Technology- Protect your devices from hacker with this steps.

It’s well establish that in this present time and age, the rate and speed at which technology advances in a quick and rapid ways is quite stunning and surprising because everything is already digitalized with almost nothing that computer or machine can’t solve. Banking and saving transactions with deals can now be processed and completed on the internet without any mix up or issue, buying and selling, negotiation can now be done on the internet, virtual churches and services conducted on the internet, virtual academic session and class, internet therapists and counseling, online jobs and trades are now the norms of our age.

With this, the need for gadgets like phones, computers can’t be sideline as they are the main functioning hands in this age and this makes the vulnerable and always at risk of so many things like getting spoilt or damage which may be physical known as hardware or internally known as software.

As our online activities and exploration increases, the need to protect and keep our gadgets (i.e phones, laptops e.t.c) safe and private from any unwanted third party access as increased as we can no longer trust ourselves, just a little lick of our private data in the hand of the wrong people called hackers may leads to immeasurable disaster and loss.

Who is a hacker?

A hacker is someonee who has the knowledge and capabilities to break and access into a secured and private device to access information without the need of passwords for a client, or personal gain.

Don’t be surprised if you find out that that your friends, families or close relatives is a hacker because hacking isn’t always a bad profession as they are most time useful for retrieving of important lost file and investigation of crimes but however, you need to protect your device from them.

In this article, we will be taking about how hackers get access to our devices and how to avoid it.

There are so many ways that as been designed to help even a non-computer literates hacker hacks effectively without any stress. Here are some ways by which we give access to hacker in accessing our device.

1). Clicking of unnecessary pop-up sites.

The internet is design to serve you in a specific ways but some easily deviate and click on anything anyhow even without having any knowledge of what they are doing like clicking ads and pop up of sites they haven’t visted before.

This site may include porn sites, Ponzi scheme sites, free data sites or even fake anti-virus alert.
This are just enticing offers to make you click and give them access to your device because ones you click on it, they will be able to do anything and everything on your phone even without your consent.

2). Installation of Strange applications

many people love installing all kind of software and applications on their devices and most of this software are only to be used by some set of peoples and some specific devices because they can trigger some activities that can changes and shut down the protective software and application on your device making it vulnerable for attacks. ones you notice any bad change in your device right after installing any kind of software, do well to remove it immediately as this may means that another user is sharing your device with you and the presence of a new program as been detected on your device.

3). Recieving and opening of Unusual or unknown massages from emails.
This may be as a result of you dropping your mail anyhow on every social media. This help them send virus to your device ones you open the message and then they gain access to your device.

This are just few ways in which hacker use in accessing your device and manipulate their way around it.

Here are ways you can avoid getting into their trap.

i). Stay away as far as possible from lllegal site which include gambling site, Ponzi scheme site and pornographic site

ii). Avoid clicking any seductive and enticing ads or pop ups. easy money sites , data bonus site and grants proclaiming sites are most times responsible to the hacking many face.
Most of this links and pop up are just baits to lure people to their trap.

iii). Backup and save your data and documents monthly so as to be on a safer side incase of any unpredictable or surprise attack which may cripple your business.

iv). Avoid trusting or leaving your device to anyone be it family or complete stranger. But under necessary circumstances if anyone should use your device, the make sure you are always present and available to monitor your device when its been used by a third party.

v). Avoid downloading applications or softwares anyhow from any site.

According to the manufacturer, each and every device as been programmed with every necessary device to keep it safe.its normal for your device to restrict you from installing untrusted or dangerous harmful applications but we tends to ignore this warning by deactivating this feature on our phones. Don’t fight or wrestle with the inbuilt programmed security that comes with your device and ones your device warns you about a particular application or softwares, do well to uninstall and delete it.

vi). Avoid any third party knowing your password or security protocol and pattern.
If you notice anyone is spying on your gadget while you’re pressing your password,leave the place and immediately change the pattern. For better security, learn to use a long and hard password that will contain character and letter.

With this, you can be sure that you’re safe and keep from the reach of hacker .
There’s no limit to what hacker can do if your device is hacked. They can access your bank, blackmail you with your gallery pictures. Stay safe.