Why marketing is important

Studying why marketing is important is one of the most fascinating subjects to study in the business world. Marketing is a very important subject area in business. If you start a business without having an in-depth understanding of this concept called marketing, you will not fully understand how business works and in turn, you won’t make many sales.What is the purpose of starting a business?

Aside from all the other reasons you may have for starting a business, one of the foremost reasons is to make sales, and take care of yourself and your family, when you are not making enough sales in business it means in the long run you wouldn’t be able to take care of your home and your business will fail. When we discuss the reason why marketing is important we are not overhyping marketing as the only requirement for business, rather we acknowledge the fact it is one of the foremost requirements upon which many other business factors are embedded.

There are many business owners and entrepreneurs around the world who started businesses but are not making enough sales to keep the business running. What is the cause of low sales in business? Why does one business prosper and others fail when they are selling the same products? Why do two people start a business at the same time in the next 5 years? One has built a conglomerate and the other is still struggling. These are some of the questions many business owners are struggling to answer, most people don’t have or know the answers to some of these questions. When you don’t understand how marketing works and why marketing is important you will make so many business mistakes.

One of the reasons why business owners and entrepreneurs are advised to study or learn before starting a business is that when you learn and study, you will reduce or limit the number of business mistakes you will make. The truth is mistakes are bound to happen, you will make mistakes at some point in your business, but there are mistakes when made will alter the cause of your business. To avoid such mistakes you have to dedicate your time to learning how to start a business before starting one. When you look at why marketing is important, especially in the business world, you will understand why it’s one of the most important skills to learn.

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business, marketing brings sales and sales drive a business forward, you see why marketing is important in business?Why marketing is important is not only in its ability to teach you how to market your goods and services and make money, marketing teaches your business ethics, one of the important requirements that sets you apart on your journey to becoming a successful businessman. Marketing teaches you business management, the ability to manage businesses and control them, and most importantly, marketing teaches you business administration.

There are so many things marketing teaches you and brings to your knowledge. When you start a business with sufficient knowledge and information you will understand that it’s not so difficult to start and scale a business after all. The reason for these business failures is that most people don’t take out time to study and learn before venturing.What is the best social media platform to market your product? You will not know if you don’t spend some of your time studying the structure of your market. Why marketing is important is that it allows you to learn a lot of things about your market and industry. The structure of your market and the size of your market determine the platform you will use to market your goods and services to your audience. In business, there’s what we call “the saturation level of your market”. This is the total number of people that are in your market, and the total number of competition you have in that market, to elaborate more on this I will use an example.

Assuming you want to go into information marketing business online before you can start this business and be successful in it you have to spend some of your time in quality research, the reason for this research is to know how competitive your market is, the saturation level of your market is the total number of those in the same line with you if they are much you may need to consider changing or switching niche.When the saturation level of your market is high, it will make you sell your goods or services at a lesser price than the actual price, most times far lesser than your competition.

This functions with the laws of demand and supply in economics, when the supply is much the demand decreases, and when many people are offering the same service, the value of that service decreases. Why marketing is important is that it teaches you all these, for you to have a deep knowledge of marketing and how marketing works and most especially how you can scale your goods and services.If you are asked as an entrepreneur what you know about copywriting what will your response be? Marketing is not all about learning to market your products and make sales, marketing teaches you a whole lot of other skills, it teaches you to know how to write copies that will make your audience buy from you.

The reason customers buy from you is not because of how great your product is or how great you think it is, customers buy from you because they perceive they’re getting value much bigger than the money they are paying. Most times it’s not really about how much your product costs, it’s about you providing value that seems to cost more than your product, allowing your customers to perceive they are robbing you off, only then will they buy from you irrespective of how costly it is.

Why marketing is important in business cannot be overemphasized, when you learn properly all that marketing entails, you will be a business giant and you never have to worry about money or sales in your business, all you need to be doing is to keep increasing your Facebook ads budget, and keep scaling higher.One of the reasons why marketing is important is that it teaches you how to automate your business system. Marketing teaches you automation of systems. This simply means that marketing teaches you how to automate your business to make money while you sleep. When you have grown your business to a sufficient level and you want to scale up, one of the things you need to do is to create a website for your business, secondly, you need to create a landing page.

Your business website is where your customers get to know more about your business and what you stand for, then the next most important thing you need to do is to create a landing page, a landing page is a page you use to promote your products, this is the page where you give your customers a lot of values, values and more values, this is where you gain their trust and get them to know you, like you and trust you, when these 3 critical things are achieved then you can easily make the sale.

Importance Of Marketing

There is much importance of marketing, in this part of this article I will be listing some of them and elaborating on them too.

  • Increases sales
  • The basis for making decisions
  • Source of new ideas
  • Measuring up to competition
  • Create trust

Increases Sales

One of the importance of marketing is that it increases sales, but this happens only when done well, many people don’t take time to learn about marketing before joining a business, this is why they don’t make sales. Why marketing is important is that when done well it can help you explode your sales to another level, when you take out time to learn all you need to learn about marketing you will do exceptionally well in business. Remember, the goal of every business is to make sales, to make sales you need to learn more about marketing.

Basis For Making Decisions

One of the best importance of marketing is that marketing exists as a basis for decision making. When you study deeply into marketing before starting a business you will have the basis to stand and make quality decisions. One of the reasons many businesses fail is that most business owners don’t have the quality information and ideas that will help them make better business decisions. Decisions go a long way to affect the day-to-day running of a business, one change, one decision that a business owner works diligently towards daily can change the entire business nature and pull in more sales for him, likewise, a wrong decision can lead to the folding up a business no matter how big that business or company is. Why marketing is important is that it teaches you all you need to know about marketing and gives you a basis to make quality decisions that will move your business forward.

Source Of New Ideas

Marketing acts as a source of new ideas, ideas that will help you turn your business around. Business ideas can come in different ways, from imagination to finding a problem and proffering solutions to them, but all the sources of business ideas can be traced back to marketing. This is why the importance of marketing cannot be overemphasized, if you do your homework well which is learning before starting a business, you will not have to bother about how or where to come up with productive ideas that will turn your business around. Whenever you want to start a business, you should always remember that your number one priority is to make sales and to make sales without sounding like a salesman. You have to allow your customers to buy for themselves, and let them feel in charge of the buying process, with marketing you can easily come up with profound ideas that can help you turn your business around, the goal of every business owner who is longing to get to the top in business must find a way to automate the selling system of his business so that he can make money even while he sleeps. And one of the best ways to come up with business ideas is through marketing.

Measuring Up To Your Competition

Why marketing is important is that it helps you to understand your competition. Understanding your competition is one of the greatest importance of marketing, if you understand your competition everything becomes easier for you. If you want to start a business, especially digital businesses, you need to take out your time to study your competition. How many people are there before you? How many business owners are there and how many potential customers can the market carry? When you study your competition very well you can easily measure up to them, it becomes easy to measure up to them because you have studied them, you have understood what works for them and why it works, all you have to do is to model it in your business and watch yourself getting the same results your competitors are getting. Marketing is a very crucial aspect of business, it opens your eyes to a lot of opportunities and helps you scale your business.

Create Trust

With marketing, you can easily create trust around your business and product. One thing that leads to failures in business is that most business owners don’t understand marketing to the point of creating trust around what they do. People don’t buy because of how costly your product is, most people don’t buy because they are scared that your product may not deliver as promised. If you want to create trust in your market place you have to understand marketing and give value to your customers, to build know, like and trust which will make them buy from you easily.


We have seen why marketing is important in business, and we have understood that without marketing your business will die. The goal of every businessman is to make sales, sales are the lifeblood of every business, for you to prosper in your business you need to take marketing seriously. I believe this article has been of help to you, feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share with your friends.