your child’s Chat & Privacy settings.

Is it Safe to Use the Roblox Voice Chat?

The Roblox voice chat feature after its announcement has attracted must controversy from many bearing in mind the player base majorly being under 13 years old. Unlike text chat which can be filtered, many have doubts about the safety of new features.The video doesn’t give us an idea about how they will implement the necessary safety steps. But Adam Miller confirmed that the first priority of voice chat will be safety. Although it is yet to show how they will be able to block inappropriate content like profanity and personal information in a live voice chat.

Roblox Voice Chat Release Date

While the feature has been confirmed, the exact release date of the same is not known. However, it seems like we might be getting it pretty soon as some features have already started showing up in the game.

How to Enable and Get Spatial Voice (Beta) Work in Roblox

To enable and get Spatial Voice (Beta) in Roblox you have to be part of the “Roblox Community Space” experience, as a developer. If you are eligible according to Roblox, then they will give you all the information to join the Spatial Voice (Beta), via Private Message in your Roblox account.

But if you have not received the code, then you need to wait for a Private Message from Roblox, in your account. You cannot ask Roblox Support to give you the beta and they are even allowed to add anyone to the beta testing by themselves.

How to Disable Spatial Voice (Beta)

You can easily disable or turn off Spatial Voice Chat (Beta) using the below steps:

  • Go to Privacy Tab in Settings of your Roblox Account.
  • Click on Spatial Voice, and toggle it off.
  • Now the Spatial Voice will become greyed out.
  • This means that this feature is disabled for your account now.

Well with the above steps you can easily disable or turn off spatial voice chat. you can get more details on the Roblox voice chat here.

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