Top highest paying skills in Nigeria 2022

If you’re living in a country like Nigeria, you will attest to me that if you don’t have any skills, it will be difficult to cope in a country like this. Skills have become the next phase of our lives, with the advent of technology, students, teenagers, and adults are making it huge online. Having a skill that pays gives you a life of freedom, having a skill that pays will make you independent and give you the opportunity to work with foreign clients. In this article, I will be listing the top highest paying skills in Nigeria 2022. But before you learn any of these skills, you have to have something at the back of your mind. Skills no doubt can fetch you money but it depends on the skills you learned and most especially the driving force behind those skills. Before you choose any of the skills listed below, you must ask yourself a few questions. Is this my passion? Learning a skill to the extent of mastery is not an easy thing, you have to devote time, energy, and resource, there are days you won’t feel like showing up, statistically speaking, it takes quite a great deal of failure most times to reach the success you desire when the days come when you feel like giving up, what keeps you going? What is that one thing that keeps the fire in you burning even when you don’t have results yet? The fire is called passion, when every other thing fails, passion is what gives you the energy to keep going, passion is the fuel that drives you, you cannot have passion for something if you don’t like it. This write-up you’re reading is practical and will tell you the hidden truths behind every online skill, why people don’t make it online, and the causes for failures. Passion is what differentiates two people, the question is how bad do you want it? What is that one thing you can do for long without getting paid and still feel happy doing it? That is your passion, that is the skill you should learn.

Right now, I’m a writer, I love writing so much. I’ve been writing for 4 years without getting paid. I’m an author, what has kept me going through the hard times is my passion and the love for what I do. See my friends, the truth is, for every skill you want to learn in this online space, people are making it huge, and people are earning big from it, at times, if you don’t discover your passion, you will be confused about what skill to learn and how you can apply this skill to earn money

Another thing you have to consider before choosing any online skill to learn is how long it takes to be learned, how much needed to start up and how much time it will take to start seeing results, if you don’t make this analysis, you may learn a skill and after learning you won’t make a kobo from it. How long will it take you to learn it? If you’re the type that needs immediate results and wants to learn something that gives you money and apply as fast as possible, you may be disappointed to learn UI and UX designing, because you find out that it’s taking more time than you think and you start feeling tired getting on with the learning process. It’s important to make this analysis, if you need something that works very fast you can go into selling information, create a piece of information, create an audience and start marketing to them, it will be easier to learn and faster to implement. Many newbies online don’t make this analysis, they drift from skill to skill without having anything to show for it, that’s why it’s said, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Understanding this will save you from learning what you will regret you learned. 

Another factor is how much is needed to start after learning? Some skills require laptops, and other applications to be able to benefit from it, there are some that require capital to start up, you have to screen each skill properly to know which suits your budget and how much is required to start. Many people have learned many skills that they couldn’t start up or profit from because they did not know that they needed capital to start. Finally, you have to know the value of that skill you want to learn. There are many skills but not all skills are the same, some are of more value than the other, you have to run a major analysis to know the market value of the skill you want to learn. If you learn a skill that has so many people doing it, you will find out that it’s difficult for you to make headway in that skill because you would be underpaid due to the number of people in that line of skill you’re learning, jobs that you wouldn’t accept another will accept at a lower price thereby stealing that clients from you. Understanding the value of the skull you’re learning gives you the edge and illumination to know the skill to invest your time in and learn. Lastly, learning from a professional in that field, who you learn from and model after is very important. If you learn from someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing, you will end up like him. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to model after your mentor. Having said all these, I believe you are now ready to be exposed to the top highest paid skills in Nigeria and I believe too you now know the basis from which you will make your judgment and choose a skill that matches you and your passion. Seat right, sip your juice and read on.

Top high paying skills in Nigeria

1. Selling

This is the most powerful skill anyone can learn, this is a skill that can make you money beyond your wildest dreams, and sadly it’s the hardest skill to learn. But the good thing is that anyone can learn provided he or she has the passion to. Selling is all about convincing buyers to make specific buying decisions, selling has to do with psychology, you have to understand the different buying stages of customers, from the awareness stage to the post-purchase stage, this makes you understand your buyer and the stage he or she is in at a particular time, it will make you know how nest to talk to him or her. Selling is about understanding, knowing that buyers don’t want to be sold on, they want to feel they’re making the decision themselves. Note too that this skill is the greatest of all skills, any other skill you will learn will be centered on thus after learning because if you can’t sell your skill to clients you will not get paid.

2. Copywriting

After selling the next is copywriting, copywriting is salesmanship in print, copywriting is the art of promoting a business or a product using writing. In copywriting you would be taught how to write powerful headlines. Have you ever seen a book and you just feel like reading it, as you know from the title that it would be interesting? That’s copywriting, those that learn copywriting are called copywriters, they’re needed in every industry and company, even individuals, to prosper in this skill, you must learn it very well to the extent where you’ve become a master at it. It will fetch you great fortune.

3. Cryptocurrency

This is a very high-income skill, as when writing this, so many Nigerians are into this online skill, and the best part is that even if everyone in this country starts trading cryptocurrency, you don’t have to be afraid of losing anything, it’s a decentralized chain that no one can claim ownership, it cannot fold either can it crash, but cryptocurrency requires a great deal of data analysis and mathematics, to understand the nature of trading, don’t try to learn this skill on your own, you will lose a

4. Website designing

Website designing is one of the highest-paid online skills in 2022, every day companies are born, everyday individuals go online and establish their business, and website designers are in high demand, as the world advances, more industries establish a base online, more individuals leverage online to do businesses and ultimately the demand for website designers keeps increasing. Website designing is simply the art of designing websites for businesses and getting paid in the process, one can charge up to 50k to design a website that wouldn’t take him a day to finish, that’s how lucrative it can be, this is why it’s included as one of the highest-paid skills in 2022

5. Writing/content writing

This is a very great skill, content writers are simply people that create engaging content to increase the visibility of individuals and businesses, writing, on the other hand, is a very vast niche, in writing we have bloggers, we have story writing, we have erotic writing, we have motivational writings, there are several niches in writing, you just have to pick one that suits you and the one you have passion for. There are sites for getting jobs after learning this skill, examples are,,,, and Facebook. This skill can fetch you lots of money when learned well and from a professional, it’s one of the highest paying skills in Nigeria

6. Affiliate marketing

This one is a boomer, presently it has made thousands of Nigerian millionaires, affiliate marketing is simply the art of selling people’s products and taking your commission, if you sell a product of 50k and the affiliate commission is 50%, you get 25k for each product you sell. But like every other business, affiliate marketing requires you to learn the king of all skills, which is the psychology of selling, it will boost your efficiency and turn you into a millionaire in a very short time. This is why we included it as one of the highest paying skills online in 2022


I started this article by opening your eyes to what life online is like and what it takes to tap into the resources online, we went further to discuss passion, the number one innate property needed if you must make it in this online space, we went ahead to talk about why passion is so much needed and how much it can help you to keep moving on even when you don’t feel like going, it gives you the ability to see the end from the beginning, see your testimonies before it comes, that’s what passion does to you, that’s why it’s an indispensable tool for success. We went ahead to discuss the criteria to look at when starting up online, how much will it cost? How much should I budget, how long will it take me to learn these and how soon will I start making money, asking yourself this question will give you clarity, it will give you direction on what skills to choose depending on the analysis you’ve made, please take this part seriously, finally we discuss the 6 highest paid skills in Nigeria as at today 2022, each one of this skill can pay you full time and for a very long time if you learn them very well, remember I said if you want to do well in this online space you need to learn from a professional, it makes the journey easier for you and you will avoid so many obstacles. I suggest you read this article again to fully grasp what I’ve written down. If you feel this article has been helpful, feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones.