Do you want to know what the 7cs of digital marketing is all about? How can you use it to maximize your profit and increase your keas generation? Then you are in the right place. Sit tight as we explore the world of marketing. Marketing is a part of the business that has been in existence for as long as one can remember. Back in the day, before the advent of technology, goods and services were made known to the public by word of the mouth or by the use of newspapers, this was restricted to a geographical location. No one knows what was happening on the other side of the world, when technology became advanced, the world was drawn together to become a global village where information can be shared instantly across the entire world at a single push of the button. As technology evolved, the business world evolved, and every business took a new turn in establishing a base online. This simple art led to the creation of what we call Digital Marketing. Digital marketing simply refers to the marketing of goods or services online, using the different social media platforms, you can read here to know the best platforms to get quality leads. As many businesses launched online, it drew the world closer and we became an interconnected geographical area. Digital Marketing became the new marketing strategy, for every or any business to thrive and survive, that business must subscribe to digital marketing across multiple platforms. There are 7cs of digital marketing, we will look at each of them one by one, sit tight and let’s ride.

The 7Cs Of Digital Marketing

  1. Customer
  2. Content
  3. Context
  4. Community
  5. Convenience
  6. Cohesion
  7. Conversion

These are the 7cs of digital marketing, I will go ahead to explain every one of them in detail so that you can apply this to grow your business exponentially.


This is the central focus in any business, be it online or offline, the customer is the central figure in any business venture. They are the point around which every other thing revolves around. Your customer has the final say in your business whether you agree with it or not. It is important to note that not everyone is your customer, here in Canada if you’re into the bookkeeping business, not every business owner needs a bookkeeper. When you understand this, it will make you know who your customer is. Defining your customer is the most important aspect of the 7cs of digital marketing. They are the first in every business. Surprisingly many top business owners, Ph.D. in business, and MBA business holders do not understand the importance of customers and the significant role they play in business. If your business must survive and thrive, you must understand the role customers play in the business lifecycle. Customers should be treated with so much affection, love, and care, they are the bedrock of every business, without customers, there will be no sales, when there are no sales, there will be no conversion and the business will fall. When you as a business owner receive a complaint from a customer, do not treat it as anything, treat it with special consideration and have it in the back of your mind that a dissatisfied customer can pull your business down. 


The 7cs of digital marketing is content. As I pointed out earlier, digital marketing is simply the marketing of goods and services using different social media platforms, you cannot utilize the incredible power of social media to scale your business if you don’t understand the content. Content is simply a write-up that appeals to your audience and communicates information to them or persuades them to buy from you. The content that has to do with spreading information about your goods and services is called content writing, and the one that specializes in persuading a customer to buy from you is called copywriting. Content writing and copywriting go hand in hand, in a powerful Facebook ads campaign we use copywriting, whose sole responsibility is to appeal to buyers to click on the ad copy through its intriguing headline. When a customer clicks on the link, he is taking to the body of the ad copy, that body u

Is called content and the procedure used is called content writing. Content writing is a very important aspect of the 7cs of digital marketing, after your customers, the next is the type of content you put out there to attract and sell to them, when this is done wrongly, your website may get clicks but it will not get a conversion, so as a business owner you have to take this part seriously. When writing your content, you must make sure you use SEO to optimize it for easy search by your customers

Here are a few content creation tips to help you out:

  • Research your keywords.
  • Pick a topic that will spark your audience’s curiosity.
  • Research sources and add your unique input.
  • Organize your ideas and draft them.
  • Include relevant internal and external links.
  • Optimize your meta descriptions and alt tags.
  • Add supporting visuals.

When you follow the little tips I’ve written down, your customers will find it easy to access your content online.


If you want to get the content of your business out there effectively, you must take into consideration the wider context of your target audience. This encompasses taking into account your buyer’s behavior, buyers’ intent, and the happenings around the world, then you use it to create quality content that fits into the context of your audience. According to Rebecca Leib, the context in digital marketing refers to the untapped opportunity to gain an extremely accurate understanding of your customers and to anticipate their wants, needs, expectations, and affinities. Once you have these, you should use them to improve your marketing across channels, devices, and locations.To do that, you need to successfully trade-off between keyword-rich and intent-based content. This way, you can allow audiences to easily find your brand online while giving them the exact information they are looking for. Done right, you can use it to deliver highly personalized content that is relevant to the recipient. This allows you to improve your online presence, authority, and engagement.


Building a strong business brand online is not easy. Community refers to a set of groups of people who have purchased four goods or services, use your goods or services, and have recommended these goods and services to others. If you have their contact and can engage them in a beautiful conversation to know their thoughts and feedback about your product, they are called your community. Building a strong business name out there in the world of business and digital marketing is not easy, to do this effectively you need to have your community, this is one of the most important 7cs of digital marketing.

Here are some tips that will help you create a strong community 

  • Build a connection within your internal team: The bedrock of building a community is in connection, you have to build a connection with your internal team first, your team of producers, manufacturers, and every other person who contributes significantly to the growth of your business, they are your first community. 
  • Create a value-driven online presence: this is one of the best ways to build influence, though the process is not easy it will be worth it. Creating a value-driven online presence requires consistency and showing up every day to create quality content for your community.
  • Produce expert and educational content: your audience or community is already accustomed to getting sold to by people. For you to build a strong community you have to create educational content that teaches and educates your community on a particular area of your products or services without selling to them.
  • Create a dedicated space where your community can bond: bonding in mutual friendship is very strong in the business world. For you to create a good and functional community you need a separate space where you people can discuss virtually anything, get their feedback and improve on your product or services. Read on how to create a strong community here.
  • Be patient and consistent: this is very important, for every business that must grow and survive requires patience and consistency. To get your business or community to grow you need the patience to keep showing up daily and providing quality content daily.


This is the 5thCs of digital marketing. Convenience is simply known as making things easy for your customers. According to Toprank’s definition of convenience, convenience in digital marketing means delivering the right information to the right person at the right time and on the right platform. This includes improving the customer journey to make it easier for potential customers to find the information they need to make a purchasing decision, thereby creating a better overall experience.

Convenience is not only a key competitive differentiator but also a creative lens that digital marketers can use to enhance their campaigns. Implemented well, it helps you reduce friction, improve customer service, reduce stress, improve access, and improve your company’s value proposition.

Tips on how to create convenience for your customers 

  • Make your content easily accessible to your customers
  • Keep a record of all your communication
  • Track customers’ interactions with your brand to know how to serve them better.
  • Make your customers feel valued
  • Customize whenever you can


This is the 6ths of digital marketing. In cohesive marketing, you deliver the sand service, quality of content, and brand value irrespective of the channel being used. A cohesive market is simply about bringing all the channels used to promote your brand under one main channel called an omnichannel marketing strategy. Cohesive marketing allows you to reach out to more audiences and ultimately convert and make sales. Bringing all your advertising and promotion platforms into one great platform will give you the needed efficiency to track your sales and conversion rate to know where a change has to be made, where improvement needs to be made and how much you are spending on your promotion to get a customer or a prospect. Cohesive marketing is a very effective marketing strategy, it keeps you in control of your sales and conversion rate, to the level where you can predict how much that will come into your business in a month or a year, and how much revenue to expect. So, from your blog, FAQs page, and contact form to your social media, email, and beyond, everything should be in sync and cohesive. Once you get it right, you can scale quickly and easily, reaching and engaging the right audience at any point of contact they may have with your business.


After you have followed through the process listed above, the final part is to track your conversion rate, so that you can easily detect when sales are going high or low. Depending on your campaign, a conversion can be any desired user action that helps your business achieve its goals. This includes not only successful sales, but also anyone who fills out forms, downloads white papers, case studies, and e-books, emails you, signs up for your newsletter, and so on.

By using digital marketing tactics to maximize conversions from your marketing campaigns, you can increase your sales without spending too many resources. Additionally, these can help you predict success (or failure), improve your site’s performance, and/or gain better insights into your audience’s preferences.


We have come to the end of this article. We’re seen that marketing is as old as a business, back in the day marketing is done by word of mouth or by newspaper publication, but today, with the advancement of technology which has interconnected our countries together and made it a global village, every business venture is finding its way online and marketing has taken a new shape and form called digital marketing. I went ahead to list the 7Cs of effective digital marketing and how every one of them goes a long way to determine the success of any product or service. I advise you to read through this article again to understand and apply all that is written down for you, for effective business growth and development. If this article has been of value to you, feel free to comment in the comment section, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.